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  1. So a guy who was admittedly anti Ripple before even starting his 1 day of research is teaming up with Peter Todd to present his findings on a show he calls CryptoScam. No chance of any confirmation bias there then.
  2. Don't get me wrong ...I think Iconomi is great ...I invested. However, Iconomi only uses Ethereum for paying out dividends. At the present time this is a good idea because after the DAO fiasco everyone realised that wrapping up too much funds in smart contracts is not all that, uh, smart. Melonport will be built entirely of smart contracts. For this reason their product is going to take a lot longer to develop. They are not expecting any sort of product to be ready for at least 2 years. However, if it is done right it should be awesome.
  3. If anyone is interested Melonport are running a pre ICO sale here: https://www.bitcoinsuisse.ch/melon-project-contribution/ ICO's for good Ethereum projects tend to sell out within 10 minutes and so most projects now tend to give those who have been following the projects closely a way of investing before the masses get their turn. The ICO is planned for 15th Feb, however you can contact BitcoinSuisse beforehand, fill in a registration pack (which includes handing over ID) and then deposit bitcoin/ether once you have been verified. BitcoinSuisse have been guaranteed 125,000 Melon tokens, most of which have been snapped up over the past few days, however a further 375,000 tokens will be available during the ICO, and if you have already made a deposit with BitcoinSuisse they will do their very best to make a purchase on your behalf on the 15th. These guys know what they are doing and so by doing this you give yourself a much better opportunity of securing Melon tokens than waiting until 15th Feb and frantically hitting send at the same time as everyone else. Melonport is a sort of Iconomi 2.0. They have a strong team and have been getting good press. Do your due diligence. https://melonport.com/
  4. New Info in the report: XRP was sold at near market value. Market maker incentive scheme has moved from RCL onto private ledgers. Ripple will start lending XRP. I presume Miguel is talking about the XRP lending, however I thought this had already been mentioned someplace else...
  5. I'm not sure how in the 'market commentary' section the author of this report failed to mention the large depreciation of XRP in the final quarter. Everyone here knows that this was an adjustment after a Polo driven pump to nearly 1 cent on the back of Ripple's Global Payments Steering Group announcement ...however I would have liked to hear the official opinion rather than a discussion of the reaction of Monero and Litecoin to Trump's election victory.
  6. Those who make it to the end will be rewarded with some top tips.
  7. Ripple is very well funded even without taking XRP sales into consideration. They have suggested that they will be holding 50B XRP in 2021, which would mean selling/distributing 2 to 3 hundred million every month. At current XRP value this will raise around 1.6m USD for Ripple and Ripple related projects every month. Recently they have been distributing significantly more than their average run rate, without having too serious an effect on XRP price. This is a bullish indicator. It could mean partners are rapidly being onboarded. It could also mean that Ripple will distribute less XRP in the run up to 2021 in order to stick to their target of 50B. This indicates that they are anticipating a rise in the value of XRP such that they will need to sell less to fund operations as we get closer to 2021. There is no freeze on the 50B. Ripple's statement about holding 50B XRP in 2021 is 'indicative and discretionary'.
  8. That makes 3 of us. I'm convinced that this crypto thing has only just gotten started. I've got one leg in the XRP boat and the other in the ETH boat and I'm now just waiting for the crypto tide to rise. Both discovered real use-cases and are are far ahead of their closest rivals. Both have marketcaps far below that of BTC and so have plenty of room for growth. Don't get me wrong, I'm kicking myself for not selling my ETH two months ago so that I could buy back in now. However I've always been playing the long game. zkSnarks is big for ETH. Bitcoin maximalists have long whined that ETH isn't meant to be a currency, however zkSnarks make it a better one than BTC. That doesn't mean I'm down on BTC. I think as the first crypto it will continue to fulfil its niche as a digital store of value.
  9. Wrong way round. GCB is making everyone rich just as advertised. In Glorious Coin we trust.
  10. Actually, it looks like Ripple wasn't involved: http://www.econotimes.com/Emirates-NBD-and-ICICI-Bank-partner-to-announce-pilot-blockchain-network-for-banking-345093
  11. Aha I see that shekenahglory mentioned that charts are ranked algorithmically in the other thread.
  12. I deleted my my cache/cookies and don't see GCB in the list, but I do still see GCB/CNY as one of the charts on the RippleCharts home page. I was always under the impression that these charts were selected manually rather than algorithmically...
  13. Oh you mean R9Coin gateway! http://r9.gloriouspay.com/ I highly recommend it for trading JUD against ZDK: https://charts.ripple.com/#/markets/JUD:r9qouqdcygAWyoFGPxwMN3LoJkpHJHoCBd/ZDK:r9qouqdcygAWyoFGPxwMN3LoJkpHJHoCBd?interval=1h&range=3m&type=line
  14. Well these were the IRBA requirements if anyone wants to go about maintaining a list of compliant gateways: The IRBA requires that its member gateways publish public disclosures including the following: 1. Corporate address and business registration number 2. Email and phone contact details 3. Names of all officers 4. Know Your Customer requirements for the gateway’s jurisdiction(s) 5. Deposit, withdrawal and transfer fees 6. Declaration that the gateway is in compliance with existing local regulations and laws IRBA also recommends that gateways follow these best practices: 1. Provide banking partner details (private but verified) 2. Site protected with a valid SSL certificate 3. Segregated accounts for customer deposits and frequent balance updates for all assets in custody (fiat, crypto, metals, etc.) 4. Customer service that is responsive within 24 hours
  15. There used to something called the International Ripple Business Association, IRBA. Certain best practices and disclosure standards had to be met in order to become a member. However, since the IRBA was established it became clear to Ripple that they were going to get better traction by going after the banks rather than trying to grow an ecosystem of independent gateways. As a result the IRBA disbanded. You can read more about the IRBA here: https://ripple.com/insights/international-ripple-business-association-relaunches/