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  1. Greeny

    Going Live On CoinField Has Had a Huge Impact XRP

    We have been hearing SBI going live for like 3 years now, not sure if it will ever happen.
  2. Greeny

    Crypto and FBARS

    Obviously not relevant if you do not use an overseas wallet.
  3. Greeny

    Crypto and FBARS

    So just curious, who all filed and FBAR if you held crypto assets overseas. I owned XRP on Gatehub and in 2017 as everyone knows it went really high. I had bought before the rise, so did very well. My account had me fill out and Fbar, declaring my overseas assets, when I finished up my 2017 taxes a couple weeks ago. I did not pay that much because I had not sold much before Jan 1 2018. Was a little upset at that though, at having to inform Uncle Sam about my assets when they have not been sold. Not upset at my account, just the general notion of having to do it. I read up on this over the past week, and there seems to be a split decision as to if it is required. Most accounts and lawyers, say best to do it just in case, but some articles say the IRS has not officially declared if it is necessary, and a few years back actually said it was not necessary. Just curious who all complied with that.
  4. One additional thought to consider though is the dollar tokens will always lose real world value because over time the actual dollar will lose value as more and more inflation occurs.
  5. So I have been following Ripple for a long time, and have had times of doubt, but still believed in it because it was the best and fastest crypto. Was never afraid of the competitors like Stellar, Waves, etc. However, something that does now concern me is the newer US Dollar based Cryptos. I never gave a damn about Tether because I think, like many others, that it is a scam and they do not actually have the amount of US Dollars to back up its supply of USDT. However more legit sites are now creating their own Dollar based token. Gemini has one, or is making on. Circle/Poloniex has one I think, and had heard somewhere that JP Morgan was in the works. Not positive about that last one. Anyways, if any of them have the same speed capabilities as XRP, would not a financial institution prefer one of those tokes, to XRP. Advantage is you cannot lose money, as it will not go down. Disadvantage is you cannot make money on gained value of token as it will never go up. But they will still make their money as they always have, by charging transfer fees. It may be considered by some to be the safer bet, other than the fact that it does not work with RippleNet.
  6. kind of doubt it would be allowed, a country government probably would not endorse it, would want to make their fiat currency the official currency of the olympics.....then again, it is in Japan, if there is any chance, that would be the only place.
  7. Got excited for a few minutes, when it came across my Facebook feed.
  8. What nice is that the 24 hour volume is increasing as the price increases, going from 200 million earlier in the week to almost 700 million right now. As long as the volume is increasing, price should also.
  9. The latter part of the year, when it went from 30 cents to 3.00 it was. The beginning of the year, when it went from like .005 to .40, that came a few days after the announcement of 40 banks in Japan.
  10. The more banks coming on board the better. The 2017 Rise started shortly after the beginning of SBI was announced, when they said 40 banks have joined Ripple.
  11. https://medium.com/gemini/gemini-launches-the-gemini-dollar-62787f963fb4 Gemini is making a new token to be equal to the dollar. Wondering how this will effect the Crypto world in general. They seem to be trying to make a Dollar token that is more trustworthy than Tether is. Will this bring more users into Cryptocurrency? Hoping so. Thoughts??
  12. Greeny

    Ripple and R3 Reach Settlement

    I guess if R3 is now holding a vast amount of XRP and are in financial trouble as some have said, then it is in their best interest to make the value go up if they can.
  13. Greeny

    SEC Declines BTC ETF Proshares

    So is there still somethign happening end of Sept like we have been hearing, or was this it??
  14. Greeny

    XRP: time for some hard decisions

    Buy property, turn it over to a leasing agency, sit back and live off the rent you take in.
  15. Greeny

    Why doesn't Ripple build their own exchange.

    They used to have Ripple Trade, shut it down in 2015 or so. Probably help with the decentralization mythos.