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  1. He's just in it for the anonymous conflicts on the interwebz It makes his special place tingle which accounts for around 90% of his brainactivity at that very moment.
  2. But on topic, did you find any sources that confirm this? Or did you just take a random quote in a youtube video blindly for granted? The point of investing is doing research, otherwise my advise to you is not to invest. This is not investment advice by the way
  3. Sure, and I'm not very familiar with US laws (aside from Law&Order the series ofcourse!)... But itn't the us the country of sue and appeal and appeal and apeal till one of both sides goes bankrupt and has to drop the case?
  4. I'm also betting on one or two more springtests before this baby goes loose... You see volatility going up, and that will start testing both upper and lower boundaries before it pops.
  5. I can't find any source claiming that only BTC is regulated in Canada or that BTC has any special treatment. For now they treat every cryptocurrency the same. "Canada allows the use of digital currencies, including cryptocurrencies. However, cryptocurrencies are not considered legal tender in Canada. Canada's tax laws and rules, including the Income Tax Act, also apply to cryptocurrency transactions. ... The law is not yet in force, pending issuance of subsidiary regulations." BTC lovers will hype BTC XRP lovers will hype XRP ETH lovers will hy..... etc etc
  6. Untill it's quietly implemented everywhere, the world runs on Ripplenet and they need to flip the switch to an instant democratized finance and IoV around the globe. Lawsuits can take years or they can be dealt with Swiftly.
  7. Is that where people from India park their cars? I don't think there is a working XRP corridor/exchange there yet so utilising XRapid won't be possible even if they wanted right? As said before it's about getting everyone and their dogs around the globe on Ripplenet, build more Fiat>XRP>Fiat corridors and then flip switches when liquidity allows it.
  8. I did not say end of what year I just hope its going to be pre-pension...
  9. Content count: 1 Agreed, let's get back to speculation. I'll put Sellsellsell's $ 0,20 prediction on the lotery list and anounce the winner at $ 589 eoy.
  10. You can't claim he is far more realistic and 'I can't handle reality' as... spoiler... it can go up or down, who knows. Saying it will shoot up to 1 dollar in that case is just as realistic. I actually believe XRP will make a big dump after these legs up in the future and do another springtest before the real bulltime comes towards eoy and 2020. As it usually does before a bullmarket. I just don't see anything added if someone uses his fresh account to just randomly shout something without any arguments. We've got enough Coolioz here. Yes, imo that tells something about the expectations of his/her future contributions and a block is something to consider. Haven't blocked anyone ever by the way, I also like the glass half empty guys hanging around because that paints the total picture of market sentiment which is a great indicator for trading.
  11. Ofcourse that could be very realistic. Or because it's a new account that uses his very first post in that manner which tells enough about its intentions.
  12. Lizardlik did just that for us https://charts.cointrader.pro/snapshot/ZCMf6 His post on TV https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/YmpKCqHg-Ripple-What-we-do-not-see/
  13. Don't worry, the Fudsters always quietly disappear during rallies and bullmarkets. They tend to not like 'discussions' the other way around.
  14. Agreed, were saying the same but only the starting point differs if you say 0,25 is the same as in 2017. 2017 went in 2 hops, let's hope 2019/2020 will also be in 2 big hops.
  15. Correction, started at $ 0,005 and went up to $ 0,40. So enough headroom starting at 0,25 cents
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