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  1. Not really, the actual selling started an hour ago. So you we're a little early, but right. Really wonder what this implies. Apparantly Jed is allowed to sell unregistered securies.
  2. Yeah, the entire top10 dropped because Jed started selling XRP... You're a little too emotional on every single price change lately. A cent up is a pump and 2 percent down a dump in your tradebook.
  3. A couple of hours ago the Tacostand transfered XRP to his GateHub account, and just minutes ago setup new trades in 250k batches for USD. https://bithomp.com/explorer/rLkMJhSVwhmummLjJPVrwQRZZYiYQhVQ1A Anyone an idea what this means?
  4. Ok, so you are with many. All brand new accounts, first names with a random number behind it, shilling the sh!t out of XRP... The SEC thing was exciting, but this makes me want to sell my XRP. (Not really selling, but you guys are fishy)
  5. You are really trying to make everyone else buy XRP aren't you? Every single post you make are dedicated to just that. This is somewhat beyond 'helping' people. It's puzzling, I'm really starting to wonder what your aim is here. You write like you work for an Asian (Korea, Japan?) whale trying to offload/derisk his bags and making sure everybody else are buying them. /PS: I'm still bullish about XRP (or crypto in general, throw a dart), even without Jack21 his help.
  6. Brand new accounts telling us to jump in XRP in and help to pump this stuff in just about every thread. Sounds legit... Anyhow, XRP currently has by far the most upward potential if it goes. It's just that sword of damocles above it's head ready to chop it off any minute. Although I'm convinced it will be over rather sooner than later.
  7. Just make sure premined assets and it's ways of distribution have their regulatory clarity prior to stopping PoW and tether.
  8. Yes. Although Ripple did send him a new batch of 478mln XRP, probably automated system. https://bithomp.com/explorer/tacostand
  9. But exiting where too? Every sell is someone elses buy right, which has to be held in a wallet. Be it the exchange's or personal cold wallet. I don't get how all the charts can drop at the same time... Any math wizard that can explain the logic?
  10. Did the crown break before the SEC news came out or after? It's easy to draw a broken crown (in windows Paint) after you heared the news...
  11. It's impressive how nobody on this forum is a lawyer but everybody seems to be a judge... Except for the couple of lawyers we've got on this forum ofcourse If it's all a fraud, it was a well played one indeed with many huge stakeholders around the globe falling for (or participating in) it. Courts will decide and tell us the story, if it gets there.
  12. I'm not into US laws... but why? Does signing it give any perks? Ripple, Brad and Chris really wanted to go to court? So they signed a document prior telling the SEC 'come and get us' and the option gets lifted by the SEC 3 days before it would expire and 1 day before Clayton resigns? Did they all attend the same dramaschool?
  13. The fact that Stellar and some other coins went up simultaneously suggests it was a coordinated bot/algo rise in a specific segment of the market. Or simply a long overdue time to correct upwards after long suppression. Not purely Ripple buying XRP imo.
  14. Ahh relax, I meant it that it's good to also see you during possible bullmarkets. And the IPO part was also serious. Ripple has been awfully quiet lately which could indicate the 'quiet' moment required legally before being able to IPO. As they stated they wanted to do. But Arrington can also be somewhat of a troll or indeed refering to Polkadot. He's not XRP focused only.
  15. The bullrun in 2017 took 8 and 4 weeks of massive ups and down on hourly basis. If you would have kept track of that and let it get to you emotionally you would've became an alcoholic... Which is great by the way! I would let go of the PC for a while, go to work and come back.
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