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  1. Why? When we hit a new ath, everyone is up (who hadn't sold)
  2. i don't have a prediction. the whole crypto market is unpredictable, imho.
  3. another great read, hodor. good research instead of speculating. in german news you can read alot about bitcoins carbon footprint using more electricity than small countrys.
  4. you are right, the tokens are always stored in the blockchain. the hardware wallets store your ripple-adress and your key and have programms to send your token from your adress to another (for example to an exchange). sorry, can't tell the difference between the hardware wallets.
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    Hello Everybody

    Thanks @Chewiecoin
  6. Tobi

    Hello Everybody

    Thank you all for the nice welcome @LilBender am Akzent erkannt? @RubMyXRPs my green Dream
  7. Tobi

    Hello Everybody

    Hello Everybody. First: I'm not a native speaker. Sorry for my bad english. i purchased my first xrp last year in august, so i'm pretty happy with my investement. Last years bull run was a lot of fun and i hope we can repeat it soon. To be honest: The reason i registered here is because someday i want to be in the zerpening club. i read all the zerpening thrads before it went to a closed club and it was a lot of fun. And i miss the green zombie girl : )
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