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  1. I have never used a mobile wallet because of security concerns (although John McAfee suggested in one of his talks that unrooted phones are actually pretty safe) however if I knew that no payment could be authorised without me waving a card, which I keep in my other pocket, in front of the device I would be tempted to use one and keep more than just dust on it. In many parts of the world phones are now ubiquitous whereas computers are not. A pin protected mobile wallet is probably enough for most people. However there is a tiny chance that a hacker will find a way to remotely root your phone and then install malware that allows them to steal your funds.
  2. Recently a partnership has formed between Ledger Wallet and Intel. This will allow secure transactions to be made using Intel chips without a requirement for a separate piece of hardware. https://news.bitcoin.com/ledger-wallet-partners-tech-giant-intel/ "Private keys will be automatically generated and all cryptocurrency transactions will be signed within the Intel SGX secure enclaveā€¯ The SGX extension is pre-built into Intel Processors already and so this feature will be available to some users through a software download. Another interesting development was announced by Status recently: https://hacked.com/status-ethereum-browser-announces-hardware-wallet-new-coo-from-google-1m-bounty-fund/ They have created a wireless hardware wallet for mobile phone users that works by NFC.
  3. I'm not sure that people throwing lots of money at projects being built on Ethereum should make anyone believe more in Ripple. I assume that your argument is that major bugs will be found in Ethereum that will lead to funds being lost, which in turn would cause investors to move their funds into Ripple. However Ethereum is a platform for running smart contracts whereas Ripple is positioning XRP primarily as a bridge currency for cross border payments. They are not in direct competition. If Ethereum does run into insurmountable problems, which appears increasingly unlikely, it will be replaced by another platform for building decentralised applications. That said, Ripple has an excellent security record and this makes it a compelling choice for institutional investment.
  4. As things stand today my ETH stack is worth more than my XRP. Go easy on me. 48% ETH 44% XRP 4.4% MLN 1.4% REP 1.2% ICN 0.5% KMD 0.3% BTC 0.2% ZEC Also Cosmos and Dfinity - not yet distributed.
  5. I'm guessing that the 4bn is destined to be split between a number of partners, probably as part of a deal that has been in the works for some time. With this in mind I would expect the XRP price was locked in some time ago.
  6. 4bn is massive. More likely to be distributed amongst R3 bank members after successfully completing their trial using XRP for cross border payments. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-and-r3-team-up-with-12-banks-to-trial-xrp-for-cross-border-payments/ Pure speculation of course.
  7. Do I sense a little sarcasm in the tone of your response? If you think my determination of the position of letters within the alphabet was wrong just come out and say it. I am aware that my calculation for the number of hours since SWIFT was formed was a rough estimate that only took the year and not the exact date of into account, however I considered the difference to be small enough that it would not have a significant effect on my final calculation. I don't think any reasonable person would look at my $76MM answer and question my methods.
  8. I do find it a little strange that Ripple hasn't yet managed to get accurate Coincheck XRP volume data. Coincheck BTC/JPY data is listed on CMC. XRP data was listed briefly (weeks ago) before it was reported that there was a problem and it was removed. Korbit data has never been listed (but again exists for BTC/KRW). Over at r/Ethtrader one of the knobbliest sticks with which to beat XRP states that the recent XRP rise is a well coordinated Polo pump and dump. The evidence being that Polo BTC/USDt is by far the largest market and everything else follows. Correcting these volume figures would save Ripple from any more bruising. It should be a priority.
  9. Being as there are 100,000,000,000 XRP: SWIFT/100,000,000,000 = XRP But how much is a SWIFT worth? I calculated this by working out the position of all the letters in the alphabet and multiplying them together like so: S = 19 W = 23 I = 9 F = 6 T = 20 19 x 23 x 9 x 6 x 20 = 471960 USD 471960/100,000,000,000 = 0.00000471960 USD To me this number did not look high enough and so I decided to multiply it by the number of hours that SWIFT has been in existence. SWIFT was formed in 1973, which is 43 years ago: 24 x 43 x 365 = 16197240 So, 16197240 (471960/100,000,000,000) = 76.44 USD This aligns well with my expectations and so it follows that my maths is probably correct.
  10. Thanks to @Eik for alerting me to the possibility of using a temporary passphrase to setup a second Ripple wallet on my Nano S. The temporary passphrase is a password that gives you access to a whole new set of wallets on your Nano S. I'm not sure that 'temporary passphrase' is the best description because, to people as paranoid as myself, it gives the impression that the password will expire leaving you unable to access your accounts. The word 'temporary' is used because after the nano is disconnected, and then reconnected, the Nano will default back to your standard account such that you have to re-enter your passphrase to regain access to your second set of accounts. The passphrase only gives you access to the alternative accounts during a session in which you enter it, and is therefore temporary. It would perhaps be better described 'Alternative Account Passphrase'. I thought I would mention this to provide clarity to anyone else looking to use a similar setup.
  11. So they got back to me about multiple address support: I will set mine up with a temporary passphrase for accessing my second address.
  12. I do have two! ...but they are clones. I could get a third, however I'd prefer to keep things simple. Being as multiple account support is available for Bitcoin it would be nice if it were available for Ripple too. Ethereum only has support for one account using the Ledger Ethereum app, however you can use it in conjunction with MyEtherWallet for multi account support.
  13. I'm a little disappointed to find that the Ripple app only has support for one account at present. I have my XRP stored in 2 separate accounts (bought at different price levels). I keep them separate because if I ever wish to sell any it gives me the option to sell the batch that was bought at the higher price first. This minimises any capital gains tax that I might have to pay. Pooling together XRP means you have to calculate the average purchase price and use this as your cost basis for CGT calculations. ...at least this is my understanding of how things work in the UK. I've sent Ledger an email to see if multi-account support is on the way. Edit: Still great to see that XRP is being supported. The cost basis for my two batches of XRP was not that different, and so I'll probably lump them together anyway.
  14. It was reduced to 20% this year, barring residential property https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/rates-and-allowances-capital-gains-tax/capital-gains-tax-rates-and-annual-tax-free-allowances
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