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  1. Idk but it’s not hard to find his old deleted Reddit posts and realize how much of a troll he is.
  2. KaaKaRmA

    Swift Fights Back

    We need more patience in this space.
  3. Now that insider Kichiro (Mr $50 in 24/hr) has admitted he’s fake, I hope he gains the courage to ask out his crush. https://www.removeddit.com/r/AskMen/comments/9l4zj2/got_a_crush_i_barely_know_her/?st=JPK5MHYA&sh=c52c3485
  4. KaaKaRmA

    Stay strong!

    This isn’t a get rich quick investment. Being upset sort of implies underlying diagnosis of hopium. This is a long term investment. If you beleive, as I do, that it’ll be over $5-10 some day, then buying at anything under that is a value and investment. Who cares what others bought in at or when they bought in. Get what you can afford to lose, set it and forget it.
  5. Sam and his pump and dump group have changed the dates so many times I’m losing track. Now he says Feb 2019. After saying BG123 has been wrong so many times, he randomly thinks the 10th tooth got set back by 2 cavities now and Feb is it somehow.
  6. Sams problem is in his arrogance and lack of due diligence. Kichiro is a troll and Sam takes his word for it now. Hope he’s not trying to move his $50/24 hours by first 2 weeks of December to “February” now. You can’t just keep pushing dates back that fit your interpretation of a riddle. I’m not sure why I’m surprised. His followers are also hawking pyramid scheme marketing on their Facebook pages. Sam has probably been this way his entire life: Sams mom: “Sammy Santa Claus isn’t real. Daddy and I made it up” Sam: “Mom, I’m 43 years old. I think I know that he’s real by now. Do you not go to the malls and see him there? Open up your eyes. You have no idea what your about to experience. Remember that little kid that ran out of the store in the mall screaming “SANTA!”? He knows what’s happening. “ Sams mom: “Sammy...we made it all up...” Sam: “You’re so clueless. You’re a fool if you fall for the made up smoke screen. Did you not see the Christmas cards? He’s making a “quiet” symbol with his hands to the kid. He’s telling us to not listen to your noise.” You all are suckers if you beleive he’s made up! Hahahahaha!!!“
  7. This can’t be real life. SamIAm literally saying this is all a smoke screen. My prediction was spot on. Maybe he should take my predictions.
  8. I’d assume fairly legit considering when he sent the message and the fact he won’t respond to Cobb anymore after he lost Cobbs trust.
  9. BG123 even sent Cobb a message and asked if he should take his price prediction back. This guy is either trolling or extremely delusional and doesn’t want to face reality.
  10. This is the problem though. Too many with hidden agendas that push these riddles and prey on weak minded get rich quick type. Too many are over exposing themselves to something they truly don’t understand, expecting unrealistic results.
  11. This is a great tactic by Bg123. Come back, play hero of shaking out phony copy cats, and then throw tons of riddles into new year, getting people to forget or convinced the $589 was delayed, thus legacy lives on. Can we we all not just invest on fundamentals and logic? What does it really matter what a cryptic code tells us? It changes nothing if we hold.
  12. This. Coinbase already hit and passed it’s peak for retail investors. It was important back then due to difficulties elsewhere to purchase. Since then, more have gotten educated how to purchase as well as other platforms have made it much easier and become more relevant. Coinbase blew their opportunity.
  13. I get it. I remember when I learned Santa wasn’t real. It was an emotional day. If you fail to see the difference between a Riddler, throwing paint randomly at a canvas to make something that can be interpreted a million ways vs someone who has friends who are employed that touch aspects of what a company is working on, and openly states that(no moon switch, working on adding liquidity), then I can easily see why you fell for the Riddles in the first place. This is a great time to step back, question and analyze everything, and for once has critical and logical thinking. We’ll be okay. In fact, nothing has changed minus bear hunting season has begun. You’re XRP should be a long term hold.
  14. I’m not a Riddler. I know people who work on projects with Ripple, as do likely several others on this board. There’s no Riddles and top secret info of magic moon/flip the switch dates. I’ve openly said numerous times there’s a focus on projects to increase liquidity. The extent and exact details, I’m not privy too. I spoken the truth and called b.s on this **** from day one to protect you guys bassed on what I know. You’ll get a lot of backlash when you crush riddle and when moon boys dreams with reality.
  15. In before SamIAm either: A. Tried to ignore it or B. In his next video continues... ”Guys! This is what the Riddler pointed us too. Remember those hot air balloons floating away? He was signaling that BG decoder would leave YouTube to throw a smoke screen. Remember the smoke in Richie Rich’s riddle? There ya have it! Decoder also pointed this out to us with his chess piece. He was telling us it was his time to make a move. OPEN YOUR EYES GUYS! If you can’t see this you simply don’t understand what is about to happen. My banking insider, Kichiro, Richie Rich, Bob the Janitor, Phyllis the Phony , and Joan the nitter have been emailing me saying this is about to happen. We need to move the dates out a few months but we’re on track!” There is a lot of weak minded followers upset today.