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    I wonder how much they scammed?
  2. I think there will be a pump when BAKKT starts but it will not be sustained and the price will retreat again. As to what those prices will be ????
  3. I can relate to this, I like that I hold and control my wallet.
  4. even if they could - would they?
  5. it didn't seem like the door is completely closed on working with Ripple
  6. So much good news over the last two quarters - i hope so
  7. I think there are too many competing agendas across all the countries of the world for one currency. Someone will always think that it is not in their best interest and oppose the adoption. IMO It may happen in the future, but not any time soon
  8. must be the day for it!
  9. @P3T3RIS thanks man - congrats on XRP United as well
  10. newbie here as well starting my journey to 25 posts
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