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  1. Ridiculous comparison. XRP market cap is larger and XRP have 2x more coins in circulation. They only thing they should care about is the gained profit percentage. Besides, pumps like this wont last forever and price wont stay like that. I've seen it many, many times: coins that grows parabolic will fall as hard as they goes up. But the sentiment of XRP maxis here has of course changed
  2. Not sure if I understood your post regarding: My interpretation is that most investors invested in Ripple for a future profit - so its for money. I don't use a specific term for my activities, which has different connotations, and I don't like that. I invest - or whatever term you would like to use - in multiple crypto projects in order to make money and that's my only goal. I use different strategies and I try to take advantage of the price swings. I don't have any perception that I own a part of Ripple when I buy XRP and I'm definitely not a accredited investor.
  3. I don't know what Tetragon is thinking here, especially as a investor. I mean they must have been done their due diligence before investing in Ripple, such as risk analysis etc and eventually saw Ripple as a potential good investment. So why this move? Now, if they think Ripple is already f**ked, then fine. But again, we haven't even the lawsuit and we don't know the contract details between Ripple and Tetragon. What exactly made Tetragon to think that they are entitled to force Ripple to redeem stock? Because it's a security? No, this will be decided in court and there hasn't even been a pre-trial! So to me this sounds premature to say at least!
  4. People draw all kind of conclusions and they haven't seen the lawsuit
  5. I don't understand this or if this is a correct interpretation. SEC charges Ripple et al. for illegal securities offering. To be charged in the first place, you have to sell an unregistered security - XRP that is. Ripple et al. did sold XRP and violated security laws (and currently still engaging in unlawful offer and sales) according to the SEC. If XRP is not a security, you cant be charged with securities violation and SEC clearly sees XRP as a security.
  6. I do have my own opinions - but I think its best for people to draw their own conclusions
  7. I recommend everybody to watch it! Very important stuff pointed by Greg Kidd and how this whole SEC case is very unusual.
  8. This is why we hate or love JavaScript! EDIT: The trick of understanding this is to acknowledge how JavaScript coerce stuff and how "loose" equality == and "strict" equality === comparison works
  9. To be honest I haven't really cared about the functional programming paradigm, so I have ignored all that altogether including F#
  10. Why F# Would prefer C# or even better JavaScript/NodeJS or perhaps some wrapped version with TypeScript You don't need to run your own rippled server per se, although its encouraged to do so since public servers from Ripple might become unavailable at any time. And yes, some API's - Admin methods - are only available when using a local rippled server. If understand correctly public methods should always be available. WebSockets allow you to setup a connection whereas both the client and server can send messages to each other with the same connection, which is kept open. So the client might for example monitor incoming payments from the server (or whatever event) and run some logic based on that event. The "API" technique is simple when the client send some JSON calls to the rippled server and gets a response. There is no connection that remains open. You call different endpoints depending if you are using JSON calls or WebSocket since they are different protocols (HTTS vs WSS) - but they lead to the same ledger. Everything is detailed on https://xrpl.org/get-started.html EDIT: Just to clarify - there is no "best" method per se. It depends on what you are trying to get done.
  11. Here is what I think. Its not that crypto came into existence yesterday or something like that. I'm sure that the US government quickly became aware of Satoshi's work. Now fast forward to where we are today. The lack of clarity and the absence of action from law makers clearly says it all. The Obama administration didn't offer clarity. The Trump administration didn't offer clarity. And here we got this pickle and the whole industry in the US is in a weird state of limbo. What exactly is allowed and not allowed? "Well - we cant tell you!" Crypto challenges the US hegemony. Crypto is decentralized and this is something governments cant control. They don't want innovation in this industry, but rather they want to make everything more difficult. One example is the recent FINCen wallet rule. https://cointelegraph.com/news/heavy-hitters-of-crypto-call-for-users-to-comment-on-proposed-fincen-wallet-rule The USD is a big Ponzi scheme with none-stop printing from the Federal Reserve and not to mention the enormous debt that will only get bigger. People's hard worked money gets undermined daily and its not strange that people move some of their assets to crypto. Yes, crypto might be a bubble but at least you cant "print" more just like that. This is new paradigm and in the end this is war that the US government will lose.
