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  1. TIL that I hacked your account and posted about github.
  2. This is such a strawman argument. Next thing you know, Unix is not open source because a single person also uploads it to github.
  3. Do you think there is $130b locked in crypto now? The MC is not a reflection of how much money is in the market. It is only a calculation of the highest price paid/sold for a coin time supply. For example: Lets say you empty an order books orders with $100,000 until the next highest price went from 0.40 to $1. You don't think you just added 60 billion dollars to XRPs value, did you? Note: These order book numbers are bogus and only to illustrate a point that you can significantly increase the market cap with a value lower than the resulting increase. There
  4. People who view the XRPL as centralised will continue to do so regardless of who maintains an explorer. It's FUD.
  5. Any market cap is not the total value of all the tokens actual value. It is the highest current value of one coin x supply. It does not matter if the market cap is $1 Trillion or $100 Trillion. You could never exchange all those tokens for the equivalent value in fiat. If you tried, you would immediately devalue the token and never realise that value. Market cap discussions annoy me.
  6. I trust bankers as much as I trust politicians.
  7. You need to read documentation. I literally copied from Ripples payment flow documentation and you think Ripple is full of it. Here is the 'settlement' description. "The transfers executed over the Interledger Protocol. The funds are transferred from the originating bank's transactional account (on its ILP Ledger) to the beneficiary bank's transactional account (on its ILP Ledger). This transfer is triggered automatically when the originating bank makes the Submit Sub-Payment request. Executing the settlement payment does not require any additional action on the part of the
  8. So now we have ANOTHER user that does not know wtf he is talking about. Do you guys even keep up with Ripple news?
  9. Still refusing to answer my question I see. Give it up man, you choked. You had one chance and you blew it.
  10. TIL that xVia is really xCurrent in disguise, Ripple fooled us with different products because Lucky says xCurrent can do it all by itself! According to Lucky, David ís wrong and xCurrent can use XRP by itself. Who cares what Ripple staff say, lets all listen to Lucky! xVia and xRapid are just there to throw us all off the scent!
  11. No. It simply sends requests. The banks local ledger updates from the request and sends a confirmation back via xCurrent that it has either been completed or failed. xCurrent cannot move funds and because it cannot move funds or update a banks ledger, it cannot enforce settlement. Lets say a payment is initiated by Bank A to Bank Z via Bank G, Messenger instances at both banks exchange information about Bank A and Bank Z for KYC/AML checks and sanctions screening. The sending Messenger also queries Bank G for its processing fees for posting the payment for Bank Z. It also obtain
  12. Your failure to understand how it works does not mean they have provided incorrect information. What part of this product description is confusing you the most? "Using xCurrent, banks message each other in real-time to confirm payment details prior to initiating the transaction and to confirm delivery once it settles." It literally says real time payment details followed by confirmation ONCE it settles. It does not say it provides settlement, you are inventing this yourself. So why don't you go tell Ripple that they don't know their own product?
  13. Incorrect : If Bank A has xCurrent and wants to send a payment to Bank Z, but Bank Z only has a relationship with Bank G and Bank G has a relationship with Bank A. Bank A will not settle a payment with Bank Z instantly just because Bank Z and Bank G have a relationship. The only thing that happens quicker is the messaging of the payment details and setlement confirmation to and from Bank A and G. xCurrent only provides a confirmation via messaging that the settlement is completed. The only time this will be instant is if both sender and receiver have a direct relationship AND prefunded no
  14. Maybe. But one method requires the other to accept a message in return for trust that the other has available funds and can complete the transaction. The other moves value directly and does not take on counterparty risks.
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