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  1. Government takes forever to do anything. They will vote to establish a committee to look into it over the next year or so, then screw around for another year trying to decide on what regulations to pass and what not to pass.
  2. Greeny

    Privacy Coins starting to be delisted

    Yea, but as someone that has invested in other coins, granted 90% of my portfolio is XRP, I do own DASH and Monero, and hate to see them hurt.
  3. Greeny

    What would you buy with a million dollars?

    Methinks that might be a bit more than a million.
  4. Greeny

    What would you buy with a million dollars?

    Housing, get about 3 mid size houses for a million bucks, then generate about $6k a month income, no longer a need to work, and still enough to take a decent vacation every few months or so.
  5. Greeny

    Anybody changed there mind?

    As I said in an earlier post I made today, I have not changed mind about long term value of XRP, but no longer think that 2018 is the year of $5.00 like many believe.
  6. I have been here for a long time, and witnessed a large spike at the end of 2014 with great expectations, then it sat idol for 2 years, before the 2017 boom. Which is why I think that may happen again.
  7. I see article after article saying that 2018 will be another 2017 for cryptos, XRP to hit 5-10 dollars, BTC to hit 50k, ETH to hit 15k. All by end of year. As we near the halfway point, we should be much higher for those numbers to have any chance of coming true. Do not get me wrong, I believe in the future of crypto, just not in 2018. Thoughts.
  8. Greeny

    Anybody changed there mind?

    I found the guy that bought at $3.00.
  9. Financial incentives for startups to use Zerps, I like it.
  10. Seeing some articles saying that tax day could be a turning point for the crypto market. If I remember, Ripple had its first nice rise of 2017 around late April. No guarantees that it will happen, but the article says people are having to sell the Cryptos to pay the taxes on it, if so, could be a reason for the overall dip accross the market.....thoughts? http://www.businessinsider.com/bitcoin-selling-pressure-could-lift-after-tax-day-2018-4
  11. Greeny

    US people.. have to report $$ to FinCEN

    Wanted to ask, even if you use and exchange/wallet that is served overseas, since XRP are actually stored on the Ripple ledger, could one use that as an excuse to not file and FBAR, vs if you had BTC or ETH or other cryptos in an overseas account.
  12. Thanks, will get a safety deposit box once I get everything migrated.
  13. Thanks, got it from Amazon, will check for that when it arrives.
  14. Not really sure they are ready for it. Their customer service is so backed up now, do not think they can handle more customers at the time.
  15. Greeny

    Why Google Pay needs Ripple (XRP)?

    Would be nice, if successful, may spark Apple and Samsung pay to do similar things with Ripple. Same as Western Union and Money Gram.