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  1. https://www.coinspeaker.com/binances-trust-wallet-xrp-support/
  2. also Zerpaholic the links I was talking about have been posted on the other thread
  3. The point was actually not to post links to it
  4. it's not just Craig Wright, a lot of activity about this on twitter lately
  5. we all know how xrparmy rumors generally end
  6. it's actually funny to see these big companies mining, https://coingape.com/japanese-conglomerate-sbi-group-now-mines-bitcoin-cash-bch/
  7. this decentralized exchange issue is something even different than the security aspect
  8. also they can ask to go back to superior court, not something ripple want
  9. because they don't make money (apart from covering the foundation expense) https://www.stellar.org/blog/understanding-non-profit-basics/
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