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  1. I've read lots on this, they seem very focused on regulations https://medium.com/@xch4nge
  2. XCH4NGE are new but they're the most secure I've seen in a while, they have features like 24/7 support and a corporate banking system. I've popped the link in for you to check them out
  3. XCH4NGE, they're a new platform in the UK. They do fiat to XRP, they are also implementing a new corporate payment system which is a lot safer. I'd recommend you check them out as they have 24/7 live support which is better than a lot of other exchanges I've used.
  4. I've started using a new platform called XCH4NGE. I thought it may be useful for the forum as an alternative to another exchange. I've popped in their introduction so you guys can take a look at what they do. If you have any other questions just let me know XCH4NGE was established in the UK to allow our users to buy, sell, store and exchange cryptocurrency, and supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and XRP. We aim to be the ideal entry point to the digital asset ecosystem, and as such, we provide a simple and secure way to buy cryptocurrency with fiat. The XCH4NGE P2P plat
  5. Coinbase is too much of a hassle, the fees are too high for what they offer. Maybe try XCH4NGE ? They offer a really secure and professional system, so they're definitely worth checking out.
  6. Although the blockchain is irreversible, you can send it back to where it came from but that would take both parties agreeing. If you want to be as safe as possible, I would recommend XCH4NGE. They are introducing a new method of payment processing through their corporate account and they have 24/7 support so that's probably your best bet.
  7. I was thinking, is it because of the bull run? Startups were more concerned with catching the rush rather than actually providing a service?
  8. Yea that seems to be the general rule from whoever I ask, thank you!
  9. Thank you both so much, that answers my question perfectly. Thanks again!
  10. Thank you I will definitely have a look into there, I'm realizing things do get technical very quickly which is taking a bit to get used to. Thank you very much for your help
  11. I've been in the community for a month, I know the basics but not the ins and outs. A friend proposed the question so I was wondering if someone could help me out. Again, sorry if this upset anyone.
  12. I'm still learning about crypto, sorry if this upset anyone I was just asking a general question trying to get a grasp on the technology as a whole. There's lots of different information around and it's very overwhelming.
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