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  1. So sadly this is the case, I think this will really limit the adoption.
  2. I bought my first Bitcoins to buy things on the internet since I did not have a credit card at that time (too young). XRP is much better suited for this as it is faster and cheaper, so this makes me happy and definitely see an audience do this (including me :D) Not needed, XRParrot is a good example of this. One thing that is not clear to me: Does the shop receive XRP or is this transferred to fiat for them? If not I ques not that many shop will accept this payment method.
  3. @Sharkey 31May 2019 source: https://www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2019-35
  4. I purchased Bitcoin to purchased humblebundles as I did not own a creditcard (around 2015). Later when the value of Bitcoin was increasing I started to see the potential. When I was researching cryptos I came across XRP and was instantly sold on the concept. Then I bought in at .16 dollar.
  5. Always take ambcrypto.com with a grain of salt... I find that their articles always cherry pick lines and never give their source. I always end up searching for the source myself and find that their article contributes noting.
  6. Jup, and Ripple is on top of it In The Ripple Drop Episode 10 they announced Swell 2019 will be in Singapore. (video) Asia seems to become the leader in Blockchain technology.
  7. Jup: Singapore Dollar, Vietnamese dong, and Indonesian Rupiah.
  8. With the knowledge that banks are not that fast with introducing new tech this will probably take years before this will even be in production.
  9. The company name reminds me of the game Stronghold, man I love that game.
  10. Funny Theory haha, I suppose their customers will be quite ****** when XRP moons and takes #1. Still, good news! I'm looking forward to March, a lot of things are supposed to go live that month.
  11. My guess is that it will mostly depend on what will cause the value of XRP. When you don't see official announcements of XRP adoption or crypto in general I personally assume history will repeat itself. When there is proof of XRP adoption via official announcements or a major sustained volume surge on the Ledger I would say the price reflects it's real value and will remain stable.
  12. How can you debunk something in march when the tencentcloud.io blog was released on 7 May 2018? Or is tencentcloud.io not an official website from Tencent?
  13. https://support.binance.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023570292-Binance-Will-Delist-CLOAK-MOD-SALT-SUB-and-WINGS A nice overview of the coins that have been delisted and the potential reasons: https://cryptonews.com/news/binance-kicks-out-another-five-altcoins-prices-crash-3380.htm
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