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  1. Interesting numbers and great effort collecting all that data! Thank you for that. With some metrics I do think numbers change when price changes or time develops but overall current investors are positive. Point is ofcourse for a bullrun to happen we need to catch those who are not positive or currently interested in XRP.
  2. Without knowing the ins and outs of the company I tend to agree. If Ripple would 'buy' or invest more in MGI they would also have more responsibility for the huge debt the company is in. Although buying a company with a lot of debt gives you a large discount, it brings huge risks.
  3. You can't. So drawing conclusions on neither source will lead to wrong conclusions. The ODL tracker says volume is going down, Ripple is stating ODL volume is growing so the truth is somewhere in between perhaps. The only conclusion I can pull from it is if Ripple would be lying about it that would have big repercussions.
  4. This is what happens if you take everything you read for granted. It's a bad excuse that you 'just find and post information'. Especially if you just present it to others as facts without even thinking one second about it or do simple math. It's somewhat lazy. I see so many factually wrong conclusions and tinfoil thinking patterns in your reply that it will be too time consuming to adress them. Basing your assumptions of liquidity and moving XRP on a fanmade website like Utility Scan, that very likely has an incomplete picture of ODL channels when listening to official Ripple sources
  5. Hmm, not really... Truth is that both Ripple and Stellar have messed things up. Some mostly in the past, other continue till this day. Both shoot with hail (investment money) and try to hit some targets. Some stick, some won't. All the praise Stellar gets for being so focused on their community, so stable, not for profit but a better world, gets diminished once zoomed into. https://coil.com/p/AllTheWay08/Not-Stellar/eKepk_gRu That list of commitments is a joke. I can make one and randomly dedicate portions of my holdings to anything. Name me some Stellar actually 'succesfully' did co
  6. For the people who fomo'ed in during the last bullrun in 2017 and don't have the patience to wait out one single macro investment cycle, yes it's a failure. This market leeches on those people with great succes.
  7. Do they pay you per post or one sum for the campaign? @Moriarty: you can conclude jacksh*t. Your question is just as random as the answer that can be given. The crypto market itself has a lot of growing potential. Whether XRP will be among it is the answer to many investment questions.
  8. You're wrong. We're given the middlefinger.
  9. @LetHerRip won't. After trying for so long he really thought he finally had the checkmate fud to get everyone out of XRP. Seeing it getting debunked so fast hurt him. He has no intention of posting truths or facts, so he will leave it as it is for as long as possible while playing absent.
  10. Can not read your own posted article right, makes the same mistake again by listening to a CEO's marketing ad, loves to conclude as fast as possible Ripple is dead and tell everybody about it, but others need brains to read... oh dear.
  11. That is not the problem, it's who posted it and how he did it, again. The information about potential competition is good. It's about what comes after that. @LetHerRip takes an article, reads half of it and presents it as the end of times in the most aggresive and misleading way. Then he discards every post countering the information as that hurts his goal. He even calls others out for needing to grow braincells and learn to read while he misreads a marketing piece from a ceo and takes it for granted. The worst part is he completely shows his goal by blatantly telling member @Cambrid
  12. Every big company bets on multiple horses and wants a piece of the technology, if only for testing or tasting. It never indicates that it's going be that one horse, or only one horse at all they will pick. The company I work for does dozens of POC's annually, only few come to fruition.
  13. That is pure a clever marketing talk. Ripple is also offering it's service to 44300 banks. If all 44300 banks sign a contract with RTGS then yes. For now it's just a product they offer that banks can take or not, just like Ripplenet. But there is no denying that this is competition, and who will win, or how the pie will be split will be seen. For now they are in phase one, developing and testing according to their documents. Linking a banks liquidity and the software being able to deduct payments directly does not sound like a click&play integration on banks variable legacy systems.
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