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  1. Greeny

    Swell is Here

    Last year anticipation of announcements at Swell pumped the price the week before the actual conference, then the price fell when people began to realize that there were no major announcements coming. The Bill Gates foundation was a decent announcement, but not what people were expecting.
  2. Anyone know what the legal status is of winning one of the securities cases. If there are 3 cases, A, B, and C all claiming XRP is a security. Assume Ripple wins case A, does that mean that since a court has already ruled in that matter, that the other two are automatically losses, or do they still have to try each one. Also how does it effect the cases when the SEC makes a decision one way or another? Or for that matter, does a Federal court ruling one way or another effect what the SEC can do?
  3. Really, if coinbase does not want to list XRP, that is their business, but really, they list 0X and BAT, two different low lying **** coins, that nobody has ever heard of. 10 to 1 odds, that the powers that be at Coinbase stocked up early on those two. Will make a huge profit off them and cash out. Coinbase is basically a joke at this point.
  4. P2P will still probably need a 3rd party intermediary. Whether that be a fortune 500 company or a 2 dollar I Pad app, remains to be determined.
  5. They wont have any choice. If they do not, then 3rd party entities like Flash FX and such will continue to spring up and take money away from banks, by offering a service that the corporate world will want, at a far cheaper rate than the banks.
  6. I have stated on here before that 2018 has been a disaster for Crypto world, and XRP has been no exception. One thing that keeps me believing in XRP for long term growth, although it probably no be 2018, is that XRP really should never have got above 75 cents. The quick rise from 75 cents to 3.5 dollars was all based on coinbase and amazon rumors. Both turned out to not be true, at least not yet. XRP has fallen to below 50 cents as I write this, but that should really only be about a 25 cent drop, not a 3.00 drop, as many choose to look at it as. I think that if 75 cents were its ath, we will currently still be at 49 cents, not lower. Compare that to BTC's 14000 dollar loss, and XRP has faired fairly well by comparison. Again, I do not think 2018 is the year of lambos that I thougth it would be 6 months ago, but I still believe 2019-2020 could be.
  7. Thing that gets me is that an announcement of CB would give a short term gain, but not going to skyrocket us back to 3.00. CB already list BTC, ETH, BTC, etc. Those coins have all fallen in 2018 also. I do not think that CB is a guaranteed profits.
  8. Oh, she did use LocalBitcoins.com. Guess I should read the article in full. Anyway, still a BS case.
  9. so how is this different than anyone who sells/buys off localbitcoins.com, other than the fact that she make 300k, when the rest probably make 3k or something. Poor woman, not really doing anything wrong, but Uncle Sam does not like it when people make money.
  10. Im almost at the point of not wanting Coinbase. When they are stupid enough to choose Ethereum Classic over XRP, I lose coinfidence in them. Also with the current bear market, do not think it would be a long lasting gain, would gain 10 cents or so, then begin to fall again.
  11. The only person that ever listened to me on xrp bought in at around 80 cents, so hating himself now.
  12. Not going to talk exact amounts, but I am not currently worried about money. However I only cashed out a small portion of it at the end of 2017. I was waiting for the tax lawyer I hired to get things in order for me and while he screwed around trying to figure out the difference between XRP and his ass, the price dropped.
  13. I did back in its early days at $0.004. How much they regret not listing to me now. I do not however recommend it to anyone at current prices. Even though I still think it will see $5 one day, but probably not this year.
  14. Greeny

    This from Western Union CEO

    Dont think it is saying xrapid is ready or not ready, just saying they are still testing to ensure it is ready and that their systems integrate correctly with it. That will happen anywhere with any bank or company.
  15. Probably why they tried to claim false ownership of so many zerps.