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  1. 7. Cool jets would not increase price, we need the jets fired up and doing what they do best!
  2. I agree with you 100% Not sure why nobody else thinks that this is going to happen nor needs to happen. The current system will never get to where it has to be for the larger payments to go through. Sell orders will be taken out. I believe SBI will do this, as they are going live for OTC in December. Its a win win They buy XRP low by taking out the order books then when they sell OTC they make even more money What are your thoughts? Do you think SBI will be doing this?
  3. 6. Hype/speculation brings us up and then back down like we seen last year Prices will not hold. 5. XRP can only be used in small payments at the moment 4. Intuitions are buying and holding but OTC which is not affecting the price 3. Coil and Xspring will take years to bring the price where we need it. I think the real reason for Coin and Xspring were to further the talks away from XRP being a security 2. As you said not proven this would effect price 1. The institutions are buying OTC and wall Street
  4. What does everyone think about how Ripple will increase the price of XRP? Ripple obvi knows how they will increase the price. This is the first thing they thought of when they came to the table 5 years ago and they obvi arent going to tell us. Right now we know xrp is bring use for remittance and thats about it. Isnt enough liquidity to be used other wise. I belive SBI will buy out the order book cause price to increase and then sell OTC the cheap XRP they picked up during the buyout. Its a win win for SBI they get cheap XRP and then sell them OTC as the new currenet valu
  5. millions, hundreds of millions q3 was ripples biggest sales to date period
  6. XRPMaN1

    BG Club

    HI - so I heard about the BG123 club from someones TG and cant find it Anybody know where it is?
  7. does anyone know how we can get a invite to the BG Club on discord?
  8. why not just use a USB drive or invest in a nano to be safe its worth it
  9. Im on my 1st 24 hours as well so I am going to post here lol CB will add XRP, they will add what they own first and then dump there bags when they list it. Look what happened to OX and BAT. They will add XRP in a batch of like 20 others to blend it in thats just my opinion
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