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  1. Meehhhhh I'd like to think that giving your opinion on the price falls well within the acceptable forum chatter in a club called "Price Speculation"
  2. Of course... gotta get the dream car! I'm out of Indiana. If you make your way out here, make sure you come out at the end of May for the Indianapolis 500!
  3. It is! And once XRP really takes off, you'll have the cash to travel it as you please! But seriously... it's very possible your UK teaching license would carry over. I would think that as long as the requirements to obtain the license is equivalent to our requirements, you'd be good to go.
  4. I think that's due more to the fact that we aren't known for our traveling in general. If you're from the UK, you're lucky enough that you can hop on a short flight or train ride for $50 and be in an entirely different country, with a different culture speaking a different language, and spending a different currency over the weekend. That same trip for us would cost $1,500, 24 hours of flight time, and require taking a week off of work. In terms of vacationing, our country is large enough that you can get any type vacation that you want... hot sunny beach, cruise, deserts, mountains, lakes, islands, vineyards; you name it, we got it. Unless you're wanting to see a specific landmark, take in a specific culture, or see pre-1776 history, it's difficult to justify the expense required to travel abroad. Plus, we live in the greatest country on Earth .
  5. In the US you still pay federal taxes regardless of your residency status. You can offset those federal taxes with foreign tax credits; but if you're in a country without taxes, that just means you'll pay the full federal tax on it.
  6. Aaaaannnnnd now I feel old. 1996s are considered classics now?
  7. Oh, yeah... I was referring to the ATH in January, which would have put you close to $4M. I was just rounding up since I don't know your actual holding number . Believe me, I'm not judging anyone for their exit strategies. If I were sitting on a million zerps, I'm just saying that somewhere between $3-$3.50 (I probably wouldn't have waited for $3.85) I would have cashed out enough to buy those big ticket items. I would keep working knowing that I was going home to a super nice house on a big piece of land. I could pick that up in my area for around $600-750k (I'm a Hoosier), which would fall in line with my current exit strategy- I'm willing to sell up to a quarter of my holdings if it meant I could pay cash for the house/land. Of course, I'm a loooooong way off from that point lol. I'd be looking at pushing $200 for that to happen
  8. No shame in that game! If I were sitting on $4M though, I probably would have cashed out enough to buy a house. That's all I was saying
  9. ksbarrett3

    What exactly is going on at Coinbase?

    As opposed to purposely deceiving the people...
  10. ksbarrett3

    What exactly is going on at Coinbase?

    ... or Obama... or Hillary.
  11. Total price of the car. So in your example, the car would cost a total of $7k 👍
  12. ksbarrett3

    What exactly is going on at Coinbase?

    Well they are in the middle of a lawsuit over the Bitcoin Cash issue from Coinbase users, although to my knowledge, there haven't been any criminal charges. However, the SEC is pretty clear in that insider trading can take place in public or private companies. So regardless of their ruling on Bitcoin not being a security, that still leaves Coinbase open for a criminal investigation.
  13. ksbarrett3

    What exactly is going on at Coinbase?

    Personal opinion- it's more market manipulation and insider trading from their staff. This is no different than their bitcoin cash fiasco that everyone seems to have magically forgotten about... If we had the wallet addresses of their staff, I have a feeling we would see massive buys on those coins listed, followed by a sell off 24-48 hours after the news was released.
  14. Yeah! I started reading a blog on finances called Financial Samurai years ago and capping your spending on your vehicle at 10% of your annual income is something he advocates. I've always been a big fan of new experiences, so that's what we typically spend our money on. Road trips, cheap flight deals, and using my Marriott points from my public accounting days for our hotel stay helps us travel on a budget
  15. They only make sense if the person leasing a vehicle is the type of person to require a new vehicle every two years because they get tired of what they're driving... Personally... I hate the idea of a car payment. Pay cash, up to 10% of your annual income, and call it a day. Live that frugal life for "things" and spend your money on experiences.