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  1. That is if Ripple would have to go to every new partner to implement it themselves, something a, or many third partys could do after the right training.
  2. I agree, if Ripple ever wants to end the discussion of holding the biggest part of XRP, and they want the world to adopt XRP, the IMF would be the better party to have control of the XRP's and control distribution.
  3. Ahh great! I just quit my job after reading this! Won't have to work ever again after this weekend!! Ahh crab, it went below $ 0,34 again
  4. I tend to agree with Sultan that until now SBI only talks about their plans and nothing has come from it yet, but I also believe they are working hard on it and there is a lot coming that will come to fruition once they bring those XRP plans into practical use this year. The improvements of the banking network in Japan, FX and derivatives market for example will bring a lot of liquidity to the table. Liquidity that can then be used to gain more traction in other corridors worldwide.
  5. I'm also more of a long-term guy, so although painful to watch, as long as you're not swing trading between crypto's, BTC and all alts can go up and down whatever they like. It's called dumb money for a reason. Do believe Ripple has a plan, but I think it is more involved with getting more and more gradual traction, corridors, markets, partners and regulation than a Dan Brown thriller plot development with a big unforeseen bang where we go $ 589 over night because the worlds government is involved. Would love to be wrong!
  6. I love reading both Fomo and FUD, then try to dig some deeper to see if it can be proven and then create my own conclusions on something. So I appreciate the OP that he shares this 'news'. Can't get any confirmation to if this is really DS his account, and if those are sold or indeed used to make market on CB. Let's hope DS can debunk it on Twitter. Even if he doesn't, this is still not the news on which I will sell my part. Do appreciate if some others sell though! However, I do think some people are way to emotional on their XRP. 'Feeling attacked' if someone comes with bad news, genuine or fake, is a choice. Let's try to find the truth behind it. And if it's really stupid and you can't handle it? Just ignore it then. Do like the .gif battle btw!
  7. I can imagine Ripple is next to the positives also aware of the issues holding the largest amount of XRP. We can only guess what the solution for that would be. Perhaps they are allready in talks how to distribute, or 'gift' the XRP escrow to a external group for example an IMF like institute.
  8. The control issue comes up once in a while, with the 'freezing' of Jed's funds as an example. However, the funds we're not frozen on the XRP ledger, but after contact with the exchange they we're transfered to as I recall correctly. So Ripple cannot control or censor transactions they deem illegal, but they, just like anyone else, can ask an exchange to freeze funds temporarily when handing them the right legal papers or show enough prove of illegal action. Same can be done with bitcoin or any other asset after a hack for example. And indeed, great read!
  9. The world is bigger than the US and their ways of taxing, but if that's where he lives. Yep
  10. It's usually the start of a new bullcycle. Drag in new (and old dorment) retail investors en get that baby pumping again
  11. Litebit.eu does a nice job if you're new to this
  12. In 2017 there was a steady pattern in where BTC started it's bullrun, and the profits that were made in BTC then later on got thrown into alts. So let's see what happens this time!
  13. The difference with 2017 right after Swell was that crypto was much more in the news, people on the streets and at work were talking about it, and there were a lot of new people blindly investing into it because of fomo which made the huge gains possible. I think it will take several more months of gradual growth, more positive newsitems on regular channels to get people warmed up again. After all, there is money needed to make a price go up. However, agreed the boom could be big. There are many scared retail investors with dormant accounts who just need to sniff out the growing positive market to step back in and "do it right this time".
  14. Yup, thats the only sign that all is ok. I would get worried when it goes up, then there is fundamentally something wrong and time to get out asap.
  15. Although I respect Tar and his TA's, which make sense like many others do at that moment, the market does not. Someone out of hundreds contestants will get the closest. I will start basing my buys and sells on Tar if he repeats this prediction succes a couple of times in a row I love it when someone on Tradeview does a correct prediction, gets all the credits and fails at the next one. The smartest thing is like Peter Brandt did, get one right on BTC, then stay silent for a whole year+ so he can't fail at the next one. Till then I'll follow none, not even myself. Only the here and now.
  16. Ahh, they noticed! Bravo. Seen a pattern in more and more positive news for Ripple, XRP and crypto in general, although many recycled news items. Perhaps the market is truly reversing finally.
  17. Genuine question: What defines the non-profit organization of Stellar? They and their founders posses lots of XLM, they don't sell them on the market? Or just enough to keep the lights on? And because they let IBM develop the software and sell it to banks Stellar themselves can stay in the shadow as a non-profit? Or is it something else?
  18. I heard David Schwartz talk about research in making the ledgers quantum proof in his last interview, and they had some solutions in mind but not viable yet. You say there have been quantum attacks on systems before, but as far as I know there arent any 'real' quantum computers yet right? Just some quantum mimmicking ones like D-Wave systems. Or did I miss something big?
  19. Which, if true should stop being suppressed when the futures expire tomorrow. Let's see!
  20. Perhaps this will be the catalyst, I found this to be a nice theory. Let's see what it does when the futures expire tomorrow and the pushdown will not be needed anymore. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/Hahax8pc-Ripple-XRP-and-it-s-futures-manipulation/
  21. Absolutely impressive that you managed to get Bob on the show. Haven't seen the entire video yet but I was also impressed with the questions you posed, not avoiding critical ones. Good to see the channel is getting more mature. In the past you picked up to many hype/speculation items for my taste, but I also understand making videos is also about attracting viewers to watch them I'll watch the rest of it today!
  22. I don't understand the derivatives market, but in what way is XRP to benefit from this? They do not actually buy XRP, correct? So the cash that could have flown into XRP is now flowing in a derivative of XRP?
  23. Er gaan nog zoveel usecases voor blockchain ontstaan de komende jaren. Vraag me soms wel af of bepaalde activiteiten niet gewoon met een normale database zouden kunnen omdat volledige transparantie niet altijd een noodzaak is, maar de echte onoverkomelijke usecases komen vanzelf.
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