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  1. So the target would be the same as the last parabolic because the starting point is the same? Taken into equation buying is much easier nowadays with more fiat entrypoints, volumes in general are allready higher than 2017 and exchanges are (hopefully) more prepared for traffic then back in 2017 I would expect higher targets... although getting Fiat out is also easier nowadays... hmmm.
  2. This happened in may of this year and DS allready responded to it by saying the network stopped by design. Same as XRPL would do when an error would pop up.
  3. If the pyramid didn't fall in 85 days time you might receive it back, because as long as new blood is lured in the 'system' will work. I wonder how they make that interest. The website doesn't tell. Do they lend your XRP to people for leveraging or do they blow it all on h**kers and coke. Putting it in cold storage or in your wallet is not the answer.
  4. It would be 'without a comment' if you didn't write that sentence. But thanks! Saw the tweets he placed to. Amaz(ing/on) if true, but with that many 'predictions' at once I would like to see at least one confirmation first. /edit: second thought is that before those tweets he predicted XRP would boom in hours... Perhaps seeing that not happening he is trying to create the boom himself?
  5. Its allready lagging and high fee in my perspective... always did. But it got really bad in I think nov/dec 2017 so anything above $ 10.000 Do however not think price is related to lagging, the amount of transactions is.
  6. I read in another article that SBI is involved with rolling out the network for Japan... Can't find the article, and don't know if that's true or hyped. But it does sound like the slides from SBI earlier 2018.
  7. So you base 'the feeling' of your investment on some articles on the internet. In this case 'an unnamed employee of Ripple' in an article that concludes that usage of Xrapid does not increase price, but the feeling of adoption does. There have been many topics allready concluding that an Xrapid transaction on itself does not immediatly make the price go up, as it goes down somewhere else when converted back to fiat. But the need for XRP's to do these Fiat>XRP>Fiat swaps on a bigger scale do. Especially when speculator on XRP are not giving the market their needed XRP's below a certain price. It would not perse bigbang i guess, that would be the speculators job if the want to have these potentially many used XRPs. Everything in cryptoworld goes up and down currently, and that without any usecase at all... Pure speculation. Imagine what would happen if something actually had an increasing usecase and is 'needed' for something to function.
  8. Ssst, the whales are reading these posts also... You just showed us their plan, making them change it and probably dump it further
  9. I will sit it out and wait to see if you can redeem your XRP after the three month period first Until now many of those 'give us your crypto and we'll double it for ya' things were pyramid schemes. As long as new people came they paid out existing people. Then the new investor run dried up and it collapsed.
  10. Hodor was so kind to respond in Japanese as Eri lives there (works for me)
  11. Burning XRP to make the price go up sounds like an idea from an investor in XRP. Ripple is not aiming to just get the price up, but grow total liquidity. If all succeeds they may need the 100bln XRP. What I do see happening is that eventually Ripple could release custody of the escrow to a sort of Central Bank type or other IMF like institute so they can control the release in the future on a macro economic scale. It might even be a complete new type of institute responsible for doing that as long as it's not Ripple anymore to avoid a conflict of interest.
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