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  1. The only thing I read is: TESTING. Nothing more nothing less. Welcome to the syrupy / conservative / risk-averse / over-regulated world of the financial sector. Implementation of large business changes is a process of years and years. When it comes, it comes with the thunder and I'l be in the front row...??????
  2. For within the Euro zone, therefore, no multiple currencies, so no bridge asset needed for settlement. Is just positive news, because it means that we are turning into a digital fiat, so in between different digital fiat bridge assets necessary (xrp).
  3. Do You have to pay tax over the tips you receive? It is a sort of income, right? just curious.
  4. I use Bitstamp all the time, no problems. I live in Europe and you? Maybe that has something to do with it.
  5. Which company buys the next billion xrp from the escrow next month? Great news money 20/20, growing Xrapid environment.....they are in line, I think.
  6. So, 65 against 12....... when did this poll expire? - Make the tipbot invisible, I think Wietse know how. - max tip 0,1 - Bronze/Silver/Gold is separed, is has nothing to do with the tipbot.
  7. Nice good answer....Thank you for your welkom.
  8. Whoo that would be awesome. I heard a lot of The Zerpening Club. I will try to give some positive feedback from my side, I'm more a reader than a poster, I don't like to post things that are allready have been posted.
  9. Thankyou Chewiecoin, I will. I already did some reading what you posted and hell you did your research about XRP. I will try to trow in some positieve news as well. keep up the good work!! What's paling?
  10. I just posted a new post, but it was for you. Still the alcohol....
  11. After last night it is better to stay a while in quarantine. We(me and a other "alcoholist") dronk 2 bottles, , of white wine, when I woke up this morning there were 3 empty bottles........I lost a bottle. So today I'm not at my best.....
  12. Hi Flintsone, thnx for waving.
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