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  1. Agreed. This matches the always used analogy of "regulating the internet in the 90s". The rails of the network itself are not regulated but what you do on it is.
  2. Well, imo that would be a bit of a problem as the US dollar amounts to quite a large portion of the worlds corridors and financial flows. They eventually need the dollar to be embedded in the system from within the US itself, but for now focusing on other regions keeps Ripple busy enough.
  3. I also think this is why the judge granted the extension. She knew she was going to put the SEC to work and doing both a 14 expert witness processing AND answering these questions would be a bit much in less than three weeks.
  4. If the pure and only goal of the SEC is indeed being an extension of a puppetmaster wanting to slow down Ripple as long as possible they will surely attempt it. But imo having to answer these questions is a little different than handing over documents and delaying by disputing priviledge. Not being able or willing to answer the mentioned questions would also be a checkmate that damages this and further cases. So I think they have to come up with at least one flavour of something within 45 days but I'm not sure if they can come up with any flavour that does not damage themselves direct or indirectly. They really thrived by being able to keep it all as vague as possible for as long as possible. Now the judge wants answers. Exciting times!
  5. I think this order from the judge to finally answer the tough questions could be the catalyst for a settlement. Unless the SEC comes up with a genius answer, any answer they give is a checkmate that could harm future cases. The SEC has to answer to these questions within 45 days so that makes monday december 6th?
  6. Just for fun go back to posts back then, this forum existed back then. Go to 'XRP Trading and Price Speculation' around page 135-145 to see what topics were started only days before the big bang. Sentiment was down the drain because every other asset went up and we could not understand why XRP would be left out. Well, it went last and it went with a bang. Many went hunting green candles and sold, some just days before the run. /This one is for @retep, as your struggle was other peoples struggle in 2017. Toroth was frustrated about things he should have done in hindsight, not knowing what was to come in a few days. ps. See that amount of Doge he had, I don't think he kept that till the dollar. Hindsight
  7. I understand a big part of the 'land of the free', aside of weapons trade and war, US economy is based upon everybody suing everybody. But I still dont get the "lets sue 'm and try to find something to actually build a case... Ahh crêpe we need more time because google failed us" way of society. I assume more time means more paid laywers so more tax paying citizens? Yet its starting more and more to look like the last "every man for themselves" power/money grabbing phase of a failing empire. And no, I'm not only talking about just this lawsuit. Way beyond that. The US are drifting further and further away from... The rest of the world.
  8. Oh no its not I dont like it. Just hate seeing you eat yourself up over the frustration. I know the feeling, but the 'I should have' is a fake brain trick. You cant, I cant because we didnt. If I knew XRP would lag again as it did I would have made other choices. If I knew what doge would do because of some tweets I would have rotated. But as I wrote above I hoped since 2017 the market for would be more mature. Again, doge going proved it did not. I still fully believe everything will go. Well, almost every pointless (new) thing did go. No fundamentals at all, some not even a white paper. Just whales investing and pumping when it was its turn. You would expect something signing 500+ banking partners with a potential of using ODL (which imo is really a future of light speed (not lightning speed) finance) has at least a little above ath potential. But we are all duped. I think whatever choice we will make, we will all be wrong. One too early, others too late.
  9. No dispute and fully agree. I also was emotionally attached to my crypto investments till 2019 (and to some, but luckily lesser extent still am) but learned from the 2017 run. I hoped the market would grow up over years, but when doge went I saw it didnt. This market is a random game in which everything will pump, but some just a little. I hope xrp will not be at the 'little' side but it very well could be as like being stalled with the judge order for extension to January 2022. We wont guess the random pumps, my main bet is on the dark horse. I still think there will be a catalyst. If it does not happen I believe it will be made. And if it does not, Im still fine but pissed off.
  10. You are trying to reason all with logic but all your previous logic was wrong for the past years. Your current logic will also be wrong very likely. Try to avoid dwindling in the 'should have, would have, could have'. You did not do it the past years, and you will not do it now. "If only I knew, then I would have... " is just a trick of the mind. So put your frustration to work, or focus on something else if it gets to you. If you think you can get better gains elsewhere, go there. If you think XRP has enough potential, stay. No one has the truth. So neither do I and my bet could be wrong. But my estimate is there will be a positive catalyst creating a run before EOY. It does not really matter what that is. Whether that is a settlement, a granting of fair notice, judge ruling XRP in the secondary market non security or SEC dropping the case when counting their cards at summary judgement in November (or december if judge decides) we will see. There are a lot of holding parties willing to take any catalyst as a kickstart. If you believe everything else will explode and XRP will be the only one left out, then I really cant understand why you are still here and denying yourself the gains you deserve.
  11. Agreed. Just like breaking up, you do it a few days before christmas to avoid parents in law.
  12. -don't trust crypto gurus or influencers -only trust Didi I get where you come from Retep, but still you keep relying on all those gurus somehow because everytime price goes down you blame another one of them. Dont trust Didi either. He's dutch, just like you and me but that does not make him right. That a chartist writes what you like does not make it better. About half the experts said a second run would come, the other half did not. Truth is in your first sentence. Dont trust any, take it for the entertainment it is otherwise Didi will disappoint you anytime soon just like all the others you followed in the past. And when it happens, don't blame him.
  13. Sorry, did not see that 4 cent blip on the chart. It's a tough thing connecting all the timezones in this world, but I see it coincided now. Let's hope the one who posted the article went in 100x leveraged long quickly.
  14. Did it say which website posted that article? Yahoo is just a collection of different news sites right? Aside from that, the entire market exploded at that moment. Are the bot algorithms trained to start a bullmarket once Ripple wins?
  15. Don't see it printed on yahoo.finance? Entire market did exactly the same move at exactly the same time. So had little to do with a fake article. Just bots doing their thing with the entire market at the same time based upon nothing at all. I'm glad this isn't a manipulated market like stocks.
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