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  1. So I’m still new at all this. We have an event or something on the 30th. The G20 summit. Heard it’s like the United Nations gathering and discussing crypto or something? Someone enlighten me? Also i don’t think anything with tips will happen because they stated recently that they have no connection to ripple Xrp
  2. •••NOW I must clarify. I don’t know what will happen by eoy. It could be sideways for another 6 months for all we know. That being said...this post is just poking fun. While I wait for ‘To the lifeboats’ to make another video. I wanted to cover this myself. I’ve been a Ripple Riddler follower for some time now. The one clue that stands out the most to me is this one. He appears to be behind the screen whispering at the viewer. It looks as if he knows what going on behind the curtain. It also stands out odd to me that the price spiked about 20%, hours after he made his last video on the 5th. That being said, if he is an insider than we may be in for something soon. But then again ..who knows
  3. Welp, the ripple riddler made his last video on the 5th. Hours later the price spiked. But it seems like nobody really knows why ? Best guesses? We could either be heading back down or we could be just warming up for somethin big. Buuuuuuh who knows...I say hold on tight everyone. If you plan on selling, Wait til January arrives.
  4. Don’t sell yet. Just hold. Atleast til the first day of the new year if you aren’t patient enough
  5. I definitely believe that the Ripple Riddler is an insider. It’s just a weird coincidence how right as he signs off his last video, the price begins to rise. But hey I ain’t complaining;) buckle up gentlemen ??
  6. With all the steps Ripple is taking, 0.45 just doesn’t sound sensible to me. I personally believe right now it should be ATLEAST 1.25. I think we may be overdue for a rise. But that’s just my opinion. If nothing happens by end of the year, then I would give it another year or two (if patientable enough).
  7. Can anyone help me figure out what’s so important about -November 5th? -November 11th? -November 18th?
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