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  1. It becomes a problem when people actually believe they are superior to majority... Sorry pall, that majority here won't bite into your agenda. But thank you for dropping by and the attempt to save us from ourselves!
  2. This. Also... those who buy now instead of 2 years ago are not buying now. Majority will start buying when XRP is halfway in it's parabolic bullrun.
  3. We're in the third year and the first signs of Xrapid emerge with MG. Asheesh Birla tweeted on august 5 that they we're working around the clock implementing XRapid at multiple partners simultaneously Brad spoke about multiple banks on Xrapid at the end of 2019, we're in the 3rd quarter of that 2019. He also mentioned he expected regulations to act faster than they did in 2018, bringing a delay to the process. A delay is not a failure, it's a revision of planning.
  4. To me this also sounds like Ripple is doing everything to lower the percentage XRP ownership and just OTC sales is not fast enough.
  5. You are just too much focussed on a higher price tomorrow. Ripple is focussed on a self-sustaining and wide eco-system years and decades from now.
  6. As I said, not because of the peak prediction he makes, but the drop before the rise. I personally don't believe there will be 1000's of new millionairs overnight. Parabolics have taken 3-4 weeks in the past and usually in multiple steps with pauses in between. Most will have sold far before it would reach $ 10,00 during those weeks. After which they buy back in higher again because they can't stand seeing it go up after they sold hoping to catch more of the wave and in effect contribute to the parabolic.
  7. I liked this chart of MPC on tradingview also (MPC is seen as a good chartist by some/many) and recently became enthusiastic about XRP.. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/iS6djRi0-XRP-Will-Change-The-World/ Not because of the insane $220 XRP prediction in 2020, but the massive springtest he predicted. You can see a big drop in his chart on sept 9 towards... 0.225 cents. Perhaps his timing was off as this drop came early, but that drop did just happen to 0.225 and usually is the start of a run up as he 'predicts' also.
  8. If we keep the wyckoff in mind then that huge drop and bounce to 0.225 looks like an ideal springtest and proof there is much buying pressure. Let's hope the whales agree and deem XRP (and other alts) fit for a steady build up to a new parabolic before EOY. If they start (re)moving their sell walls it would be a first good sign.
  9. You do know viggo is being sarcastic right? He hates XRP
  10. In many TA's you see a last huge spring test before a new (parabolic) bullrun. Saying whales are testing the buy strength. But usually its a quick down and up. Seeing this bounce its not a succesful springtest... I think?
  11. Thnx Molten! I can't say anything better then "let's see what happens" What does make me wonder is How do you (not you perse, but an analist) decide when something is oversold. I've heard the 'we are oversold' when we we're bouncing around 30 cents also, yet there was a massive sell. What metrics show being oversold on a chart? Orderbooks?
  12. Even if this comes to fruition... Wait till the BTC network clogs up like it did end '17 and confirmations took 24hrs+ an $75 dollars per transaction. Problem with BTC is that it's fine as long as no one uses it...
  13. Perhaps I missed it, but why is it supposed to drop to 1500 sats? If exact patterns repeat you mean? If I were a whale I would make a pattern, make it look like a previous one so everyone bites and tries to time and then suddenly change it so no one catches my pump or dump but me.
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