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  1. Ripple has flooded the market with XRP but has not got the number of customers that they should have at this point. Over supplied and not enough demand, results in non performing price.
  2. It works fine when I put it in my browser.
  3. NO way Ripple would buy Money Gram. Tomorrow CryptoHawk will tweet that Ripple bought the Federal Reserve.
  4. Wonder what it will be postponed to come July.
  5. Hoping to wake up tomorrow to an announcement that trading is live.
  6. Japan is very pro XRP. If SPI does indeed go live at the end of March like they say it will, that will help break away from BTC.
  7. Question for a lawyer, way out of my ability to answer. I just saw a crypto video on YouTube the other day talking about that bill.
  8. 7356 is probably one we should be also just as interested in. That one if passed will give cryptos a new classification on their own. Different than that of a security. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/7356?fbclid=IwAR0fs7yBg4UIgRy3Eo8P6zzzor7v5famZsKjwoPE-daZpYNt6eb3lpEcAfE
  9. Good news came out yesterday with the R3 and Swift partnership, we all got excited so the day traders used that as a time to do a 14% pump and dump. 24 hours later right back at the 30 cent range and probably about to fall into the upper 20s. I will admit that article about all of ripples partners been scams, was a bit unnerving to me . I have been around this firm for a long time and was a serious believer in Ripple, but admit that I am starting to have doubts about their future.
  10. People getting flustered with good progress from Ripple, but XRP price now showing it.
  11. The lack of heavy volume is a little concerning to me. XRP normally hovers in the 400 million range. I can understand BTC beating it on volume, but why ETH and especially why EOS. No other currency has the good news and corporate adoption that Ripple has, so is a little baffling why more volume is not there, unless the people that are buying are all just holding, not trading like they are with the others.
  12. We have been hearing SBI going live for like 3 years now, not sure if it will ever happen.
  13. Obviously not relevant if you do not use an overseas wallet.
  14. So just curious, who all filed and FBAR if you held crypto assets overseas. I owned XRP on Gatehub and in 2017 as everyone knows it went really high. I had bought before the rise, so did very well. My account had me fill out and Fbar, declaring my overseas assets, when I finished up my 2017 taxes a couple weeks ago. I did not pay that much because I had not sold much before Jan 1 2018. Was a little upset at that though, at having to inform Uncle Sam about my assets when they have not been sold. Not upset at my account, just the general notion of having to do it. I read up on this over t
  15. One additional thought to consider though is the dollar tokens will always lose real world value because over time the actual dollar will lose value as more and more inflation occurs.
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