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  1. The Ripple platform, which manages one of the highest-valued tokens in the market, XRP, now opens an office in Brazil to spread around Latin America from there https://u.today/ripple-sets-up-branch-in-brazil-plans-to-continue-with-its-latin-america-rollout
  2. Ripple and its XRP token are starting to permeate the thoughts and conversations in the European Parliament, which could spell legitimization for cryptocurrencies. https://u.today/ripple-xrp-price-prediction-european-parliaments-interest-in-ripple-can-legitimize-cryptocurrency
  3. https://u.today/xrpusd-ripple-price-prediction-2019-will-ripple-grow-by-2000-its-possible-in-one-case
  4. Just a year ago, Bitcoin was considered to be the sole king of cryptocurrencies: its enormous market cap and overwhelming price attracted investors. However, in 2018, it wasn’t the most desirable piece of cake: tables turned in favor of revolutionary altcoins with advanced blockchains behind them. Ripple has slowly but steadily turned into Bitcoin’s main competitor: it breathes down its neck and is predicted to cast Bitcoin from the throne. How do Ripple and Bitcoin differ, and which cryptocurrency would be a better investment? https://u.today/bitcoin-vs-ripple-the-ultimate-comparison
  5. Ripple, and its token, XRP, have faced a constant barrage of criticism relating to their decentralization of the token over the years. Many cryptocurrency purists have criticised their inner workings with Ripple, the company, clearly in charge of the XRP token and its distribution. https://u.today/despite-the-criticism-ripple-arguably-more-decentralised-than-bitcoin
  6. The Middle East, despite the strife and conflict, has grown to be a place of vast wealth with the likes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi shining bright in that region as places of immense wealth. This region, along with North Africa, known as the MENA region, is thus a very important place, especially for Ripple. https://u.today/ripple-focusing-on-where-the-money-is-the-mena-region
  7. This article is a review of our Ripple price prediction 2018. We will mention several opinions on Ripple price prediction 2019. Will the Ripple price rise of fall in 2019? Results of 2018 are interesting as they indicate that 2018 was a very tough year for the cryptocurrency market, and Ripple was no exception as it declined significantly during all year 2018. https://u.today/ripple-price-prediction-2019-xrp-might-reach-120-by-the-end-of-2019
  8. CCXCanada follows the lead of other cryptocurrency exchanges by planning to list XRP-based trading pairs https://u.today/ccxcanada-hints-at-listing-xrp-as-base-currency
  9. For the XRP community, Santa is coming straight from China this year, making a major announcement related to their favorite currency https://u.today/its-official-binance-to-make-xrp-its-base-currency
  10. https://u.today/good-news-keeps-rolling-out-for-ripple-xrp-still-bearish
  11. This article is about the Ripple price prediction for December, including the latest news that will help us make an end year price forecast. What are the key drivers to make a Ripple price prediction today based on both technical analysis and the latest business, financial, and trading news? Ripple Price Prediction for December: Now Listed on KuCoin Positive News
  12. https://u.today/nearly-1-billion-worth-of-ripples-xrp-changes-hands
  13. https://u.today/ripple-won-back-21-and-returned-to-2nd-place-in-top-capitalization-charts
  14. https://u.today/does-ripple-have-potential-to-overtake-swift
  15. https://u.today/ripple-enters-the-chinese-market
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