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  1. The fact that they use the term "Ripple killer" sounds very positive to me. In the video games industry the same thing happened to World of Warcraft, for a decade after its release basically any MMORPG that was being developed was supposed to be "the World of Warcraft killer". Using these terms confirm that Ripple/XRP is the benchmark and it looks like that it will remain that for a long time.
  2. As someone who doesn't have enough time to trade actively, holding was and is my strategy. I am still expecting higher prices through utility in the long-term. Trading actively will only distract me from achieving my other goals in life.
  3. Vertical integration might be of strategic value. It might allow Ripple to leverage their core competencies in other markets and increase their value creation. Ripple will be able to get closer to the end customer and get valuable feedback from customers that will allow them to improve their products. Literature suggests that having control of overlapping input and output domains enhances an organization's competitive advantage in its core domain and creates new opportunities for value creation. Therefore I do think that it makes sense for Ripple to buy MoneyGram, the advantages for both parties can be huge as cost savings might be realized and the overall competitiveness increases. The opportunities are great, but with a depth of 1 billion dollars from MoneyGram it will bring its risks too. I am also curious about how competitors think about this. Will we get a similar situation as seen with Apple and Spotify? Maybe? Are competitors willing to take that risk?
  4. I thought it was fake, but it is not: https://www.facebook.com/donate/280231332752230/ Ripple donated money to this charity apparently.
  5. "The “escrow queue” is implemented differently than announced, leading to a faster future release of escrowed funds compared to the announced schedule" I see this as a positive development, it suggests that they are expecting that resources are needed earlier than anticipated.
  6. You should have wrote off your investment from the beginning, that's what I do with highly speculative investments.
  7. I can also remember this quite well, I felt quite sad at that time when so many alt coins were pumping like hell and XRP was just sitting there being dead. It is clear that in the last two months XRP has been outperformed by almost every coin. Setting aside your emotions is key to not react on these short-term events that have no influence in the long-term performance of an asset. IMO XRP is still positioned to outperform all coins in existence in the long run.
  8. I hope you are right. I personally think that this is also the moment were we would see a more significant price increase of XRP as Ripple will no longer be able to fulfill the demand, the market will be the place where institutions will have to go if they want to purchase XRP. Exciting times ahead, all we need to do is wait and let Ripple do their thing.
  9. https://bithomp.com/explorer/FEFD7BF9D850B73819F61A82AC0F98D003DAA603C11A38FC33BE18BB4A903D3C https://bithomp.com/explorer/342E9A5132AEBC20F097C7DB7E20831EEACA5129DA2C5F89BEAEB176A9D7E766 https://bithomp.com/explorer/99204B490DD7DB2260CB5828D6C05F24DA628CAF334694AA3D2E842137C3FF7C Seems like 700M has been escrowed this month again, I'm not 100% sure if I found all transactions.
  10. They did mention during Ripple regionals London 2019 that they were expanding their service to 10 countries before the half of this year. I am not saying this therefore must be xRapid, but they already had the UK and it definitely is not unthinkable that Australia has been added to their service.
  11. If we look at the definition of Venture capital at Investopedia.com we get the following: Sure GV can sell their shares and make an "exit", but in general VC investors do this this at moment the company gets an offer from a bigger company or when it goes public on the stock markets. There is no such thing as "google killing ripple", this is only done with projects they develop internally.
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