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  1. Thnx! For now I keep it on my imported wallet (the flare setup adress) and acces them via my new mnemonic setup account in Metamask. Have to do the same thing for Flare when its launched. After that I'll decide whether I transfer them to the mnemonic adress or wherever it is I can dabble with it some more. Have to start reading about earnings, staking, lending and all other things I can do with it before Gensler classify them as securities also.
  2. Thank you thank you! That worked! Made a new wallet with pashphrase this time. Then imported the other ETH account using the secret key, filled in all the Songbird RPC and now have acces to my SGB. If I ever wanted to acces the SGB from a different wallet (Bifrost for example) I should transfer the SGB funds from my old imported account to my just freshly Mnemonic generated ETH adress I suppose?
  3. I think I have the same problem... Made a ETH adress on MyEtherWallet (MEW) a while ago. Saved an export text file (UTC--2020--etc) with the adress and secret key (adress, ciphertext seems to be the secret key, cypherparams etc etc). But MetaMask asks for a Secret Recovery Phrase. And there was me thinking an adress and secret key would do the job to acces a wallet... I can login to MyEtherWallet using the secret and see my 0 ETH balance. But can I find or setup such a 'Secret Recovery Phrase' from there or is acces to FLR or SGB screwed now?
  4. Btw, the 200MA support is still valid if the candle closes above 0.945 today. In that case its just a wick down. Its not a brick wall, its a range where price may fight as long as it finishes above. So come on XRP! You can do it! 8 hours and 30 minutes to get above that! Lets V bottom outta here!
  5. Ahh well, my post about the MA200 support aged very well for about an hour Lets hope the 0.85 gives it any support, otherwise I'll have to set my alarm clock for 2025.
  6. It takes two to settle. I think the SEC wanted to settle from day one if they got paid enough. Then that stupid Ripple took the bait, swam away, took the fishing rod with m and the SEC till this day is trying to find it to unhook the fish and catch a dumber one. If Ripple gets what it wants they can settle. I don't believe in the "Ripple wants to save not only XRP but every asset on the world!!". If they get what they want they are the first who actually have clarity and the rest can fight for their own clearance. Imagine what that position would do with both the company and the asset.
  7. True, but note that also quite a lot analysts said it was just ABCing after the top in 2017. Not to discourage however, I'm also in the believe there is more upside to come towards years end and assets that have allready fully extended before the summer are currently rotating to the laggards with trading bot coordinated drops throughout the market.
  8. And once again the 200MA on the daily acted as support. Just as it acted as resistance and support the past 4 years. I'm not sure it will hit 0.90, my estimate is that the ABC is done and it will V bottom out of here again where it will battle tje .702. If it breaks it and the 200MA breaks history shows it can take a while before we are back up... Like years. Today And the last years. Old picture from august or july I believe where 200MA was at 0.85 cents, if updated today it would be touching that MA200 at .945 cents.
  9. If you believe the reason there are many XRP channels is because Ripple pays them instead of simple attempts at monetization of channels focused on a (still) popular digital asset it would make Ripple a fraud. Case would be lost and closed immediately. The top10 channels on Youtube are generic and BTC focused so your YT recommendations might fool you in the perception. BCB would be #11 by the way, so close but no cigar. Congrats on being in the 1% group. I do however think you underestimate the amount of members on this forum that have been building positions pre last bull market. So the 99% might not be accurate being on an XRP focused forum, only in general wallet overview. Statistically.
  10. Hahaha, spending too much time. Creates an account on a forum of a coin he doesn't like, utilized by a company he thinks is a fraud, attacks everything around him he disagrees with without showing a single fact, then feels attacked by others, (which was the entire purpose of his reply) and other people are spending too much time... At least you're honest about your goal here by choosing that nick. If that gets you aroused man, you do you!
  11. Ahh sorry, misread. I thought they had 7 days prior to this hearing which would mean Gary knew all the questions. But they have 7 days from now to ask questions that would not fit in todays hearing.
  12. So this is 100% a show of pre written and pre answered questions or they are allowed to deviate but Gensler does not have to answer those?
