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  1. What would be best to hold if we had a Dollar Collapse say in 2021 Ripple Stock or XRP ??
  2. Got rekt , lost all profit from last week 11k XRP , how the fcuk are you supposed to trade this market when whales can manipulate it and crush you. BTC is a cancer to the crypto market , Elite bankers coin = BTC LOL
  3. Market is so ******* rigged , i'm surprised there is anyone left
  4. Bitcoin maxis whales controlling the price of XRP for years is really fcuking ******* me off , they will do anything and everything to destroy the XRP price.
  5. Go watch BITMEX FAST MONEY TRADER on youtube and you might learn something , he makes a killing leverage trading.
  6. I am trading leverage 10x , XRP has clear direction to the up side , easy way to get a huge bag of XRP
  7. My long is killing it LOL up 85% at 10x , holding this position for a least 4 weeks Price will be driven by utility now not hype like before
  8. I held and got rekt through 2017, 2018 , 2019 because I never sold any of my altcoins , Like when BAT was 49c I had over $50k and end up dumping my bag at 18c LOL
  9. I think something big is coming for XRP , just going with my gut , leverage trading is the only way I can add to my stack as I don't have any more fiat
  10. I double up with profits , 10x long , buy price 26.81 liq price 0.245 , I don't see XRP ever going below 25c again , Bitcoin already had its massive crash
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