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  1. Evidence collected by "triggering XRP people" - does that even count as evidence? Not sure what kind of law school he's attending.
  2. I believe this can go well with the Transaction statistics widget at the bottom. The widget can link to an advanced view on a separate page and show ledger transaction volume on a time series chart. Thank you, this is a great tip! I should be able to select these data points, including Destroyed XRP and Payment Channel activity, and draw them on the time series charts. Thanks for the feedback, these are great suggestions. Thank you for your encouragement all along, Hodor! With the huge uptake Coil has seen in the recent months, our plan is to monetize it via Coil after the service stabilizes. At the moment there's no monetization because we want to finish the full version roadmap and improve the stability of the service (A large portion of making this service stable involves moving away from Ripple Data APIs, which is a huge bottleneck, and leveraging the services provided by our rippled instance). A big thank you to everyone for sharing your feedback. We really appreciate it.
  3. Summary The XRPSCAN Project is now available for beta testing. XRPSCAN is an explorer for the Ripple ledger that aims to provide you with an easy to use account and transaction explorer. URL: https://xrpscan.com If you've transacted in other leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you may have undoubtedly used their Blockchain explorers to look up the status of your transactions and check your account balance. You may also have felt the need for a Ledger explorer for Ripple that provides similar levels of ease of use and granularity of information. The XRPSCAN project aims to bridge that gap and provide you with a clean and simple way to look up your accounts and transactions. While on the homepage, you can track the ledger close events in real time and watch the diminishing XRP supply. Ledgers The ledger page tells you about all the transactions that were included in the given ledger. We support all transaction types that are supported by the XRP Ledger. Accounts Accounts page tells you at a glance about the current state and balance available. It also contains detailed information about Payments made, Currency balances, Orders, Trustlines, Account settings, Activated accounts and the Transactions this account was involved in. XRP is treated like every other currency issued by the counterparties and is displayed seamlessly without treating it as a special snowflake. Validators The validator registry lists all validator nodes and displays their verified domain names, UNL status, ledger chain and agreement rates. Search Ledger objects like Accounts, Ledgers, Transaction hashes and Validators are searchable from the search box at the top. The objects are directly addressable from the URL too, so you may simply use the address bar to look up: Ledger - https://xrpscan.com/ledger/[ledger-number] Account - https://xrpscan.com/account/[account] Transaction - https://xrpscan.com/tx/[tx-hash] Validator - https://xrpscan.com/validator/[node-public-key] Closing notes We hope you find this project useful and use it in your daily interaction with XRP. There are several items that we're working on to make XRPSCAN more useful and accessible for you. We'll continuously roll out these changes as and when they are complete. We run a verified Ripple validator, are committed to the success of XRP and absolutely ❤ the #xrpcommunity. We hope you give us a try and spread the word. Feedback XRPSCAN is in beta testing. Should you find a bug, please report it here: https://github.com/xrpscan/xrpscan.com/issues Follow us: We're active on Twitter, give us a follow: @xrpscan
  4. xrpscan

    XRP Validator Registry Broken

    Hi Sukrim, we had implemented and announced the availability of new validator pages just a week after Ripple announced changes in their data API, back in 23rd October 😁.
  5. xrpscan

    XRP Validator Registry Broken

    Shameless plug: you may also want to bookmark alternate validator registries, such as ours - https://xrpscan.com/validators
  6. XRPSCAN is a Ledger and Account explorer for Ripple.
  7. xrpscan

    Ripple Names API

    Hi @mDuo13, will the webfinger based api have data from the older api?