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  1. Ripple is not a public company so they are in no way obligated to even make a report for the public, yet they do, as limited as this one is. Only ones they should give deeper information are the shareholders. You seem to be of the category that wants to know every financial figure, partnership status and future strategy and have it all confirmed in official documents before something could be a good investment. Problem is, once those things are shared you are too late. Investing in this market is seeing future potential (or just riding the speculative waves for now) of an asset. If you knew it all, there is no risk. And somehow the amount of risk is linked to the potential. Could we all be burned, ofcourse very possible. Could we profit? I'm putting my bet on that, otherwise I would just sell and go on. If price is your compass you will sail in the wrong direction.
  2. Although nailing it in the answer, Xerxes does not deserve that much effort. He has been hiding FUD in some, to his mind clever, questions for longer now. The reason why he is here is hidden in his first sentence. Oh wait, the first paragraph is an entire sentence. Ok, hint: It starts with B.
  3. Well, that has been spot on for months. I hope it stays that spot on! Anyone who does not is a BTC maxi or Jed McCaleb.
  4. I'm not very familiar with legal aspects of the US (or the world) but would Ripple, a software company, be allowed to act as a MarketMaker? Is that a 'free' market for anyone with money or do you need some sort of licenses? I would think it would be much wiser for Ripple to just start a side project/company to do the MM part.
  5. He should at least try a different FUD tactic. One with some more braincells involved for example... But I think he's allready in a different investment.
  6. Very positive. Yet again, that is not what they did. They did buy more on july 30th apparantly, AND it's price appreciated 7% if they bought it at it's lowest point and measured at the highest point. So that would make it even more positive would it not Or wouldn't you like it if that was the case?
  7. Well yes and no. The dates in their slides on Twitter showed the difference between july 30th and july 31st. XRP did not go up 67% in that day. The growth in portfolio is a combination of growing asset price and a big buy. If I take the absolute lowest and highest price between those dates XRP went up little over 7%. If you had XRP go 67% in one day, please invite me to that exchange (Korean perhaps?)
  8. I find the rsi on the daily to be somewhat misleading as it pops up and down too fast. If you measure RSI on the hourly charts in 2017 you were supposed to sell after a few hours of uptrend. I prefer the weekly to look at rsi for the bigger trend. But yes, it could indicate a correction on the smaller time scales.
  9. Well to be fair, I saw those adds coming at the second bullrun before december. The first came out of nowhere. But probably depends what kind of sites we visit
  10. Well, it's a funny response but not that black or white. It's also an aspect of the entire debate what a crypto asset is. https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/09/difference-between-investing-speculating.asp
  11. I very much doubt that is her full intent. She just wants Ripple to be Stellar in every aspect of the company. Go and stay @stellar I would say. It is what you mentioned before. She is an influencer that took her time learning the technical aspect of it. Very impressive the amount of knowledge she has gathered in that specific subject. Some would say that it is also very impressive that she is doing all this under her own name, at least that is how TH sells it in every discussion that doesn't go her way. But I disagree. This is what most 'influencers' suffer from. The goal is usually not the pseudo subject they pick, the goal is themselves. Which in a way is an incentive for running a validator on itself.
  12. Well, there seem to be some trends coming back in XRPBTC when taking the coin rotation into account. When XRPBTC is low there is more upside potential if people decide to rotate from BTC towards alts then when XRP is allready high in sats. Whether it does that is another point. Same as the BTC.D charts.
  13. Perhaps it's a language barrier (not native English) or a sender/receiver issue. But when saying Ripple has no commitment towards the XRPL (even though proposing newer versions on a regular basis) is somewhat discrediting to Davids work on it. And Ripple mentioning for years that XRP is vital to the ecosystem, but TH saying they don't care, might as wel use BTC, because there are no contracts obligating them to use it insinuates that they do not care about XRP besides their own financial gains. I'm not sure about the legal implications as we hope it is not a security, but selling OTC to big investors and for years giving them the idea Ripple is trying to build something that might give it value as a utility token, but they actually don't care. It would be like selling concert tickets to a concert you say you are organising but have no intent to actually do so. That would be somewhat of a fraud in my country... I'll trust she is fighting the good fight then on technical level, but I see too many Stellar references to believe she's really here for XRPL.
  14. That would be the sad part of it all, that some of this pessimists might actually profit from something they have been fighting and shooting down for years.
  15. It's going to be a tough discussion if you present 20% facts (mostly tweets) and 80% opinion, and when someone else gives his opinion with some reasonable arguments they suddenly have to present legal documents and signed contracts to you to prove it... Your validator was not given dUNL status, so everything else is subpar (yeah, the network almost halted... proposals to prevent that are being released in V1.6.0 apparantly. Stellar fully stopped for over an hour in 2019, they had to fix that to. There will be bumps on the road for all) Ripple has repeated over and over XRP is their centerpiece in the puzzle, but that is not enough because who trusts Ripple management? Binance is no ODL partner, there must be some sort of conspiracy against other exchanges. Or this ODL thingy is just getting started and they will get their shot when they have their own issues sorted out? Exchanges will never host validators because there's no incentive (two exchanges host a dUNL validator... who knows why they do), but you can not conclude others won't if this thing ever grows You tend to look at everything from a technical perspective as you spend years championing the ledger and learned things I can probably not start to comprehend. Conclusion is there are flaws indeed. Technical however is a very important but small part of the whole picture. Legal, strategic, communication, customers, userbase, price/liquidity etc are all part of the equation towards an ecosystem also. We can simply not know why certain choices are made, but most choices must have had logical reasoning behind it. Your argument for that is probably that you spoke to a lot of people at Ripple, but that does not mean you know it all. That only means you combined everything you experienced together and came up with your version of the truth. The truth of it all is unfortunately available for a handfull of people. Speculation on many of these points are all we have, on both sides of the opinion. If it was all fact and truth, investing (or not) in this space would be easy. When I read your posts I can't help but conclude you think Ripple is a fraud and a stream of lies. Do you think Ripple (or its owners) are a fraud? And when the answer is yes. Is Stellar the 'good guy' then as they seem to have it all worked out correctly, at least on technical levels?
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