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  1. Thanks for the reasonable reply and I totally agree with everything you’ve said. Sometimes, you have to rock the boat to rattle popular beliefs, when everyone may be blinded by biases.
  2. Ripple from its inception, hasn’t defended its native asset XRP. The company is plague with weak leadership and a lot of fireworks. In other words, a lot of smoke and no fire. I worked recently for a tech company similar to ripple. The leadership had a killer app but they were very complacent in their marketing and outreach. They didn’t believe in what they preached. Currently, that company is taking a nose dive into obscurity. If we take great companies like Apple during its golden years, we saw Steve Jobs no matter how ****** it tech was, he sold you that Apple computer like his life depended on it. In contrasts, the company ripple doesn’t believe in the product. First, they were going after the banks, now they are going after the low hanging fruit. The SEC was going to make xrp a security, ripple responded with more community oriented “participation”. XRP doesn’t make any gains, they say ripple does not equal XRP. I mean the concept is great and the technology seems superb but the team behind ripple is pretty mediocre. I’m just putting my 2 cents here, after watching my own company commit suicide. I own a lot XRP but honestly it’s not looking too good.
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