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  1. i searched a little bit. but still cannot understand the promising future of XRP. and found many ppl doubt XRP with the same reason as me. can someone enlighten me? what i know are - xRapid uses XRP - when XRP is used in international money transfer, the amount of the transferred XRP disappears. - Ripple company puts some amount of XRP in escrow, not to be traded in the exchanges i wonder... 1. considering XRP should treat big amount of money transferred between countries, why does Ripple company design to eliminate XPR transferred from a country to the other? it seems better to maintain large amount of XRP (rather eliminating them) and provide enough XRP to replace the current SWIFT market. 2. from the existing banks' perspective, the price volatility of XRP is quite high. so if XRP price goes up, Ripple company may unlock some amount of XRP in escrow and let it be circulated in the exchanges. assuming this mechanism to maintain the XRP price in some range, why do you expect that XRP price goes up? 3. let's assume a happy scenario that many ppl or banks use xRapid and the total amount of XPR is diminishing fast. then, i think Ripple company has only one choice - making more XRP to enjoy more fee from transferring. but that is a bad news for the ppl who possess XRP. what do you think about this scenario? 4. some of the other blockchains such as EOS do not need to pay the fee when transferring the coins. why do banks and ppls should use XRP rather than the other way such as EOS? 5. many XRP fans say, if XRP replaces 1% of the current SWIFT market, the XPR market cap will be xxx, thus XRP price xxx. but it seems very weird, because the amount of SWIFT market is "movement" of the money, while XRP market is total "market cap". moreover, transferring more money via XRP does not directly mean increasing XRP price. then, why do the ppl think possessing XRP is promising?
  2. i am a newbie in XRP world. i still cannot understand XRP mechanism totally and want to learn many things. anyway, have a nice day~!!
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