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  1. Exactly my earlier point... perhaps they'll release the escrow above a ripple shredder every month. Poor zerps won't know what hit them when they think they're finally free!!
  2. I'm sorry, I don't get your respons . Those 150k were not in escrow, they were burned because the sender set an unlimited fee for his transactions. So never retrievable again. After that happened Ripple changed the API so that the max fee was 2xrp per transaction. Putting 50bln XRP in an escrow for 999 years could also do it however. /Ohh you mean the current escrow. Yes, they have to wait until they got out of escrow, and then burn them (or escrow them again forever). But isn't the point of escrow that they have to wait for it anyway? They can not change the date of release while it's locked up right?
  3. Can't they? There was this instance in 2017/2018 that Wietse Wind had to send a message via tipbot to a user who was burning 70k xrp in one transaction because of wrong settings. There was around 150k xrp burned with just a couple of huge transactions, Ripple even had to fix that issue as I remember correctly. Can't find the topic, there was one on xrpchat... perhaps someone with knowledge can find it. Anyhow, I think that there is a way to burn a lot of XRP's at once. /Found it:
  4. Look guys, there are those that are always positive, and those that always see problems ahead (and those in between). Which one is the more realistic is to be decided in the future. Motives can be questioned, but on both sides. Some love to sell good news because it makes them feel better, some love to watch the world burn, others try to be realistic and even some simply have agendas and attempt to manipulate others in one or other direction to their benefits. This forum should be a place for both sides of the argument, that can then be countered by another argument without name calling. I for once see great potential in XRP, and in an ideal state it would thrive. But fact is that there is competition, and more on the way. Whether Ripple or the competion (or both) will succeed remains to be seen. That there is competition at least means Ripple is on the right track, and they are tackling a real problem, combined with having a good headstart. So i'm having good hopes of a decent return.
  5. Exactly what Brad says: Every bank wants their own logo on a coin, but no bank wants to use that other banks coin. They are competitors. So when there is an indepent asset available, with it's own value instead of backed by fiat, and an allready pretty build up growing network of banks, it eventually becomes a no brainer to connect and participate in that network to move your customers money freely around the world. Those customers will demand that kind of service sooner or later, or they'll go to another bank. The momentum to being that no-brainer is being build, and once the size of the Ripple network is big enough, it will flip that momentum and not participating in it would be signing a banks demise. This is why I believe in the end Ripple will have to hand over the majority of XRP to a central, but independent authority like IMF or some sort of world bank.
  6. First of all a good idea to leave the majority of your stash alone for a few years. Whether trading the remaining 10k of XRP's is a good idea depends on how you manage to 'time the market' and increase your stash. One wrong bet and you could lose a lot of those 10k xrp. The theory is simple ofcourse, sell high, buy when lower. The fact is that there are not many succesful traders around. In the end it's all a bet. I read about a research done to see what sorts of people made the most profits when being in stocks. Number one were those that forgot about their investment for years. The second best were the ones that died during the investment. Third in came traders. Ofcourse in traders there are plenty of stories about succesful ones, and there simply are good ones, but most were the ones that got in early (like in btc) and were patient. The stories about the majority that lost, you don't hear those very often.
  7. We all know there is no utility for XRP yet, there is the promise of it if it all plays out which has created some price increase compared to bitcoin/ethereum that still have no utility in prospect. Agreed that if utility comes into play, starting small in Q1 2019 we should see a slow but steady decoupling coming. That combined with regulatory clarity and FI's stepping in, market makers buying up more XRP and FOMO returning to retail and wallstreet investors should proppel the price even more separate from BTC. If that doesn't create a price rise, I don't know what will. To state 'we have been lied to'... Everything I've been told I see as pure opinion, not facts because predicting is impossible.
  8. What will happen with the big amount of XRP in possesion of Ripple I cannot tell, but I do not believe they will have the timeline to sell it to the last one. There will become a point in where the best option will be what Julian says: Donate the majority to a central, IMF like, institute to preserve the future of the asset and the company (and keep some for theirselves to build the ecosystem), or become/start a marketmaker/Central Bank themselves. I read the thread in where the sales of Jed's stash seem to have halted. Not that it allready has, but I can imagine they will go back to the drawingboard sooner than later to decide what to do with all the XPR's the founders posses, and then make a deal with them to get that issue out of the equation.
  9. Very possible, and then again, very not. Who knows!
  10. I think it's simple: Something that currently needs the power consumption of an average european country to process 3-6 transactions per second, and will need more and more in the future cannot survive. Especially if the only solution to scaling (Lightning network) is to create a centralized software layer on top of your decentralized dream system. Right now it's simply the most known crypto currency, and has too many big guys financially connected to it that won't let it die off just yet.
  11. Caracappa

    Kichiro Fukui

    I doubt the other users are interested in your p1ssing contest, so please pm eachother to continue it. Back on topic: Any average screenwriter or storyteller can come up with an impressive illuminati/bilderberg/rockefeller geopolitical conspiracy like story around the topic XRP/Ripple. And many would love to believe it, just like fantasizing what you would do with that winning lottery ticket you just bought. Our brains just love whole pictures, even if majority is fantasy that fills up the gaps. I admit, love the stories and creativity some of the riddles contain, but I think Ripple and Xrp will evolve gradually and naturally. And ofcourse, love to be proven wrong.
  12. Caracappa

    Circulating supply calculations

    Yes. I accidently mentioned cmc's marketcap for xrp three weeks from now...
  13. But didn't the CEO of Swift step down? The perfect moment to announce that from feb 1st Brad is CEO of both Ripple and Swift with a firm handshake between the two men and they will be merging the companies to Rift... Or Swipple.
  14. Caracappa

    Circulating supply calculations

    Ow woops, that was dumb (or wishfull thinking) indeed.
  15. Caracappa

    Circulating supply calculations

    Last week it was $ 40.794.121.066, today it is $ 41.040.405.095. To my calculations it gained $ 246.284.029 this week. Or was it even higher for a short moment?