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  1. When do you plan to roll this support out? @enej @gatehub
  2. Thanks for explaining that to me. I do however know what word and characters used, But I can't remember the exact order I put them in.
  3. Not blaming, Of course I know I shouldn't have misplaced my revovery key and secret key. But yes this is mind blowing that there isn't another way to gain access to your account even with being able to verify the same information used to open the account. Drivers License, Utility Bill and ect.
  4. Why is it Gatehub just can't send a password reset email? I have forgotten my password and misplaced my recovery key. This is mind blowing that there is no other way.
  5. Yes I have the 2FA enabled. Is there a way to use that?
  6. I've misplaced my Recovery Key and have sent two email to GateHub support. Are there any employess here or someone with a step by step way to regain access?
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