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  1. This may have been raised previously, so please forgive me if it has. Since the re-emergence of BG123 I’ve done some rifling through some of his old posts and I saw this written a year ago... “Bitcoin is like the Model T ford of its time. Ripple seems to be like a Ferrari..no make that a Lamborghini.” Sounds familiar, huh? Brad does not make his similar statement until the 6th June 2018... Then Schwartz makes an even similar quote about Bitcoin around the time of Bitcoin being 10... https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-jump-started-democratization-payments/amp?__twitter_impression=true Either this is a very common saying over in the US? Or something else... thoughts?
  2. That’s what I’m saying - looks to me very much like the Ripple show. Everything points to Ripple! And so it should! Ha
  3. Also, has anyone noticed that someone from Uber is doing a talk on the use of cryptocurrencies... Plus there are representatives from Starbucks and AirBnb talking about cross-border payments... #clutching
  4. If you didn't purchase them via bank transfer, then you can't even get them out of your wallet. You must perform a wire transfer for the same amount you originally invested! Such a con! See https://twitter.com/RealMcB1/status/1050816754275012609 Apparently, you can withdraw the amount you had to deposit to unlock your coins but you're subject to fees and conversion rates to do so...
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