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  1. Ahh... well I would not count that as a support test personally. But that 1.4 was a tough nut on the way up shows that it took almost 3 days to punch through and now tested as a good support with a big bounce. Lets see if it can bounce twice.
  2. Where was the first 1.4 this week? You mean april 13th? That was more of a slight kiss on its way up or do you count it as support touch?
  3. Had the buy order set at $1.4096 at Bitstamp and it flashed to $ 1.4125... Ahh well, had the 1.5 triggered so I'll take the rest of the table.
  4. https://connect.garmin.com/support/ You can return your broken watch here.
  5. If someone had told you two days ago: "Retep, sell your XRP now and put it in Doge because it's such WoW!". Would you have done it? In markets as these the 'I wish' - 'If only' - 'I should have' are logical thoughts for your brain, but are an illusion of thought. ps. That is why I wrote that 0,75 is "healthy". Only from a technical standpoint as a retest of support. It would be devestating and making a lot of people sell their XRP. Which is actually the whole point of a correction.
  6. I've got fibs around 1,40 - 1,10 and even 0,75 would still be a 'healthy' correction. $0,75 would be a retest of the support that was our resistance for years. Although up from here would be fine with me to.
  7. Woohooo. Crashes were never this much fun. Now it can go up again. Don't think it will take the other half of the buy @ $1.40 anymore... Although a real big boy crash comes in 3 right?
  8. And sales were completed at 10:15... It took only 15 minutes to sell 8.4million XRP and that without any noticable sell pressure! I watch it every day and am starting to conclude that the sales, both now during high volume, but also earlier this year during low volume, somehow has negligible pressure on price. I am still hoping for that correction to $1.52 any day now because I've got a buy order there. If it wont hit I've got no other option than to take the earlier sell order at $1.95 as profit.
  9. You can check this thread. It is estimated by JNBR that his sales next week will be between 25-35million per day because of the uptick in volume past weeks. And https://jed.tequ.dev/ makes an estimate of how long it will take with certain volumes.
  10. I'm not sure how the sales are done. They sell chunks of 250k XRP per order and I guess they use a limit order or some sorts to put up a sell wall and prevent it from having a huge impact. If they just market sell it, the price would drop immediately. But it is all done on the DEX I was told, in exchange for Bitstamp IOU's. With current volume his sales are usually done in about 30 minutes, but there were days that it took multiple hours.
  11. Popcorn ready! I've got the feeling XRP wants to correct a little further. Let's see if Jed his selling in about 20 minutes from now can push it over that edge of correction. 8.4million XRP ready to sell, commencing 10:00 Amsterdam/Paris time. https://bithomp.com/explorer/rLkMJhSVwhmummLjJPVrwQRZZYiYQhVQ1A
  12. @xrpDeslie (aka Jotaro, aka Hopium) For what it's worth. You are entertaining. Somewhat unstable, but entertaining. And imo a forum should be entertainment aside from the information sharing. It is however not okay to come up with fake stories to steer people in a direction. So just be open about things, like your farewell post above seems honest and open. Again my opinion, you should not have to be banned as long as everybody knows the purpose of your account. A laugh and entertainment that is...
  13. He was online last on march 2nd... So are you telling the truth @xrpDeslie?
  14. There are more users appearing in bearmarkets, being especially vocal when XRP drops to convince people to sell and then dissappear during bullmarkets. They help people in doubt over that edge of selling (and probably some other accounts on buying) by bringing some extra FUD during dumps. A bearmarket is intended to get as many people out of their position. As XRP is correcting now and might do some more correcting perhaps he wants you to help him getting peeps out. I would have taken the BTC, and THEN expose him. :p
  15. Hope they wont base Jeds sales next week on these 20Trillion volume CMC error is showing. Then Jed would need to borrow from Ripple to sell one days worth...
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