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  1. This phase corresponds exactly to the time window Ripple enabled and stopped [HIGH Value, LOW Volume] payments. I remember Asheesh Birla tweeted they stopped it and we would notice a big drop in ODL, probably because it was not efficient considering the low value of XRP and current infrastructure using ODL. His tweet was on the first days of June, but I cannot find it anymore. I assume he deleted it. So, this and that picture you posed tell me this was not an accumulation, but Ripple's doing. Just like you, I do not pay much attention to XRP chart as I think BTC trends is what matters for now. I calculated the same volatility as you, of around $60,000 in ups and downs for BTC if there is a bull run. There was around 20% of volatility in a day in December 2017 ($4,000 volatility on the 7th Dec 2017 was the highest, about 25% of its price). If BTC manages to get above the 200k at the heart of the bull run (near its end) that would mean a daily volatility topping around the $60k [IF] the price trend follows what it has been doing since 2013. I also think we are "in Fall 2016" in comparison to the last cycle, and the bull run has not (in my opinion) yet started as long as BTC has not breached its previous ATH. If you put BTC cycles on top of each other, they are extremely similar, the same long trends are respected, the ratios and timings are all similar. I am talking about these time frames: November 2013 - November 2016 December 2017 - November 2020 Ever since Spring 2019, when BTC started rising from its bottom I started drawing these parallels and BTC kept following the trends as you can see. From that time I believed BTC would remain below 20k until around EOY 2020 and have a one year progressive uptrend after that. Until today I have not changed my mind about my own expectations with BTC aiming for 200k-400k in late 2021. 2013 ATH: 1100 2015 Bottom: 200 (20% of ATH) 2017 ATH: 20000 Multiplier: x20 Price in November 2017: 700 (63% of past ATH) ______________________________________________________ 2017 ATH: 20000 2019 Bottom: 3000 (15% of ATH) Price in November 2020: 15000 (75% of past ATH)
  2. https://flr.finance/#Home The platform is still being built on the Coston TestNet. The short paper and other documentations will be available later on, as well as the information about their team on their website. Hugo Philion @HugoPhilion (CEO of Flare Network) talked with their team and liked the idea. Below you can see Flare Network tweet regarding Flare Finance: Also Hugo from Flare Network yesterday: Flare Finance target market is XRP (and other crypto) holders seeking to diversify access to financial products that become possible thanks to the Flare Network Once the platform is fully operational, and of course after Flare Network snapshot, XRP holders will be able to benefit from the wide array of solutions developed by Flare Finance. Their products include: Decentralized Swaps and Margin Trading Asset-Backed Loans Yield Farming fUSD Stable Coin Yield Mining Insurance Here the tokens namely: FlareX - Decentralized Margin/Spot and Swaps Exch YieldFin - Dec. Yield Farming Platform FlareMutual - Dec. Flare Insurance Provider FlareLoans - Dec. Asset Backed Loans FlareUSD - Flare Network Stable Currency FlareLink - In-Browser Mining and DApp Browser I am regularly in talks with their founders to find out more about their Dapp. You can contact them in the links below, they are very open to discussion. Flare Network exists to make smart contracts possible between the XRPL and the EVM. But it needs developers to create Dapps on the Coston TestNet, developed specifically by Flare Network, in order to see this new utility through smart contracts. Flare Finance is currently running a giveaway on twitter And as clarification for those who are confused (winners will obtain 100 XRP, which will grant them 100 Spark if held until the 12th December): Some additional general things about Flare Finance: GitHub Twitter Discord Telegram
  3. @Sharkey I am so glad you have not been hacked and had this exchange with the Ledger customer service. I think I have understood, I remember you saying you made sure you were sending 0.5BTC from your Nano to your own exchange address. That was the scary part, as I was picturing there was no way to figure out if we were sending to our own exchange address or to an invisible address behind our visible address. I was having nightmares, yeah I definitely got panic attacks and dug holes in my apartment from all the walking trying to figure this out lol... So if this is inherent to BTC, I assume it is not the same with XRP? I wish we had some sort of a list of different hacks when we send/receive cryptos to nano/exchange, and a basic guideline on how to prevent each one of them, especially after the customer information leak from Ledger last month. Once again, I'm relieved all is well with you, and I respect everyone who participated in the conversation to try and figure out what was happening.
  4. Can anyone explain this to me like I'm 5? I don't understand if it was a hack, how it happened, how to prevent it, what we actually see. If I send funds from a nano to an exchange, I type the address at a turtle pace and read it character by character 5 times, like I'm learning to read letters and numbers. Would that allow me to prevent what happened to @Sharkey ?
  5. It is recorded and should be available later on once uploaded. I do not know where yet.
  6. @Eric123 Bob Loukas latest video, interesting to those who follow this thread This guy makes a video a month and has kind of the same horizon as for the BTC 4 year event (translating into a progressive uptrend in 2019-2021) By the way, I appreciate a lot your daily update, I too firmly believe in this trend, having observed/calculated a lot of parallels between 2013-2017 and 2018-now
  7. Breanne Madigan Webinar A New Economic Order: What is the Post-COVID-19 Financial Paradigm? Thursday June 4th 10 AM EST Registration is free Starting in 30 minutes https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/a-new-economic-order-what-is-the-post-covid-19-financial-paradigm-tickets-107334207504?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&aff=estw&utm-source=tw&utm-term=listing After registering, you can view your ticket and access the page
  8. Liquidity Aggregation Job position and Breanne Madigan's article [Job Position] Staff Software Engineer, Liquidity "Liquidity sourcing and aggregation, [...]" https://ripple.com/company/careers/all-jobs?gh_jid=2006530 "I guess that what Ripple is going to develop by this new job is a solution to get more liquidity by using multiple exchanges for one payment: "Liquidity Aggregation."" [Ripple Insight] Liquidity and Global Markets | 101 Breanne Madigan, 20th April "But even non-ODL partner exchanges like Kraken or Coinbase will contrinute to increased liquidity." https://ripple.com/insights/liquidity-and-global-markets-101/
  9. I disagree From Q2 2019 XRP Market Report, Click on the image to access the document Ripple was referring to. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Below is a comparison by quarter of the XRP sales by Ripple with the XRP/BTC evolution Ripple started significantly selling XRP in Q4 2017 and peaked the sales during the run in Q2 2019. The moment Ripple started to drastically reduce their sales, XRP/BTC remained flat, no matter what BTC was doing. Ever since Ripple was selling XRP, they were reducing its price against USD, but it is easier to realize this effect when you compare XRP to BTC, for a few obvious reasons: BTC leads the market BTC gaining value relatively means alts gaining value If you chose to compare XRP to USD you would not be able to tell whether or not the price was being reduced by Ripple' sales. If BTC was going up, XRP was slightly going up If BTC was staying flat, XRP was slightly moving down If BTC was going down, XRP was significantly moving down RESULTS BTC 18 Dec 2018: 3,160 26 Jun 2019: 14,000 Increase: 443% ETH 18 Dec 2018: 83 26 Jun 2019: 363 Increase: 437% XRP 16 Dec 2018: 0.283 22 Jun 2019: 0.506 Increase: 78%
  10. In principle, market volume cannot be negative. But the calculation of the index sometimes outputs negative values undesirably. It tends to happen if a market is no liquid or very volatile. But those absolute values are negligibly small. So you can think it as near-zero.
  11. https://www.ripple.com/insights/swell-2019-moneygram-ceo-says-10-of-transactions-between-mexico-and-us-use-on-demand-liquidity/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=organic_social
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