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  1. How much are you down?

    Cashed in all of my BTC and ETH for XRP at around the $.05 mark. So until it dips below that, I'm still up
  2. How low will it go

    Better just pack it up then and look for "the next big ICO"... you aren't going to see any crazy gains for years to come.
  3. You took that out of context. Feel free to read the entire thread and see if you still wanna stick with that comment.
  4. Your interpretation of this discussion is missing one gaping fact... we're talking about 2017. The question posed was Is $3-5 still possible in 2017? The question isn't whether $5 is possible in 2020, 2025, or 2030. The question is whether or not we're going to hit $5 in the next 5 months. To that extent, market cap is the only useful tool when it comes to price prediction over the next 5 months, because we literally are "assigning value to electronic rocks." Everyone currently holding XRP is doing so based on what we expect to happen in the future. We're speculating. We aren't using it. It has no current use to anyone right now except for an opportunity to profit. So, in order to create a price prediction we have to ask... "How many more people are willing to invest in this product, and how much are they willing to invest." That is directly related to Market Cap. So no... when it comes to this specific thread and speculating price for the next 5 months- Market Cap isn't garbage. Once banks/corps/governments are actually using XRP for its intended purpose, your comment makes sense- but that isn't happening right now.
  5. I agree... but don't forget that we're talking about 2017. In the next 5 months, we aren't going to see some insane adoption of XRP by financial institutions.
  6. Market cap comments are still relevant when you're talking about speculation.
  7. @Legolas Yeah.... but that's a difference of less than a $10 billion. To go to $5.40, you're talking about a market cap of $207BILLION just with XRP. The total market cap right now is only $124B. So what you are talking about, is a single alt-coin somehow managing to $200 billion to the market by the end of the year, and that's only if they don't add any more coins into circulation.
  8. STILL possible?? This was never possible.
  9. Not only will they hate themselves for knowing it was available at these prices... but hate themselves even more to know that they talked down to all the believers and investors. I don't know how many times I've been called a fool for investing in this "pump and dump **** coin" by someone that only invests in alt coins that are meant to "take down the man." It's laughable really, thinking about where we'll be in 10 years vs where everyone else will be.
  10. Depends on how they plan on taxing our gains in the future...
  11. Hey Thanks! Apparently the one I had pulled up wasn't what I needed... http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/Documents/fintech/fintechpocdlt.pdf Thanks again!
  12. The easiest (read: not most cost/time efficient) is to buy BTC, ETH, or LTC on CoinBase - Send to exchange of some sort (I use Changelly), which will send it to your XRP Wallet (I use GateHub).
  13. Please forgive my ignorance as I'm not as technically sound as many of you here... but in Bank of England (BoE) Proof of Concept paper, no where does it state that they used Ripple. They did however specifically state that they used the Ethereum protocol. Why is that I'm constantly seeing write-ups of the partnership between BoE and Ripple if they did everything through Ethereum?
  14. Did you have to pay a fee for that??
  15. Mathematically speaking, do you understand what would have to happen for XRP to reach $100?? You're talking about a coin with a current market supply of 38 BILLION. The reason BTC is able to climb in value is because it has less than 5% of the circulation of XRP. The total market cap of XRP would have to hit $3.8TRILLION. That's Trillion... with a T. The total market cap is currently less than $90 Billion, and you somehow think that XRP is going to manage to grow 40 times over the total market cap alone? And that doesn't even include the number of tokens that will be released to the market over the coming years. I will give you this though... if Ripple is able to corner the Asian, European, and US financial institutions; Bring the FED on board; Convince the bulk of the Fortune 500 companies to use XRP; and take over SWIFT, there's a possibility of reaching the value you're suggesting in two years time.