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  1. One of the worst solutions in my opinion. I think it would also be more realistic that if major banks have a contract with ripple that they will have a option on XRP for a specific price. I believe at some point in time there were some rumors that a big chunk of the 60B XRP was mostly "under option" in contracts with banks and other institutions. As usual these rumors are supported with air, and should not be taken seriously. But from a business perspective it would make a sense. When making a deal with something that is not that valuable at the time but has great potential in the long run having optional buys in a contract is quite attractive. If I were to work at a bank and had to make a deal with Ripple I would definitely vouch for it to be in the contract. :D
  2. Uloveme

    Smells like its close to Ripple

    A bit off topic, but why are crypto exchanges investing so much? I've seen so many projects being funded by them. Do "normal" exchanges this as well and become a investment/venture capital company?
  3. Yes https://parisfintechforum.com/january_30th
  4. Uloveme

    Kichiro Fukui

    And not to forget that at this point so many predictions have been made that statistically speaking a certain percentage actually will appear to be true even though the reasoning behind it is based on nothing. To me it seems like most XRP celebs have a really strong cognitive bias and see everything they experience/read as something that is connected to XRP. In general their null hypothesis is that something is related to Ripple/XRP while this should be alternative hypothesis. Always assume something is not true until it is proven beyond reasonable doubt. (no, unproven rumors or "news" without a credible source are not beyond reasonable doubt)
  5. Uloveme

    Circulating supply calculations

    Supply is not in $, its the amount of XRP. But you are correct about the increased supply,
  6. In my eyes the next crash will be caused by unsustainable government/country debt. Since the crisis of 2008 many countries have seen their debt increase significantly and only few were able pay off these loans in the past 10 years. Soon markets will realize that the current so called "Strong economy" is just inflated/sustained by counties pumping money into it that they don't have. I might be thinking too negatively, but I just don't see how the current situation can be fixed without a massive crisis and maybe even changing the whole financial system (Like the IMF is talking about). ps. This does not mean that Crypto/XRP will benefit from this.
  7. Misschien dat ik ook kan komen, hangt er een beetje vanaf hoe m'n examens zijn gegaan. Het lijkt mij in ieder geval heel leuk!
  8. Uloveme

    Market cap, Xrapid and price

    It seems like it just jumped to 41.04?
  9. Uloveme

    Down down down

    You are so uncultured, don't you know it's tradition here to create a new topic when XRP drops with more than 4% in 24h?
  10. A very small bank, but still, it's something. Small companies are agile and are able to respond quickly to changes in their market, bigger banks will follow but they are just slower.
  11. Great news! Price drop in 3, 2, 1... Alles jokes aside, this is great news and it will only get better!
  12. Uloveme

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    "It is TIME to give the community and the market SOMETHING." So many people in the XRP community really think they are entitled to become rich... If you really think that you deserve ridiculous ROI in less than 5 years you really need to reassess your expectations. Stay calm, lower your expectations, Ripple will make announcements when the time is right. Do your own research, know what XRP is worth, what the potential is, and what the risks are. When XRP is under performing according to your calculations, and you have a better investment alternative go ahead and sell. It's that simple
  13. Is the price increase because of the hard fork this month like bitcoin cash did?
  14. Is there any news about when Ripple tech will be available via t24?
  15. https://ripple.com/insights/ask-me-anything-with-brad-garlinghouse-and-monica-long/
  16. Also still not that big of a deal right? It will increase volatility in the short-term for sure, but in the long-term this will not be possible when the currency becomes more mature and grows in value due to mass adoption. It would just be good news for XRP in the long run, the more people have access to it the better. Even if that means that the price will become less table in the short-term.
  17. https://www.swift.com/news-events/news/14-major-banks-join-swift-gpi-pre-validation-pilot-focused-on-error-detection When looking at the news from Swift themselves I really don't see how this ever could be a threat to xRapid. Again, FUD articles spreading bull shat. The timing is also too perfect with the R3 announcement. Tell me I am crazy, but this is just some desperate way to cause FUD for XRP. They are losing and they can't stop it. Just quit.
  18. I think this is what they are saying: Personally I think it is also quite funny that he explains how they are partnering up with many fintech start-ups "because in these days and age where we as a company huge investments every year in technology just to keep going. There are companies who can do the emerging technology faster and in a more inexpensive way than us, and we need to partner with them." Swift is in a similar situation but seems to be missing the boat, not embracing the future because of ignorance will result in defeat.
  19. Exactly my point as well, the opposite happens when the price increases rapidly, astronomical predictions are spammed over the forum. Clearly the majority of crypto currency traders behave in this way, this explains the extreme price movements we often experience. This frequency cognitive bias causes weak people or inexperienced investors to lose money. People tend to assume that extreme instances of a phenomenon are more prevalent than they really are. An extremely bad experience (a sudden drop in the price of an asset) can cause spontaneous and often over reactive behaviour, this can be prevented by rational thinking. Make sure that you understand the technology that Ripple is developing and the insane potential XRP has, if you always keep this in the back of your head your price prediction or expectation will never really change that much, even with events like these. In short: have faith and keep your investment (you know what it is worth), or sell when you think that there is a better investment opportunity.
  20. It's funny to see that by one dip the community is becoming so pessimistic, therefore I will do the opposite (since the market often does the opposite of what the XRP community thinks it will do). my EOY estimate for 2018: $8.50
  21. Uloveme

    are we going up

    We are going down, ill start a new topic.
  22. The bounce is strong, going back to .48 it seems
  23. Uloveme

    Charts - How To's

    Again a bloodbath, and again.... XRP holding relatively strong. The gap with ETH is getting bigger by the day. I am really looking forward how XRP will perform when the markets will have a bounce.
  24. Uloveme

    XRParrot is live

    How is that possible? since January 1st 2007 BIC and IBAN are required within the Euro zone when making a transaction. (BIC only for international transactions) For simplicity sake the majority of the banks replaced the old bank account numbers with the new IBAN numbers. Maybe you are located in a more developing country within Europe and banks are slower with technological change?