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  1. KaaKaRmA

    Who does this?

    If XRP is going to work as intended, it’ll be valued based on a utility driven case. Any and all FUD or media will be irrelevant. The only influence this stuff has is on its current speculative price but to the long term focused investor, it’s irrelevant.
  2. Replace respectable with “back to a community not viewed as a joke”, and that’s more accurate of what I meant to say.
  3. *Not shown in the image is SamIAm and CKJ with their head up his ass.
  4. KaaKaRmA

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    I saw that. It looks like he’s scrubbed a lot of Ripple and role from his online presence, which leads me to believe it could be something related to SEC and clarity, distinguishing influence over XRP.
  5. KaaKaRmA

    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    JP Morgan has always had its own views on this space. If anything, it could push more banks towards XRP for a competing solution as FOMO is real in this industry and many play follow the leader.
  6. Oh BG123. Is he somehow going to claim JP Morgan coin news, which has 0 to do with Ripple/XRP. Sadly some will believe he has info to entire industry happenings and events. The sooner these followers realize he’s teamed up with CKJ to monetize his hype via releasing clues and content via his channel for views and donations to split, the sooner we can all get back to being a respectable community. Thats for sure.
  7. In the grand scheme it doesn’t matter. Anyone can spread as much FUD as they want, short term speculative price may drop, but to any long term holders it’s all irrelevant as were invested based on case utility driven increases, not speculation.
  8. They’re so brainwashed that it’s almor cult like. There is always a reason the date is pushed back and a cult leader will loosely tie noose to one of the broad images to keep giving them hope.
  9. KaaKaRmA

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it. Realist post don't always sit well with the masses, but it prevents an echo chamber and is often needed. You raise good qustions, many which I'm curious about as well. Ripple is in a very interesting situation. They're bulldozing forward with partnerships and signing up customers left and right, with a business that holds billions in a digital asset, which is ultimately the backbone of their operation. The interesting situation is that while they're strongly pushing that XRP is not a security, they have much influence over XRP (Xpring, Coil, etc) and employee many individuals to drive the market. One could argue that even if Ripple the company doesn't exist and XRP exist, the price is directly correlated to the efforts of Ripple the company. It's possible the SEC is realizing this and pushing back with such claims and forcing Ripple to make moves to remove such XRP influence type roles. It's a very interesting move.
  10. KaaKaRmA

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    He was the Chief Market Strategist for Ripple, not XRP. Ripple doesn't own or control XRP (if following the not a security pathway), so why would he let go for something outside his control?
  11. KaaKaRmA

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    They likely wouldn’t just let someone like Cory go. They’d likely use his talent and name in another role. However, it’s doubtful they’d make an official announcement and eliminate him/his position without something coming info effect first.
  12. KaaKaRmA

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    You still need PR and marketing in every company, regardlsss of how much it grows. Using this logic, it would mean that companies such as Pepsi don’t need PR and Marketing anymore but just need to hire for growth. If Ripple is in a spot where they need to cut their PR face of the company to make more additional resources, we are screwed. We can’t just assume banks are coming to us. We still need people to tell the story, grow the ecosystem, and sign up some of the bigger banks. Then we need to convince them to use XRP and XRapid. We don’t have any true Xrapid usage yet so I doubt Ripple would consider his job done.
  13. KaaKaRmA

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    It’s called being logical. I’m 100% confident in my investment in XRP. However, I’m also not looking for any and all justification by putting a false positive spin on every bit of news. I mean, just look at the comments: “His job is done! He’s not needed anymore!” ... look show ridiculous that sounds. Companies simply don’t like or want negative press or turnover, especially not from a key face of company. We can’t selectively choose which news is deemed good and which is bad for sake tricking ourselves into believing more in our investment. Swift CEO steps down and it means he’s admitting defeat, Cory’s position eliminated and it means he’s done his job so they don’t need him...
  14. KaaKaRmA

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    I think your hopium bucket is a little too full. Cory may not be top talent in value he’s bringing, but many of these tech companies rely on names to help gain exposure and credibility, which is exactly what Ripple sought after pulling Cory. When Ripple needs new positions, it looks poorly when they try to recruit and have high turnover. Customers also want to know who they’re working with, not expecting high turnover etc. There’s much more to this story than Ripple just eliminating a position, especially of someone who’s been a key face of your company. You can put any positive spin on it you want but it’s much more than a “markets changed, sorry Cory we’re letting you go”. Obsorbing his salary is a non issue for Ripple.
  15. Allegedly Cory Johnson got caught leaking info in the form of a bear and has since been release of his duties at Ripple. Will be interested to see the last of the info he has leaked his his upcoming riddles.