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  1. Yet you start spreading opinions as facts (it's in your name, i reckon) that in your opinion are not misinformation... Let's just agree no one knows anything about the future. Banks are slow generally, but can suddenly be fast when forced to when financially triggered. Source: I work at one.
  2. I think 10+ years is just a random pick, but could very well be right. I think we'll have some speculative bubbles in the entire crypto market (including XRP) before utility bubbles and non-utility deaths.
  3. Welcome! Some valid points, some not. Banks indeed are slow adopters, but to say the stay with Swift for 50 years because they don't like change. There simply was no other option. Banks eventually will have to if competition around them can deliver the same services for a lot less. That is if they want to stay involved in international transfers. Eventually they need customers, and customers pick service vs cost.
  4. It took me, coming from scratch, a full cycle to understand what a cycle is and to see parabolic growth always overshoots it's real value. Yet I also believe the following bearmarket can undershoot (is that a word?) an assets value, so the true value should be somewhere in the middle? Ofcourse there should also be assets that should keep undershooting to near zero as value is purely speculation. Like majority of the crypto market.
  5. Your first contributions are quality already (aside perhaps for some contradicting views perhaps, but thats allowed as long as it's quality ;). Welcome!
  6. Well, it did where I am (Holland). Nowadays buying a house with low intrest is way more affordable than renting one. Even with housing prices going up. And perhaps not when going to the outskirts of the country, but I think both our views are determined by the places we live and not a single truth.
  7. Perhaps he/she allready quietly returned. Shall we guess which user is Hodor? I say Tiffany... Or Bob Way... Or Joel Katz... Or NikB… or Ringer2... or...
  8. It is nice to see that at 'Most Relevant for wholesale CBDC' we are preceded bij SWIFT GPI and JPM coin. Two technologies that are... limited.
  9. Christine Lagarde has begun her rein at the European Central Bank (ECB) with a promise not to be a hawk, nor a dove, but an owl, “associated with a little bit of wisdom” https://www.cityam.com/ecb-keeps-rates-on-hold-at-christine-lagardes-first-policy-meeting/
  10. Isn't a CBDC just a digitization of the money that, actually allready is digital in Central banks? My bank contains nothing more then numbers… Those numbers decrease when I pay with my card or I pull FIAT out of a wall. Countries and continents still want to exchange those currencies without having to hold the other countries currency/CBDC. So imo they are preparing the financial landscape for better interconnection to the XRPL and be able to temporarily use the ODL pool for exchanging CBDC's with eachother. Yet, I know jacksh*t about their intentions.
  11. Agreed, as the point I'm trying to make is it will not be about the news. People will buy in when something goes up (usually the wrong moment), and the ones kickstarting it with bot adjustments and some big buy orders will pick some random 'big' news as the starting point for that. Read all the crypto sites, they always come up with a reason why BTC went up/down or pumps/dumps. Most of the times the reason is bullsh*t, this market simply responds to big buy/sell orders.
  12. Hi Phi. I was curious if the data is telling you something more allready? Both volatility and volume seems to be catching up, is the market waking up?
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