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  1. "DC Forecasts is a leader in many crypto news categories, striving for the highest journalistic standards and abiding by a strict set of editorial policies." Uhuh... Also hallucinogene drugs are bad.
  2. Members from hidden threads are in those threads because they got tired of the constant personal fights and attacks in the mainforum derailing every topic from what it was meant for. For some a forum is a place of information and entertainment. For others it is a place to safely pick an online fight. Both get what they want out of it, but I prefer the first one as it is much more fun during boring markets. At least in the Zerpening thread those three laughing emoji's you use make sense. ps. XRP (and others) get ridiculed more than you can imagine in there, so no it's not an echo chamber of XRP fans. I'm not even sure if anyone in there still owns XRP to be honest...
  3. Ok, agreed. You add technicals to the discussion also. I'll refrain myself from pausing a great fight between members. Good luck!
  4. Because he and Eric123 are the only ones doing what this topic is made for, and constantly get pounded for it by others who respond in hindsight.
  5. You're in a charting topic... Attacking people who want to share and debate their charts... And instead of debating the chart you attack the chartist because the chart differs from what you think is happening (a chart in your mind?) in this market. So which god are you then?
  6. I hope the expiration of futures today have any influence on finally getting an up weekend this time. Trends are there to be broken right
  7. Ge zijt een klotzak :p You had years for that. Ok, you get one more day today, but from tomorrow it's only up from here.
  8. I think they see the damage they do. Perhaps the damage is the whole intent of the lawsuit. I think the SEC wants to tackle Ripple, and if they succeed try some other secondary market participants. A no action letter would invalidate that next step. Even though the lawyer allready clearly (mis?)spoke about there being no issues with secondary market sales. What I don't get is why Ripple is not putting up those arguments so secondary markets in the US can trade XRP again and XRP and SEC can continue their dogfight. Don't they care?
  9. Thank you for the Siacoin/BTC chart. /Thank you for the edit
  10. You should indeed not consider CMC as truth, and very good that you don't. But unfortunately millions of other people do. They, for example, get into the market for doge. That hype dies and they look in the top10 for other interesting assets in which they want to invest next. My problem is that CMC/Binance know that. They take XRP in founders hands out of the equation but not Satoshi's wallet, because I think it suits their goal. And despite all the protest, they simply don't respond to it and pretend it did not happen. 'In my opinion' sounds better than: "It is 100bn, period." The first opens debate, the second one closes it before it even begins. And yes, the total supply can be debated. For you existence=circulation For me being able to move=circulation Fine point to disagree about. Someone who apparantly truly thinks the problems are with everyone else around him and not himself... is at least an interesting person. For educating people both the sender and receiver need to be able to communicate. But you literally say everybody around the sender can't read and therefore his education is badly received. I'm not going to blacklist you, don't be silly. You are to much of a fun and interesting person for that.
  11. Ahh don't worry, it is just a glitch in a coin that just so happened to be trading on Binance and when put in the spotlights on CMC by accident gets 1.5bln trading volume... Nothing to see. It is all a honest mistake. CZ says sorry!
  12. You have to wonder why you run into 'conflict' with so many members. It is fascinating you think everybody else around you is the idiot. There are multiple psychological variations for people who believe that. Most just stop posting because talking to you is pointless and annoying. And that is not because of language but because of you. Given, you bring a lot of good points and facts when what you are trying to say is deciphered. But it is the way of communicating, twisting, turning and avoiding subjects when wrong that makes people stop talking to you. One example... of many: You: Ripple can dump 5bln per month if they want to Me: No, the escrow is time locked. 1 bln is max You: Ahhh, just mechanics. Change subject. Me: Sigh... Done, pointless talking to this guy. And then you jump into the role of a poor victim. It just makes me wonder, are you here to 'educate' as you so eloquently keep calling your attempts or are you here just for the conflict and anarchy? Because I can tell you which of the two you are creating. Ps. I'm not a native English speaker, as are many others. So stop the whining. Language is not the problem.
  13. Sometimes the ones that are made the most unnatractive to buy turn out to be the best buys for those who don't fall for it? Something like that? On the other hand: Something that feels like a turd, smells like turd and drips like turd usually has to do something with bad food habits.
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