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  1. I know this has been discussed before but what are the price implications (guesses) if the IMF were to start using XRP? Have you guys seen the video going around of Garlinghouse and the IMF guy up on stage? Someone asks if the IMF will use crypto and they both start laughing, followed by the IMF guy saying that he really can't answer that question. I am reading between the lines but their body language and tone says it all.
  2. Had not seen this before thanks. This is pretty much what I was thinking.
  3. Serious questions about XRP future value predictions. I am sure someone at Ripple has run some models that analyze volumes pushed through XRapid correlate in X amount of an increase in price. We do this at work hundreds of times a day for sales and logistics modeling. This cannot be that difficult can it? What am I missing here outside the fact that these predictions would be all hypothetical scenarios? Or could it be that Ripple has performed these exercises internally but its not something they would necessarily care to share with the public. Thoughts?
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