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  1. If history tells us anything... it's that whenever there's a "major announcement", the price of XRP drops.
  2. Yeah, I get it. I wasn't trying to come across as hostile (to him, or you) I just thought it was strange.
  3. This is unrelated to crypto, but if he shouldn't have dialed out to the public, then he shouldn't have dialed out to the public. As civilians, our job isn't to protect the government officials from things they're doing wrong. It's our job to keep them in check from overstepping their authority. This would include details behind "secret" phone calls. With that being said, if a government official reached out to me in this same capacity, I would have no problem with giving the phone number from which they called. I would even give the name of the individual that I spoke to. "So Thomas E. P
  4. Why would you block out the last four digits of the phone number? If it was actually the SEC, you should have no issues with posting the number on the forum.
  5. I actually made my first big purchase after reading one of those random "Top 10 cryptos to look out for" articles. Seriously just a "right time, right place" opportunity for me. To be honest, I don't watch my DCA at all. I get paid once per month and I set aside some cash to purchase cryptos with. I spread that out throughout the month that way I can take advantage of any dips. I, like most people here, am a bigger believer in Ripple and the potential for XRP to reach a significant value. Will that be some crazy number in the thousands? A man can hope! lol But I'm also a realist an
  6. Since the vast majority of my holdings was made around 5 cents, every purchase I make brings my up my DCA lol
  7. I wasn't even able to get registered... Username ☑️ Email ☑️ Password ☑️ Matching Password ☑️ Click SignUp ☑️... and nothing. No error code. No "thinking" on the website. Nothing. It just sits there.
  8. Getting 20 minutes into this thing... this lady has absolutely no idea what she's talking about. She's talking to a room filled with people that presumably know a significant amount about cryptos, talking about how the only way to fund a BTC wallet is from a BTC ATM at a gas station . And then to compare mining fees from BTC to XRP... I just can't lol
  9. Oh I know... I'm waiting for XRPer to figure this out. And it's not just cryptos... according to XRPer, they would have to literally declare everything that's ever been sold as not a security or else it's insider trading. They would have an entire room filled with official announcements of everyday items that aren't securities. Car Salesman: "Hey, this car is selling for $10k, but if you wait until next week, it'll probably only be $9k." XRPer: "Insider Trading!" Retail guy: "Yeah man, the iPad $750, but black friday is just around the corner and it's gonna be half off." XRPer: "In
  10. lol Soooooooo, no, you can't supply a source. Gotcha. Honestly, I knew you wouldn't be able to, so the joke was on you from the get go. The point is, you're acting like you know what you're talking about, and you don't. "I find it funny you are acting to be an authority but probably never used or know what EDGAR is." I find it funny that you're sitting here talking to people like this, while thinking the SEC has to declare something isn't a security or else it's insider trading. Guess what... you're wrong. So... going back to you acting like a d*ck for no reason... And to t
  11. They have to say it's a security for it to be a security... soooooo, until then, it's not. But by all means... cite a source that shows where they declared it a security and I'll concede. Until then, you're acting like a **** because you're wrong.
  12. ETH did $34 in one month on its meteoric rise... and eventually hit $1,000. Just sayin'.
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