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  1. Actually, XRP is holding pretty nice compared to the rest right now. But I still think it will do a quick drop towards 0,20 as the final bounce later this month.
  2. I've got a feeling he might be pretty close, but that's more because what he predicts is 99% in line with what I had in mind for quite some time now… So wishful thinking perhaps
  3. It's when articles such as these start appearing in mainstream media it's (being?) prepared to go bullish. When more like these start popping up you know it's getting pushed in a new direction. I think were close to the final push low around 20 cents, no TA, just a taste of market sentiment combined with alcohol. So 2020 could be bearish when I get sober
  4. I hope you waited a little with that buy? Everything broke support. But I think this is going to be a great springtest (at least for XRP, BTC I dunno)
  5. Little bit like the chart a few posts back, but then going a little further in november at lower price levels
  6. Ahh that Josh, always been a cheeky fellow. I remember the day when he applied he thought he wouldn't get the job. On his first day he thought he would never get a chair and a desk, let alone a computer. Then he thought coffee would never be free in the office. Afterwards he doubted that Brad would ever shave his beard and now he thinks it won't go beyond $100 in 2020... He's the half glass empty kind a guy that every office needs. (I also doubt it will go 100 in 2020 (it will go, just not that high). But 2024 however!)
  7. It's starting to overshoot the timeline, but it's not exact science I know. December/january sounds fine to me
  8. Don't let some random kids get on your nerves Ed, your charts are well appreciated by majority. Accurate or inaccurate will both occur and are a nice read during boring times in markets such as the past few months/years.
  9. I think the simple fact that average daily trading volume is much higher since may 2019 proves the market is far from dead and there is much more money flowing trough it then in 2017. Currently it just that sells outweigh buys because no one expects a big bull yet, keeping it all in balance. When the market reverses (and it allready did in sept this year it seems) means that when this thing goes bullish and selling stops it has much more volume to push it to new highs. After which the cycle will repeat again… and again till it becomes more sustainable long term as it matures.
  10. You think highly of yourself. Your remarks are not a balanced view, it's just completely the other side of the spectrum. Countering hopium with absolute depression does balance things out however
  11. I still find it to be a sad conclusion that BTC has to grow to make the rest grow by attracting investors wanting to buy BTC for a dollar more then the previous buyer. When you scan through news articles on for example Tradingview/coindesk/cointelegraph, all you read about BTC is what it's doing on a chart, what analysts say and it's price might do this or might do that. No progress, nothing at all… for years now. When you see something about XRP 8/10 are articles about real world progress, deals with companies, tech updates etc. I had hope 2019 would bring some more divergence in fundamentals vs blind speculation, but so far the market is kept as dumb as possible to offload BTCs. On the other hand, I think it was Buffet who said it's best to get into position in fundamental investments as long as the market is still irrational and clouded and competition is still focusing on everything at once. Well, on to 2020!
  12. Only 60k volume, so too easy to pump, but not easy to sell then.
  13. Hello whale. Sorry, we are not giving you our target exits so you can coordinate your algorithms to get out weak hands. No weak hands here. (I agree with the 'when Ripple stops making progress' thing)
  14. Perhaps some big potential customers wanted to be sure the ledger could handle a higher throughput for the duration of a month in the real world instead of some testledger before signing a deal
  15. But volume is not liquidity... You can create a lot of volume with very thin order books.
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