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  1. We just don't know what a digital asset will do when both speculation and actual utility kicks in. All previous ath's were nothing more then speculation, and many coins will likely never see any utility coming.
  2. You gave people who can spend 100k+ at crypto a $100 to sign up to coinbase? That is a strange story...
  3. I love the London5555 TA, or more precise the lack of TA. He always posts a screenshot of the chart, nothing more and says XRP will drop to $ 0,08. He has been right with his short over the past year, but that's not very tough in a bear market to 'predict' the price will drop.
  4. Perhaps currently 95% of XRP are out of 'the market'. Once the price goes up that percentage goes down because people want to sell at some point. I however do believe 10 dollars is possible in the next run, as 3,5 was pure on speculation. But the market is going to need time to gain momentum again.
  5. Google is not doing nothing. They are for example supporting the web monetization via the W3C consortium, so indirectly they are stimulating the usage of XRP via co-building a standard and assisting in browser extensions. http://www.w3.org/2011/09/sponsor-pr.html.en I think currently a lot of companies, known and unknown, are silently working on projects that will give Ripple and XRP a usecase. They don't have to, or on purpose are not shouting it from the rooftops. Like @Stormchaser417 said the best way up is gradually and by usecase, not create a speculative bubble again. Let the big boys do their work, and if they believe it is the future, they will make it the future.
  6. Part of the Target2 network implemented this year. Makes sending money within the European union much faster, but is not a settlement as far as I know. Just a (quick) messaging system like (the slower) Swift. Has nothing to do with Ripple and is not a bad sign. Ripple comes into play when you want to send your euros outside of Europe, for example to INR, CNY or any other currencies. Not that Ripple (and XRP) doesn't have the power to be the backbone of the entire money flow troughout the globe in a decade from now https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/TARGET2
  7. I think there should be grounds first to move it over to the IMF. I could imagine the IMF right now would say "Well uhhh... thnx for the 35b... but what do we have to do with it" First use Xcurrent to make the network covering the needed corridors, then make XRapid an interesting alternative for FI's/banks, by doing that make sure the financial world(wide) can't do other then using Xrapid, and when that starts ramping up make sure a central authority gets control over the assets... or something of that order.
  8. Ripple for now is the only entity that keeps developing the ledger right, and they released v1.2.0 of which the nodes have to update to before februari 27. So two questions came up -Can another party also develop for the ledger and release it, or does it have to go trough Ripple to be implemented? -What would happen if certain nodes refuse to upgrade to V1.2.0 and/or use someone elses updated version? Fork?
  9. I believe if Ripple wants XRP to succeed (and Ripple itself to) it's inevitable that at some point they have to hand over the majority of XRP to a central institution like the IMF. But not right now, let's build out the network first using that 60bln warchest, then onwards to the next step in evolution.
  10. Hmm, then what is the advantage of using 'blockchain' over a central database... Ahh well, Long Island Icetea Blockchain tried the same then. Just put .com behind your name and you're legit!
  11. Fingers crossed, but Craig Wright has been claiming a lot lately...
  12. Does that also mean it uses PoW, a lot of computing power (they have to provide) and the transactions per second is hard to scale to more then 15? Or does a private network not have those problems?
  13. True, but with 7 billion people the chance of one person getting this kind of 'luck' is bigger than one coin (XRP) having that much of luck. I however do not think the chance of reaching $ 50,00 is one in 2.6 trillion. We don't know what XRP will be used for in a decade from now. Is it the entire backbone of finance and payments on the internet, then no problem. Or will it be surpassed by something else, big problem.
  14. Last thing I heard was that the US and IMF was looking into ways to make the US dollar less important because of (was it Jevon's?) paradox issues? Can't remember exactly what it was, but that they wanted to get rid of the dollar as the world currency... What JPM is doing is different than what Ripple is trying to achieve. RPL is connecting all banks and fiats in the world so they can do business with eachother directly, JPM is trying to make their own private network so that the small banks would still have to pay them (perhaps less than todays exorbitant) fees... I wonder what the competing banks would choose...
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