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  1. How about you take your own advice first and stop messing up threads because you simply don't like them or me? I just highlight something ''hey everyone tomorrow is the day Bitcoin bull run started last year'' and you immediately get upset. I don't understand you. Untill you have something to contribute to the discussion instead of likebaiting with a joke or going completely offtopic, I'm just gonna ignore you from now on, and I don't give a damn what rank or many ''reputation points'' you have. Doesn't make you some kind of high-and-mighty arbitrator that can just derail threads on a whim.
  2. Why do you assume I have some hidden agenda???? I'm just saying that tomorrow is the day that the Bitcoin bull run started. That's it???? Curb your tinfoil man! Getting really tired of everyone assuming I have some agenda. I say again: THERE IS NO SUBTEXT. JUST HIGHLIGHTING ONE YEAR SINCE BTC BULL RUN. And FYI this is the XRP Trading and Price speculation club.....
  3. November 12th is when the bull run started last year. I hope it will happen, but realistically speaking, I highly doubt it. bakkt may give a nice temporary pump but that's it IMO. Would be extremely glad to be wrong, but I don't see it honestly.
  4. BAKKT at December 12, DUH. Not a secret folks. And the info on november the 5th was publicly available. Nothing to see here folks, just a clever guy trolling people who don't read the news.
  5. Rich people who talk about how rich they are tend to not be rich for very long. A secret of the old money is that they keep a low profile. I'm guessing you're the kind who will buy a lambo immediately.
  6. Bakkt 0.7-0.8 per XRP. Development after that is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to wheter or not we will see $1 EOY
  7. My opinion: IMO BAKKT would be the best time to sell before a major correction happens again once the cryptoverse realizes the benefits aren't instantaneous (Much like XRapid going live and any coin being listed on coinbase). It would be nice if BAKKT gave us a new floor but that's highly unlikely. I expect a lot of profit-taking in the half hours after Bakkt goes live and I will follow suit. Long term BAKKT is definitely a major milestone and important for institutions to get in but ofc we gotta cool our heads and not think this is the ignition sequence to January 2018 2 (Really doubt it; there is no precedence for a crypto bubble of the same size in one year in bitcoin history). I believe in the project and vision of XRP (well DUH, if I didn't I wouldn't invest in it) but it's just plain stupid not to take advantage of the certain pump and correction that any big news entails, then buy back at a lower price Also thank you for not calling me a FUDster and responding sarcastically like the other Gold members.
  8. I still believe in $1 this year due to BAKKT (but not EOY if a post-Bakkt Correction were to happen) . I frankly don't care if I'm too negative or my takes seem too negative, those are just my opinions, as some random guy on the internet, but I have had to keep telling people that IF you're invested in XRP you have to be inherently bullish on its prospects on the long run. It's just that currently I'm not seeing any potential new upside until we get a clear signal to break out of the bear market after BTC's recent failed breakthrough and the uncertainty oft eh Bitcoin ETF ruling.... I'm a natural skeptic but I don't see why that's uncalled for, especially in a nascent field like this
  9. All in all OP is clever.... Sold at the peak of the bubble and can easily buy back at 6:1 (assuming he sold at $3) and as of writing XRp is at 0.5 Same. Just waiting for the next bubble/ pump so I can dump this coin and buy back later a t a lower price......
  10. Perhaps a combination of Jed's selloff triggering a cascade effect, an individual correction of xrp and bitcoin's own price correction???
  11. Indeed, if you pay attention from september you'll see two dumps at 9/25 and 10/10 to 10/11. Jed is the only one with the XRP (and the publicity) to sell enough XRP to cause a short-term global market price shift.
  12. Do you think you're the only one who knows about Jed's 0.75% of daily volume settlement? The point is that Jed sold after the price seemingly stabilized and that triggered, an, I don't know, a RIPPLE effect , as short term profit-takers follow suit. 0.75% of $643,277,315 XRP is $4,824,579 of XRP.... which may not seem much but considering how people have een watching Jed's sell-offs it's not surprising that a ripple effect happened...
  13. https://globalcoinreport.com/40-million-xrp-transferred-former-ripple-executive/ Current price drop due too good 'ol Jed selling his zerps? Massive 40 million transfer happened, few hours delayed dump by Jed???? Feels like the only explanation for the extremely sudden dump we are seeing. People watching and this triggered even more people to sell??? Thoughts? Personally, my own opinion is that it's Jed selling his zerps and people saw the thing while watching transactions which that triggered a larger cascad of short-term profit takers. I think the price will return soon.
  14. That's a pretty pathetic attempt at impersonating a moderator, and if it was a joke it was even lamer
  15. Price has stalled after yesterday's rally. Are we gonna go up or down? And why so?
  16. $50 at least because anything below is FUD trolls who are negative and salty. Am I doing good yet? Can I get my likes now? This is how I become popular right?
  17. False dichotomy. Just because I don't glorify ripple and praise garlinghouse all the time like the Gold members and thus don't get many likes, does not mean I'm spreading FUD.
  18. Did I ask to be invited? Did I private message you for an invitation? Did i write that I want to be invited? Why would I want to join a club where there's only good news all the time? Do you know what ''only good news all the time'' is? Propaganda. Much prefer this open forum, more balanced and I get all sides.
  19. Being a mature investor means taking in both good and bad news. You cannot ''celebrate'' and ''be positive'' all the time. It's very sad that many people here think of this as some kind of fun & games whereas concerns about volatility, total supply and actual usage are extremely valid. Pathetic how conservative estimates get shot down instantly..... Shows the hugbox mentality at work. Just because the technology is good does not mean adoption and usage will be easy, let alone certain. Very sad.
  20. Guys this isn't sustainable.... just rumors about an apple pay partnership via wirex. I don't believe any of these rumors until they become actual news and have a set date (like BAKKT)
  21. What institutional investors? The last time this happened XRP has had to make some big announcement (xrapid launch) or a truly tempting rumor (coinbase listing). Now, out of the blue, XRP has overtaken ethereum again with nothing happening.....
  22. What is happening? 15% in less than one day.... No new news, the Bitcoin ETF ruling isn't set, BAKKT is still a month away, what is happening right now? Why is the market going on fire?
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