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  1. Is this still going to happen or is it cancelled? Just interested, not trying tying to trol.
  2. If your're also going to explain your reasoning, I'm also up for the PMs. If it's just prices and dates then I'll pass, they have no value to me.
  3. Interesting to see what is happening on the stock market by the way. Gold is setting new highs due to investors seeking safe investments, however, crypto currencies do not seem to profit from this downturn on the markets. To me this confirms that especially bitcoin is not seen as a "store of value" by large/professional investors, which a lot of people argue is actually its core function.
  4. https://xrprightnow.com/breaking-news-bank-of-america-confirms-joining-ripplenet/ Another website claiming it, apparently an BOA employee stated they are going to use it. No source though... so don't get your hopes up.
  5. Ah yes... Apparently forecasts are considered to be news. Forecasts have never worked out before. Just don't.
  6. Well, this is what the CEO of BitMEX said about XRP: Strange that people trust organizations with CEOs like this.
  7. Well actually XRP is now the only crypto currency that is actually being used now. Volumes are low but the growth seems to be accelerating and the price has not reflected that yet in my opinion.
  8. Interesting, ripple potentially investing in money tap. Not sure if this is news?
  9. If I recall correctly this was also the case in the previous bull run. Don't worry and always make sure you spread your investments
  10. It looks like the cryptohawk guy closed his Twitter account. He posted this last weekend: Went long just before the dip, he did not state his stop-loss sadly.
  11. XML going down... To me this is a really bad sign. No demand at all, even after burning 50% of the total supply.
  12. I've just scanned the document and they don't specifically focus on RippleNet or XRP: "The survey was conducted by a third-party and did not target Ripple customers." So I don't think the numbers provided in this report cannot be interpreted as how much progress Ripple is making. The one thing that comes back throughout the whole report however is the "flywheel": The key message is that more organizations are now moving to the production state and will soon deploy their products: "35% of respondents are in production and 27% are nearing implementation. Of those in production, 68% state they have deployed during the past two years." So the momentum is building up, hopefully we can also "experience" this at Swell tomorrow and get some actual news about organizations going live (preferably a medium-large bank )
  13. The problem with this is that this will allow the USA to have major influence on RippleNet and XRP, of course this is a good thing for the USA. However, basically any non-American organization (banks, central banks, companies, hedge funds) will have less interest/benefits of using RippleNet. Many countries want to get rid of the American power in the current financial system and Ripple/XRP can facilitate this. By giving that much power to the USA it will be quite likely that the majority will start looking for alternative technologies that will facilitate more freedom in the financial system.
  14. To the fed? No thanks, no one wants that. IMF/The World Bank sure, also makes a lot more sense.
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