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  1. All you people out there who are thinking about investing in XRP, you're running out of time! A massive bull run is about to come, the Gods have spoken and the stars are aligned. The weak hands are gone and the rocket is fueled. Beautiful fomo is spreading for reason. Big players are entering the game, everybody fasten your seat belt, we're ready for take off. Ladies and gentlemen the next bull run comes this year. I predict 1$ in June!! And much more at EOY... Don’t listen to people arguing too rational, this crypto game is irrational. Massive waves are hidden in the sea and
  2. Apologizing sure isn't easy for most people here. However, i have faith in this forum and believe the tune will change soon enough. If it doesn't, i shall shake the tree again on tax return day and maybe this time, I'll get my well deserved apology.
  3. Chinese new year is finally here. Hundreds of delusional bagholders aggressively promoted their nonsense ("$1 is almost here", "$589 is round the corner", etc.), calling it a "positive attitude". They did it for the whole year, shutting up and shaming everyone who disagrees. What I want to see in this thread is at least one overexcited optimist admitting his mistakes. Is it really so hard to say: "yes, I was wrong"? I'll be waiting for all of your apologies.
  4. The chinese new year and tax returns are coming, moon soon.
  5. Be thankful you're not from Canada, we have no ID and passports are a pain to get. Not only that, unless you're buying $20,000+ of bitcoin, you can't pay with a bank account. Instead, you must drive around town all day buying flexepin codes. Did i mention only 4 stores sell them in my entire province and each ones have a daily $2000 sale limit ?
  6. Not true, they'd have to take me out, break into my safe, find where my passphrase is and then use my funds. That's a lot of work for a very little payout. Also, It's not really paranoia when any 12 years old with hacking tools could eavesdrop on you. With this logic you might as well just leave your crypto in an exchange.
  7. Now If only they would add 2FA and remove that insecure PIN system. Right now, anyone recording your inputs could steal your funds.
  8. I'd answer but the "crypto gods" on this forum would start putting words in my mouth like always. The only thing i'll say is that herd mentality is almost always wrong. Remember the tether scare a few days ago ? "sell now or go bankrupt" they said. Funny stuff, i gained from all the weak hands selling.
  9. I left 10% of my XRP on Kraken so i could mess around. This week has been good, i'm up 6% and waiting to buy more if/when the price comes down. What about you ? How many % have you left on an exchange to trade ?
  10. You can't keep babying people. They will ruin their own life no matter what. If you don't know what a budget is, you shouldn't even be here to be honest. Loans are a great tool to get cash quickly and all your extra income should go towards paying it back. Also, me being able to afford it doesn't mean you can, that's just common sense which is lacking these days.
  11. Yup, took out a 5 years personal loan at 9,4% interests annually. It's the only debt i have and it will be paid by the end of the year even if XRP goes nowhere so i really don't care. Being scared and crying in the corner about what might happen never helped anyone. Hell, i should've taken out a loan a LONG time ago, back in 2010 when bitcoin was low. I'd already have a yacht by now but i was too afraid of success.
  12. I appreciate the suggestion but my hands aren't weak and am confident $0.42 is a very low price overall. Especially when considering it went up to $3+ at one point. Also, i doubt my deadend job about to be automated will save me 5 years from now. XRP on the other hand, very well might. If it doesn't, who cares ? I'm already broke as a joke, might as well give it my best shot.
  13. Hi, I'm new to the forum but have been dabbling in crypto for the past 2 years. My first investment was for only $1,000 back in early 2017 when the price was at $0.22. I've since sold all of it when the crypto boom happened for $3.26 a piece on the way down. Initially, I knew i could double maybe triple my money but never expected it to go this high. Now that the price is back to rock bottomish and i've seen the potential, i'm all in. I reinvested half of what i made last year, took out the biggest loan i possibly could and put all my savings in XRP. I'm now sitting on a pile of
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