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  1. Just completed a ton of updates on my XRP website XRP4U.com, any feedback will be very welcome, thanks
  2. Whats the best way to explain what the Coil on WordPress plugin is about? Give interactive real world demonstration pages of course! XRP4U are happy to showcase the Coil on WordPress Plugin. https://xrp4u.com/coil-on-wordpress/ XRP4U
  3. Hi All, I have been building my XRP superfan Website for a few months now and would like some visitors to give me some feedback, Coil subscribers more than welcome! :-) This is what you will find there: Coil scripts demo page XRPL Testnet play Room with XRP training videos XRP Tutorials page Web based learning with quizzes GSG Charities page XRP Ecosystem page My attempt at simply explaining XRPL for noobs A small XRPL Games Page A page highlighting for each of the best of Twitter tweeters and YouTube content providers for XRP A page dedicated to XRP visualisation websites A Page dedicated to XRPL Stats and Tools websites A XRP chat Forum for Bob Way Study Group (empty as Bob has been quiet for a while), general chit chat welcome A WooCommerce store just to demo the Woo XRPL payment plugin The best XRP News websites I am continuously and tirelessly updating XRP4U and trailing many platforms to bring into a single hub all the best of XRP media! Please drop in and have a look around my 1 man band XRP4U.com Thank You for any comments and suggestions, good, bad or indifferent! :-)
  4. As I am a Night Owl Session#1 is good for me. Thank you
  5. All times are GMT (UT) Monday to Friday 14:00 - 16:00 Weekends 22:00 - 24:00
  6. Installed and looks good! snipped all screens during installation, I will create an installation PDF and share on my site tomorrow if anyone is interested. Not activated as yet, will wait for the updated version and your lead before progressing. Cheers Bob.
  7. Hi Bob, that is Extensive with, a big E! Lots in there that is on my learning Radar, and lots that has not even come close to detection as yet! A quick question on Study Group media sharing, is there any fast rules on what or what not to share,and when, should we wait for a sign :-) Example this Syllabus, is this a closed group? I have created a new Study Group Forum on my site and would like to post each Syllabus Chapter and open each topic up for comments as we begin it, the site is a member site and can be restricted to certain Study Group member chat along with a Guest area to drip feed the knowledge as we move on, open to suggestions as to ow this could work. If any group members would like to Register a Login please visit XRP4U.com, if they want to know how to create this setup for them self/region please do not hesitate to ask me. Anyone can email me direct: admin@xrp4u.com Hope this is ok? Thanks Bob
  8. Hi Bob, Happy to start at #1 as a priority then if needs be work my way down dependant on my location (home/work/other), I do have desk job with reasonable privacy at work. Zoom works for me and I have knowledge of Toast Wallet as an XRPL client.
  9. Hi Bob, I am able to run a Zoom browser meeting, this is truly a full featured meeting tool! I do not think I could run this from my workplace as even the Browser tool needs to install a file, I will consider a personal laptop for this during working hours.
  10. Or maybe iframe it into a separate page with links to other info, sheets, docs, blog etc ? This page can not be discovered within the site, link only. https://xrp4u.com/study-group-contributor/
  11. Trying a test Google Excel doc to collect members available windows, converting your time to GMT will make it easier to create a pivot table to sum up most popular windows to then get a consensus. Thoughts? Please do not share this link outside group :-) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N_9qVgcv52a71bepvC732Q20pynlUU3WhtfpedA5OYE/edit?usp=sharing
  12. HI all, I have only used Skype Business at work for large group meetings, with Video. Open to anything, preferably free :-) I own the fan site XRP4U.com, hosted by WordPress running on a business account with Elementor and I have just looked at some Moodle plugins but need to look much deeper into this as never seen Moodle before and what the Wordpress plugin provides. Also I can organise Youtube content, Audio clips, Powerpoint etc into easy navigable pages to keep all relevant media in a single hub. Trying to add a members site login to restrict media until presentable to a wider audience where it can then be displayed on an separate open page for global viewing. Pages could also be shared by Region/Language to avoid duplicate material in multiple languages in a single page. Open to all suggestions.
  13. Hi Everyone, i am tshine and my Twitter is @xrpshine can be referred to as xrpshine or tshine, I am a hard working Father/Grandad. I am the owner of the Coil enabled XRPL fan websites XRP4U.com & XRP4UK.com where I am am trying to gather as much info about XRPL into a single hub, this includes Twitter, YouTube, Ecosystem, GSG charities page, other fan sites, news sites etc etc and added some tutorials I have shared. I hope to add to my own knowledge of XRPL as part of this amazing talented group of enthusiasts and share this to the world on my website! By trade I am an IT support data analyst in a company of 18,000 users in Canary Wharf, London, As part of my role I create data presentations, I take lots of raw data and turn them into pretty pictures using Excel pivot tables and PowerPoint, at least I like to think I do 😁 I also create technical documentation for my team. I Stumbled across XRP in Dec 2017 and have been growing my knowledge and loading my bags on the dips since then! and still will! 😁 My wife is Slovakian and I am hoping to talk her into doing some translation, may have to bribe with chocolate! London, England: GMT Lets do this! Regards @xrpshine xrpshine@gmail.com
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