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  1. Is this in any relation to PayID that exists in Australia?
  2. Have noticed down under since the start of the year it's consistently been over 1 millions dollars in the 24 hour bracket. Possibly flashfx utilisation? It was normally either 2nd or 3rd volume wise behind btc or ether so good to see
  3. If you read the whole thread he was saying it was negligible at the start, which it would've been...
  4. @Pablo or any other mod, can you just delete my thread please? This has been a waste of a proper conversation i would've liked thanks. Thought this was quite an excellent execution on the xrpl and for the xrp ecosystem but seems that the point is forgotten here. Just lock it.
  5. There's a 47 page white paper if anyone can make sense of it. Comes across a bit similar to binance coin but based on the xrpl with a bit of utility?
  6. October 15, 2019 08:00 ET | Source: CoinField TALLINN, Estonia, Oct. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CoinField reveals full details of Sologenic, a sophisticated ecosystem that facilitates trading of on-demand tokenized assets, including stocks and ETFs from 25+ global stock exchanges or fiat-backed stablecoins on top of the XRP ledger (XRPL). Introducing SOLO Coins (Ƨ) Sologenic deploys SOLO coins for market-making and liquidity providing. Coins are issued on the XRPL allowing liquidity to be moved in a matter of seconds. This creates a dynamic bridge between crypto assets and non-blockchain-based assets by being paired directly with fiat as collateral to settle with third-party brokerage firms. SOLO will be available for trading on CoinField’s existing exchange, CoinField’s upcoming DEX, and major global crypto exchanges. Tokenize, Trade, Earn and Spend Sologenic is merging traditional financial markets with crypto by leveraging the XRPL to enable ultra-fast and efficient transactions in real-time. Users can invest, trade, and tokenize assets such as stocks, ETFs, and fiat on-demand. For example, a tokenized stablecoin of TSLA or USD is presented as TSLAƨ or USDƨ. These stablecoins are tradable and redeemable against XRP and SOLO on both CoinField exchange & XRPL DEX. SOLO holders are eligible to obtain a free Crypto Card to use their crypto assets as collateral and spend instantly anywhere globally. “We’re making it easy for people around the world to have access to different global stock exchanges via the blockchain. Imagine living in Tokyo and being able to trade assets from NASDAQ, HKEX, LSE, Deutsche Boerse, and major exchanges on one secure platform. This platform tokenizes stocks on the XRPL as demanded, allowing you to trade it against any cryptocurrency and spend in real-time anywhere. Ultimately, Sologenic helps the mass adoption of cryptocurrency by allowing people to invest in stocks. It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone!" Said Bob Ras, CoinField CEO. SOLO Community Sologenic is a community-based ecosystem where users can participate in different decision making events and benefit from the SOLO Community Fund (SCF) and the SOLO Expansion Fund (SEF). Developers are encouraged to contribute to the Open Source SDKs and other decentralization initiatives. Users can voluntarily participate in multiple time-based reward programs and receive up to 20% rewards annually. It's time for the world to #GoSOLO and create a new financial ecosystem for the modern era. Learn more on: https://www.sologenic.com. Bold bit was my doing. Although i must admit i can already trade on different exchanges through online trading with my current bank, the idea of trading through different digital assets seems pretty awesome and a great step forward for the XRPL and the ability through the DEX gives that another boost it needed.
  7. Wonder if they are related with Hodor finishing up his blog?
  8. Coinfield CEO Bob Ras was meant to be revealing some details on this new project at the Malta Blockchain Sumit. “This new ecosystem is the most sophisticated project ever built on top of XRPL, and it is the best use case for that. We believe this will be a big step forward for the whole industry and the mass adoption of XRP blockchain.”. “We have a great team of advisors in our upcoming #XRPL project. All well-known figures in #cryptocurrency space. I'll be thrilled to announce the names & the details of the project very soon. This will be a game-changer! Ƨ + #XRPL = ?” Can't seem to find any additional information on it though. Couldn't even find him on the list of speakers at the current summit. Apparently full details to come on the 15th of October! Thoughts?
  9. Msg me when they say they use xrp and I'll issue a full page formal apology. Just because it says distributed ledger technology, doesn't mean it's xrp 🙄. Happy to be wrong though, feel like I need to make that clear. Not that I'm citing coin desk as a reputable source, but here.. https://www.coindesk.com/world-bank-commbank-team-up-for-world-first-blockchain-bond-transaction August 20 https://www.technologyreview.com/f/614198/the-world-bank-is-still-loving-its-blockchain-powered-bonds/ Guess the folks at MIT have no idea about blockchain either... But most importantly, https//www.worldbank.org/en/news/press-release/2019/08/16/world-bank-issues-second-tranche-of-blockchain-bond-via-bond-i And if you read the correlations between articles with Microsoft validating the code from cba and the world bank, cba and Washington hosting the 4 servers, csiro citing research into the ethereum block chain in relation to cba, which (Is Australias research group, whom gave y'all WiFi by the way) you'll quickly realise it's all ethereum. Prove me wrong Not enjoying playing the villain here either by the way.
  10. I give up, let the circle jerk continue. Janna is wrong. You're all a pretty sure bunch of people for something so "speculative" you know.
  11. Nothing delusional here or campaigning against XRP here...Big time supporter for all the progress made so far and hodler for over 2 years, not that i should have to justify my position for others arrogance. It's just that if you literally do 10 minutes of searching you'll see in this particular instance it's not XRP related but ethereum...Maybe in the future with different banks, sure. But not this case.
  12. https://www.worldbank.org/en/news/press-release/2019/05/15/world-bank-and-cba-partner-to-enable-secondary-bond-trading-recorded-on-blockchain - Talking about their previous trials, which were on ethereum. https://www.commbank.com.au/guidance/newsroom/commodities-blockchain-trade-finance-201901.html Plenty of references to their previous trials which was with ethereum https://www.data61.csiro.au/en/Our-Work/SmartMoney - Download the full report PDF and search for ethereum, you'll find plenty of sources there.. https://www.coindesk.com/world-bank-commbank-team-up-for-world-first-blockchain-bond-transaction https://anz.businesschief.com/technology/4024/CBA-collaborates-with-World-Bank-on-blockchain-bond-trading So if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...
  13. Proof will be in the pudding i guess then? I'm choosing to believe the actual info that CBA has provided stating its Ethereum because of their smart contracts abilities and find it very hard to believe that somehow it took over a year for trials with the Ethereum blockchain and who knows how much money, but all of a sudden decided to scrap that and go down another road and not do another year of testing. But that's just me. Sometimes you also need an outsider to give you perspective because you get tunnel vision. Peace
  14. https://www.commbank.com.au/guidance/newsroom/CBA-and-QTC-create-first-government-bond-using-blockchain-201701.html “We will continue to collaborate and work with clients, financial institutions and consortiums like R3, as well as with market participants, to understand the opportunities and real life applications of innovative and emerging technologies,” Mr Confos said. Though sadly they state in this link below https://www.commbank.com.au/guidance/newsroom/cba-picked-by-world-bank-to-deliver-world-s-first-standalone-blo0-201808.html 'Important information CBA and World Bank are using a private Ethereum blockchain for this project. Ethereum currently has the largest and most active development community globally, and offers the functionality we require. However other blockchains are developing rapidly and CBA remains open to other options in the future. An independent review of the CBA blockchain platform’s architecture, security and resilience was conducted by Microsoft. The law firm of King & Wood Mallesons acted as deal counsel on the bond issue and advised on the legal architecture for its implementation.'
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