  12. I don't think there is anything wrong with what David said in that context. Ripple is trying to solve a billion dollar problem and modernize how we deal with payments. XRP is the tool to accomplish that. Of course if XRP manages to slowly and surely capture that market, then of course the XRP value should rise. And that is just a hypothetical scenario.
  13. Yes, absolutely. But I'm still not convinced. Are you able to read and understand legal jargon? Otherwise I would like that to be confirmed from someone that actually work with law. This lawsuit wont be settled anytime soon in the close future. So you've got plenty of time to learn everything, suggest your amendment, save Ripple and BOOM we go directly to the moon!
  14. How is that everyone is so sure that the large holding per see is the problem which thus constituted a violation? The lawsuit is clearly says that defendants sold a unregistered digital asset - XRP.
  15. Anyone can speculate on the future, like XRP price. Current ODL volume proves otherwise
  16. I hardly believe that ODL will capture already high efficient, high volume corridors such as USD/EU, USD/JPY etc. Sure, you might still have legacy infrastructure that can be replaced with RippleNet (earlier xCurrent, xVia) but that doesn't use XP. Sure, ODL will be useful on small or exotic corridor. And depending on what wishful, fantasy calculation you take, you can calculate all sorts of XRP token value. But this assumes everything is going towards a very positive direction; as David said, "could".
  17. BTC and Ethereum "core" developers gets paid. Most other projects have some kind of funding for developers to continue development. And funding for all kind of activities. We are not even talking about the same scenario and or even the same thing. I ment protocol change as in a feature that allows nodes to decide at given will - majority vote or whatever - forcefully move someones tokens/crypto. Who said I wanted to contribute in the first place? This was your whole idea allt together (not that this is new at all in first place). Why don't you do something? You claim you have C++ experience. You can study the rippled code and make your changes. Many of you seems to have the same mindset. But nobody wanna to do something but so eager to dump Ripples stash. To be honest, nothing will happen lol.
  18. US regulators at its best! Something can be currency AND a commodity AND a security at the same time! What a crazy jurisdiction to do business on
  19. If you have a new business idea, the cash to back it up, a way of marketing and convincing people to use your product - that is all the fundamentals - then go ahead and fork the project. The coding is the easy part. Its one thing to suggest protocol changes due to bugs, performance improvements, new features or anything technical related - which is all fine. Now its completely another thing If you just want to dumps Ripple's stash. I agree that the community should decide the protocol rules which is enforced by miners, validators or whatever construct. But allowing nodes to decide currency/token ownership you are opening doors to dangerous territories such as politics. Its not up to the community to decide questions like who can transact, how much they can hold, who are allowed to hold and worst of them all force movement of currency from someone. No one will use such a blockchain. For whatever reason, my coins that I hold today might have been forcefully moved tomorrow. And no other project has introduced a similar feature. Also, such amendment will never happen anyway. Think I'm wrong? You are very welcome in the future to tell me I was wrong!
  20. Its just a pre-trial. Its a first talk to discover if the parties can settle - most likely not. I guess this will go on for at least for a year. Jesse Hynes explains this well:
  21. To be fair, I think the SEC have trouble giving guidance on this new technological landmark with regards to crypto and at the same token set a guiding precedence. It seems very unfit and clumsy to apply a obsolete a old law, the Howey test on something that is no-way comparable to a traditional security. The problem is the US. Ignoring the crypto revolution and regulators should be more proactive in this new space. You cant stop it and they should embrace it like other countries.
  22. Nobody knows. If you absolutely cant lose it all (XRP going to zero) then get out while you can. Never invest more you can lose and don't put your eggs in same basket. There is no get rich-quick scheme.
  23. Not sure if someone have already mentioned this, but Flare is registered in the British Virgin Islands. So no SEC slam. https://www.datocapital.vg/companies/Flare-Networks-Ltd.html https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/flare-networks-417a Now the question whether being a security or not, Flare have taken ... ... whatever that means. I guess they have learned from Ripple lol.
  24. Is that Garlinhouse own words or opinions from Ken Melendez in that blog? Is a well known fact most (if not all?) of the volume (in all cryptos) comes from retail speculators. There is nothing there that per see that says retail speculators are the main target. Just stating the facts.
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