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  1. Thanks guys that has helped my understanding and confidence in the future!
  2. Very new to this and first post so go easy guys! Only got into crypto in April, after research I felt the only one to accumulate was xrp. Have got together a stash of 15k which I intend to HODL the hell out of until such time as the price is right for me whenever and whatever that is. My reason for choosing xrp is obviously the real world application etc that we are all familiar with, but the question on my mind is this...For the mass adoption of x rapid by banks and institutions that we all crave, surely the price of xrp needs to be stable? Just in the last 6 months we have seen prices vary between $ .90 and $.0.25 by my recollection. I understand the manipulation by Whales etc so why would banks etc enter the market when this is happening? They want stable prices for cross border payments but we won't get those until the big institutions enter to counteract the manipulation? So classic chicken and egg scenario..? Help me get my head around this as I have suddenly got the feeling we won't get this big institutional buy in which could drive the price to $1, $5,$10,$50,$100 or the fabled $589.(where on earth did that last seemingly random figure come from?)
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