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  1. To be honest, I am not entirely sure. I assumed that it was June/July because that's what I kept hearing and all those Japanese banks are going online later this month, alongside all those juicy conferences that are happening this month. It's gonna be FANTASTIC. I am hoping it goes down before the SegWit thing in August so I can captialize on that after the coin lockup.
  2. They are all getting ready for the coin lockup, which is probably happening this month considering that tons of banks are going online with XRP usage this month.
  3. What benefits are going online for Ripple this month? What banks start using it from now until the end of the year and when? I hear that this month and the next are CRAZY.
  4. I saw in another thread saying that it was the first week of June with no source. All I hear are reports of it happening "this summer" which is extremely vague.
  5. Thank you for the clear an concise answer. I felt like this was the reason, but I was unable to articulate it. Glad I bought in early and held on tight.
  6. Well I keep hearing about cozy relationships with Japanese banking firms, JP Morgan Chase, et al. Makes me feel safer because the big financial instiutions are behind them and insuring them. But I wanna know if I'm wrong in my understanding an analysis. And as usual, thank you all for your patience with me as a newbie.
  7. You are correct, but how does being friendly with some of the huge banking firms affect them in all this? For some reason I imagine XRP would be an extra safe bet.
  8. Good point. In any case, I was curious about how it'd affect XRP itself, considering it might be shielded from the financial chaos that might ensue.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the cycle of the US economy suggests a huge recession really soon and the leadership doesn't seem interested in mitigating negative effects from it. Will people run to cryptocurrencies for security? I'm still kinda new at this so please be so kind as to explain.
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