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  1. 1 hour ago, SquaryBone said:

    Why would they be actively promoting XRP? It's a technology. Internet providers don't promote TCP/IP or HTTP or ...

    They promote a banking service. I wonder if they promote ODL in itself? That would make more sense. No need to mention XRP though or crypto.

    No mention of ODL although the reference to XRP is inferring this? 

  2. I work for a bank which is part of the IBOS network - https://www.ibosbanks.com/. I have managed to get a copy of a presentation Ripple made to the member banks recently. Whilst RippleNets's capabilities are heavily promoted, In the 36 page pdf, XRP only gets one brief bullet point - "On-demand via XRP Bridging (future)" My take away from the document is that Ripple are trying to extend their partnerships with FI's, they are not actively promoting XRP as an on demand liquidity management tool at present.

  3. 9 hours ago, Freaky said:

    I can say the same thing for the Australian Banks.

    Less than a day spent with Ripple as part of a wider disruptive technology event, several years ago. Subsequently, we have ruled out using Ripplenet in the near future. We are however part of a consortium of banks in partnership with R3 and Corda.  

  4. I work in international trade for a bank who participates in the Voltron project. I can tell you first hand that trade services in their current guise, Letters of Credit are so archaic, cumbersome and not fit for purpose. This is an area of business which is crying out to be modernised via DLT, smart contracts etc. The information provided by the author is fantastic. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Wandering_Dog said:


    It would seem to me that the banks would be better off replacing the validator network with their own consortium as validators, and if that's the case why not just fork Ripple and save yourself the extra work? 

    Perhaps a stupid questions:

    what would be the implications of that? 

    My worry is that the banks would want to take a ledger away from public eyes. Would it be possible to buy ripple and its infrastructure and use it as their basis for a DLT with XRP as the DA? 

  6. 35 minutes ago, zenkert said:

    Who is He?

    He was part of our innovation team. Admittedly specialising in trade finance. His proposals go directly to senior management for funding. 

    Re liquidity - perhaps a lack of knowledge on my part. Wouldn't a xrapid transaction involve fiat xrp fiat conversion. Couldn't this be achieved by a DA to DA? 

  7. Thanks for the input guys. I'm glad it's opened up a healthy discussion.The work we are doing with R3 around trade finance is in quite an advanced stage.

    If agreeing and implementing a universal DA is too big of a task. What's to stop a consortium of big banks of buying Ripple? Taking the infrastructure off the grid and rebadging XRP as the settlement token? 

  8. Hello, 

    Long time reader first time poster. By way of an introduction, I work for a large UK bank focusing on Trade Finance. As such I have a solid knowledge of the problems in International payments that Ripple are trying to solve. 

    Today we had a meeting to discuss the future of trade services tech. During the presentation several R3 projects were discussed (Voltron & Marco Polo). I couldn't resist asking about IP and if Ripple/XRP was in the banks plans. He was of the impression that banks will build their own shared private DLT supported by a universal DA/Stablecoin to facilitate money movements. Ultimately they will present this tech to Swift and charge them with the maintenance of said ledger thus keeping the status quo intact  I know there's been some threads of similar nature but I wondering what the consensus is on this? 

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