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  1. So I never have to sell my XRP. I can just collatealize my XRP, issue a stable coin to myself, buy assets that generate income, then increase my position in XRP. I'm not HODLing. I'm NEVER SELLING. "Look at me. Look at me. I am the captain/bank now"
  2. Video Part 2 ~4:53 "I don't think anyone is position to really manipulate those prices." That lip purse there at the end. Not sure he believes that statement.
  3. Did some more research, I think I understand now but not certain. @Tinyaccount let me know if i figured it out. Drops do not have ID numbers/tags. The ledger keeps track of the balance of drops, not individual drops. Therefor fungibility of drops can not effected as they can't be individually identified. It is the wallet/address that can be blocked/blacklisted from transacting by exchanges/wallets/merchants?
  4. My apologies still trying to get all the jargon strait. By "coin" I meant individual unit of account. Investopedia: Fungability Based on the definition above, my understanding of fungability is: A bushel of apples is fungible with another bushel of apples if it is of the same "kind and, same quality" of apples. A bushel of apples that have gone bad will not be of the same "quality", the bad apples are no longer fungible with other apples of the same "kind". Lets say I'm an apple merchant and I accept XRP. If my address gets flagged because I have received drops from an address where the owner has been identified to be in/from a country deemed high risk, (the Iranians really love my apples) and I am no longer allowed to transfer those drops into certain exchanges. Do the drops in (at?) my address have the same utility or "quality" as non-blacklisted drops? The drops in (at?) my address have been blacklisted, "gone bad" in the apple example, those drops are no longer of the same "quality". If a drops transnational history can get it blacklisted for further transactions is that drop still fungible compared to untainted drops? I would argue that a blacklisted drop does not have the same utility (universal transferability), therefore they are no longer fungible. Please point me in the right direction if I'm off base.
  5. What does settlement time have to do with high risk in this context? In the article high risk = transaction originating from an undesirable source. Are you confusing high risk with price volatility?
  6. Will this affect individual XRP coins fungability? Will there be regulations requiring certain exchanges to not allow transactions for coins with high risk scores? I think that XRP being strait laced and working with regulators is/can be an advantage, but what happens if I'm party to a transaction with a "flagged" coin and now my XRP is essentially worthless?
  7. The news is a few months old (04/25/2019) but. https://www.coindesk.com/payments-firm-wirex-launching-26-stablecoins-on-the-stellar-blockchain And this one (04/16/2019) https://www.coindesk.com/etoro-launches-full-crypto-exchange-and-8-custom-stablecoins The Stablecoins are coming...
  8. I think the paltry ~$300 billion market cap shows that the majority of the big swinging d*** money hasn't entered the market.
  9. Why haven't the institutional investors entered the market? - They are subject to regulations that limit the types of assets they are allowed to hold. Clear taxonomy and regulation will solve this. - Volatility - financial tools that offset risk will minimize this (thus all the excitement for Bakkt) Facebooks Libra whitepaper showed it isn't terribly difficult to start a stablecoin. Just get some partners with some cash, head to Switzerland file some papers to start a organization to manage it, then just figure out the % of what fiats you want to back it. All the big players are going to either join a faction or start their own, the race is on.
  10. Institutional investors aren't hopping in util there is clear regulation and reliable financial tools to offset risk. The upcoming FOMO land-grab for stablecoins is the next big wave of money/fiat flowing into the IoV.
  11. "Banks? Where we're going we don't need banks." - BG Soon no one will care which bank Ripple has partnered with. Those partnerships mattered because of fiat on ramps. Fiat is going to pour into the crypto space with the upcoming stablecoin boom. Then all anyone will talk about is how many base pairs/exchanges XRP is trading on.
  12. lol... I was going for what does it take regulation wise. From the link: The e-money licence makes it look like it's not a high bar.
  13. How many new stablecoins did we see in 2019? Now that FB has thrown its hat into the ring, I expect a flood of new stablecoin whitepapers to drop in 2020. Get ready for the stablecoin Bubble! What does it take to make a stabelcoin? Not much, I suppose. https://sifted.eu/articles/monerium-challenges-facebooks-coin/ There is going to be a land grab in the not too distant future, Libra may not even be a top contender. All the big players are going to choose sides or create their own. Consumers will start shopping around for the ‘Best’ Money. The public will become increasingly more aware of how their money functions in the economy and the the risks associated with the money in their wallets. All these stablecoins are going to have to start offering users benefits other than accommodating value transfer IE passing interest on deposits onto the holder. Good-bye traditional banks! The competition for money will be intense. The flood of new entrants will cause a call for regulation. Expect central banks to hop on the bandwagon. There will soon be a flood of old money into the new IoV. And it’s going to happen quick. Best news of all is… I know this great bridge asset that will help exchange value between all these new networks.
  14. My apologies. All the jargon is new to me, still working out all the crypto, asset, coin, block chain, token, currency details. Trying to cram the new tech ideas into old definitions is difficult.
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