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  1. As a matter of fact, the consolidation phase has already started, we are almost 4 months in. The down phase lasted 13 months, roughly exactly the same duration than the down phase from December 2013 to January 2015. Given the fact we are repeating the pattern of 2013-2015 so far, I don't believe the next bull run will start only in 3 years. I estimate the consolidation phase to end between the summer and the end of the year. To this point an accumulation phase should take place with a steady price growth. It does not even take in account the fact that institutional money will start pouring near summer 2019 as the custodial services should be available.
  2. Do you believe prices will crash like in 2013 and 2017 if the FI's get in before the next speculative bull run ?
  3. If we apply the same multiplier than XRP had during the previous cycle, Bottom: 0.005$ Peak: 3.8$ Multiplier: 760 Then, XRP would reach 228$. On the other hand, if we apply the same multiplier than BTC had during the previous cycle, Bottom: 200$ Peak: 19000$ Multiplier: 95 Then, XRP would reach 28$. These numbers don't take in account the fact XRP is available in 5 times more exchanges, the FI's will be able to invest and many other positive factors. It does not mean I believe those numbers I typed above, it is just food for thought.
  4. Just the opposite of your reasoning actually. It is only if people think we have reached the bottom (so the sentiment becomes more positive) that the media will start talking about Bitcoin again. And I think this is the case.
  5. I am following him as well, he seems knowledgeable in this area. After watching some of his videos I portrayed the pattern of the previous cycle and made a parallel to the one we are in. And so far it looks very good.
  6. The media are waking up slowly as well as the sentiment is getting less negative. There's no rush, we are still 1/3 into the consolidation stage.
  7. The thing is that those banks only signed letters of intent (LOI). It only demonstrates a willingness to do business. Letters of intent do not bind parties because they are only expressed subject to contract. These banks can cancel the LOI.
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