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  1. Buy and hold can only outperform if they bought something that will succeed and thus bring a nice return. A good daytrader kan make profits on an investment that goes nowhere besides some ups and downs by riding the waves. I'm the buy and hold guy btw, I believe XRP can bring a very nice return for the holders with more patience than 6-24 months.
  2. Aside from the percentage of adoption of digital assets worldwide and how much capital per person is invested, I think the bigger question is how that adoption will be focused. Right now people keep pouring their money in 2000 different assets, of which 98% will die. I think the combination of adoption of DA's by investors with real money (the big guys with the smart money) and the focus on fundamental value will dwarf the previous market caps of some coins. Percentage wise growth however is a tough one, you just had to be early for that. From $ 0,000001 to $ 1,00 is simply easier than $ 1,00 to $ 1.000.000,00...
  3. If the parabolic bullrun would happen this year I would expect over 3T, last peak was 800bn. But we would need quite a run for that!
  4. All coins dumped, so looks like a coordinated tradingbot action... Not the first one seen in the wild.
  5. Am I glad this market is not manipulated!
  6. Haha, sorry I missed that you asked, that is important ofcourse! It's just that I've read the remarks that the XRP run was caused by this. Sounded to me like a 'we need some random good news to pump it up go so let's pick this one'.
  7. Can someone explain how this, on global scale, is relevant at all? Aside from the 'Murica is the centre of the universe' thingy ofcourse.
  8. Congratulations New York, welcome to the rest of the world... The pumpers just look for an excuse to push it up, this random news item just happened at the same time they wanted to pump, otherwise they would have picked whatever was happening then.
  9. Did no one ever consider BG123 is just a regular pump group with some creative minds on board that had a lot of XRP left after januari 2018? Perhaps they just wanted to slow down the falling market by creating small pockets of FOMO to everyone who listened for max profits? It's not that hard to come up with a Dan Brown conspiracy story, maken some pumps at the right moment to make your puzzles become a self fulfilling prophecy. All they need is enough capital flow from the previous bullruns to initiate the pumps.
  10. Come on, you know that answer. Dumping it would kill the price. That's why they escrowed it, to get their partners (and investors) confidence. Not to get rid of volatility or keep the price stable. The long term view of Ripple is to make XRP price grow gradually by using their 50bn XRP warchest to invest in the growing ecosystem. Universities, startups and everyone that comes up with a good usecase might receive an investment by Ripple. By doing that XRP gets it utility, higher liquidity and with that liquidity a growing usecase for larger inefficient payment corridors.
  11. Hmm... I suppose their technological advantage would run all our mining equipment absolete... So bye bye China! Imagine if they would start using XRP for intergalactic transfers of value. There must be some inefficient corridors there!
  12. Perhaps he transferred his XRP to exchanges for all that time but never sold. And now he is actually selling (outside the scope of Ripple) to surpress the price as has been happening the last months... Or it was always a distraction for the masses and he is still pro Ripple.
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