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  1. https://cryptodiary.org/ripples-ceo-words-coming-true-first-banks-starting-use-xrapid-xrp-international-transfers/ any thoughts?
  2. Interesting article, I think it still feels as a Longshot for XRP to go up but hopefully it will happen soon.
  3. Hope this gets us to where we want to (moon)!
  4. DanielT

    Send XRP with Siri

    I think that XRP will make a boom in less than a year from now...
  5. Don’t you think that if this is starting to be a trending topic, this will go smoother and faster? I think the problem of cross border payments needs to be solved ASAP I don’t think that it will take much more time to start booming, a timeline of 50 years sounds ridiculous. Technology moves much more faster.