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  1. I'm not saying it's a yawn. I'm not saying it's not positive. It's both of them and a great step for XRP. What I am saying is everyone was pounding their chest saying Ripple acquired Moneygram. That is purely false. If they had say "Is Ripple investing in Moneygram?" , then the narrative is much more realistic. A 6-10% stake, as stated by Brad himself, is by no means in any world an acquisition. An acquisition is a takeover, which I clearly stated Ripple would not do.
  2. Acquiring vs another partnership is much different. 6-10% of the company is not acquiring. The hopium is strong here.
  3. Ripple acquires Moneygram. ....Ripple partners with Moneygram. Yawn. There is a BIG difference between these two.
  4. You should be thanking me for help bring some credibility and integrity to a community plagued with hopium, bears, and when moon boys. XRP is a great investment. We can do without the circus.
  5. Still waiting on this announcement.... Ripple also bought Swift....just trust me....they'll announce it someday.
  6. The XRP mass community is one of the easiest to fool. If a cartoon bear can get them, surely this would. Everyone is drinking too much of the hopium. Fortunately, there’s a large chunk on this board who are wiser than your average bear (pun intended).
  7. Imagine a forum where every XRP YouTuber self promotes every time they upload a new video.
  8. Stop promoting your own videos. Users can subscribe if they’d like.
  9. BG123 strikes again! He had half those colors in his last image!!!!
  10. The faster the XRP community realizes there is no switch to flip, no instant moon shot, no secret world currency plans, etc then the faster they’ll realize they can sell the peaks and buy the dips like clockwork and make a fortune.
  11. XRP should have been at the moon already according to all these YouTube hype men, riddlers, loosely tied associations, “key dates”, etc. I guess all the whales watch these too though so their just shaking out the weak hands one last time.
  12. There is no Facebook/XRP relation. There is no Ripple acquisition of Moneygram. You should delete your Twitter and reconsider who you follow.
  13. False. He did not raise hundreds of thousands. He likes to take credit for raising 77k for St.Judes but that’s that total raised by King Blue and this effort so far, not all CKJ did. When you look at it from the fact that CKJ raised a few hundred and then skimmed $200 off the top, it looks a lot worse.
  14. haHahA That’s for sure my ripple brother!
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