  13. I like the questions Mr Toomey asks. He goes legs stretched in asking why the SEC wont give clarity (listening ms Netburn?) and prefers regulation by enforcement.... Now the pre written yada yada from Mr Gensler before he will answer the questions.
  14. Everyone in this debate is coming up with arguments no one can proof. Still it is fun to debate views, just don't make it an absolute or present numbers and sources. Would it be bad if it came out Ripple sponsored (indirectly) channels to promote the XRP token? Absolutely, would be a straight win for the SEC. So risk would be high for Ripple to do that. Is it still possible and would the risk outweigh the benefits? Perhaps, it's all possible in cryptoland. Imo (which stand for 'In My Opinion) it's just people starting a channel of something they favor and know has a lot of supporters so they can monetize the channel. Jeremy Hogan had very little views on his channel when talking speeding tickets. Until he this one time picked the SEC vs Ripple case as a subject. That brought him to 100.000+ subscribers. Crypto in general is hot, so is XRP. Even BCB started with a 'Silver coin collection' channel and only got the fans once he started crypto and XRP. XRP is still #3 most popular crypto it seems. https://time.com/nextadvisor/investing/cryptocurrency/types-of-cryptocurrency/ Most popular youtube channels based upon subscribers are generic or BTC focused https://cryptoweekly.co/top-cryptocurrency-youtubers
  15. Possibly, however I doubt directly Ripple related. Such proof would create massive problems. But at both the fud and shilling certain parties and big holders can benefit. So agree, but probably both sides are manipulated.
  16. I absolutely believe that a public forum will get abused by paid accounts to push people allready in doubt over the edge of selling when prices drop. That is why certain (relatively new) accounts only get active during bottoms. So in a way you can't blame them. It is their job. And to be honest, the quality of fud is lacking with most. I don't think they are very expensive to hire. /tinfoil hat off
  17. Hello SEC, is that you? Are you checking if people are expecting profits from XRP by the labor of Ripple? Well, everytime Ripple does something promising price drops, so no. Other than that it sounds like you are experiencing fomo (fear of missing out). Know that crypto is more a gamble, prices go up and down based on everything else but fundamentals. People who advise you to go into something usually own a lot of that something and want both profit and being proven right. Write the top20 on a dart board and throw a dart at it. Then don't spend more than willing to lose and hope for the best. Don't get impatient, it can take years as technically this bullmarket is getting closer and closer to an end and possibly years of bearmarket await. ps. investing in tokens that have not yet grown much compared to the market could be wise. But there could also be a reason they have not reached that potential.
  18. Remember that the attorneys for Ripple (Solomon, Mary Jo) were heads in the SEC in 2017. They know very well what discussions there were and what documents exist. I think they know the SEC does not want to spill that information because it could sabotage future litigations in other projects. So slap on the wrist, a fine, both parties win and the SEC can not be sued for billions of loses because they were 'somewhat right' about their case.
  19. I think both the SEC and Ripple don't want the burden of delivering their internal documents/Slack messages anymore. The judge ordering Ripple to provide the Slack is a costly one and therefore some leverage for the SEC to make demands in the settlement. The SEC on the other hand had been doing everything to prevent their documents from being released. I wonder if the 'in camera' review by the judge will happen and that they will settle this matter before that happens. If it does not settle yet, there is no way out of releasing the docs for the SEC and they will emerge perhaps destroying future cases for the SEC.
  20. I thought Ripple did the selling for him. So he wants to profit from a possible price rise? I've also read that in the agreement either he, or one of the people/charities he donated to in the past is allowed to sell but not both. So possibly someone else has been selling the first days of september and Jed will resume his part.
  21. There are no sales for the past few days. Ripple released the last part, there are now 709mln XRP in his account but none are moved to the daily selling account. https://bithomp.com/explorer/tacostand
  22. Once he is done. But currently his sales stopped for the last few days. I wonder why that is...
  23. Some whales tried to throw a pump and dump party during the hearing but nobody was interested.
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