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  1. Even in a perfect world scenario where banks are using XRapid, the settlement time is what ultimately hurts XRP price. It’s not the amount of transfers banks are making daily that matters as much as how many combined with the amount that are happening per second, minute, etc. Now if banks hold large sums of XRP (which they won’t need to and likely wouldn’t for a variety of reasons), then that could put upward pressure on price, as liquidity dries up. In the end, as long as Ripple’s preferred partner exchanges are set up and have liquidity, the transfer are so fast that the XRP will be available to supplement the next transfer in a matter of seconds. Hopium is fun Hopium is unrealistic.
  2. Follow DrTrump for updates. Actually, I mean follow TiffH for updates.
  3. No their not. Their “insiders” that create Twitter accounts, tweet some cryptic stuff, and follow him. From there they pose as insiders as he gives them recognition and they feed him more trolling messages. He doesn’t vet out any sources, as that’d ruin his theories and views. He should change his screen name it Ohhforrr.
  4. It’s new for Ripple the company. XRP is decentralized and not a security, remember? Therefore if Ripple doesn’t control XRP, this shouldn’t have any impact on XRP. We can’t have our cake and eat it too.
  5. This is what people don’t realize. Banks need to profit. They’ll pass on the costs anyway they can. Everyone likes to use the “their not using XRP or they’d save more” excuse. Reality is banks will be hesitant to invest heavily into something few others are using. Add on training on top along with keeping current system and it’s a large headache for most banks. Ripple is building a lot of partnerships but has yet to produce any significant xrapid or XRP usage. It seems more clear many are utilizing their other software solutions.
  6. My bank allows me to withdraw as much as I want as overdraft but that doesn’t mean I do.
  7. This certainly isn't good news and I'm sure we'll have the typical few putting the positive spin on this. The reality is simple: 1. Ripple the company creates awesome software and has a great product, with or without XRP. 2. XRP is unique. However, it could be too soon to market and the market isn't ready for it yet with all the lack of clarity, regulations, not being educated, etc. We can sit around and say "Look at all the partners, just waiting on a switch!", but the truth is we've still yet to see any impact or adaption really with xRapid, which launched awhile ago. Ripple holding so much XRP is alarming, despite the escrow. It's funding their core business at the moment, which is paying their employees and funding their brand. Ripple will succeed with or without XRP and their will come a big decision when competition and big players adapt a strategy and it forces Ripple to go all in with their digital currency or ditch it and focus on their corresponding technology and software side of their business, which they'll succeed at al well.
  8. Ripple doesn’t exist to make a fortune of XRP. That’s a nice byproduct of their vision is successful. Ripple the company exist to create the software and technology that lacks in the market today. They have an amazing system that self funds these operations and growth. From a pure monetary standpoint, they have more than enough cash flow from their current set up. Yes, everyone wants more always but I doubt Ripple is sitting around figuring out how to increase the price of XRP so their stash is worth more.
  9. Anything more is greed. They have more than enough to supplement their business monthly without raising red flags and questions. I mean the company is funded by a digital asset which they hold $15b worth of, which they essentially control the success of the asset as a whole... lots of questions could be raised there and I doubt they want the spotlight on being a trillion dollar company with big price increase, especially when any attempts to liquidate would significantly drop the price. Ripple is completely fine with their current set up of getting hundreds of millions to fund their business monthly from an escrow, which eventually will result in a funded business that focuses on selling software and technology to large banks and companies. Anymore more than that is a bonus for Ripple.
  10. Ripple the company is essentially using their XRP stash as their VC money. They’ve got so much XRP, they could care less if it increases in value, as it’s worth so much already at .2-.3c range. At the end of the day, if XRP token isn’t used for whatever reason, Ripple the company can continue to be very successful due to their technology and software, which is where their real money is. Their distrusting the fintech industry with their superior technology and pushing the XRP agenda as one of many products, as it helps fund their business as well. Tough to say how this all plays out.
  11. At this point it’s starting to become more clear that it’s going to take mass utility to move the price in significant increments. That utility is facing stiffer competition daily as new coins, technology, partnerships, etc threaten XRP. Yes, we can say they’re inferior but we can’t be blinded by the fact the best isn’t always chosen and/or used. XRP is still a great investment and at these prices, even if you don’t believe in XRP as much as before, it’s worth grabbing a bag, storing on a ledger, and setting a reminder to check it in 5 years. This day to day, every 6 month or end of year price crap is just that...crap.
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