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  1. Hey, I just got it I tried using a different copy of the wallet and it worked, I was learning to use linux and did the -diff on my wallet and saw some differences in them, so I tried the other copies and it worked straight away. I was sort of shocked and didnt know what to do so I sent some to exchanges lol thanks for checking up and all of the help! tremendously appreciated, I am planning on making a good donation to an orphanage/temple here for the good luck and the relief is amazing! I will post an update soon in the thread too
  2. believe I have everything setup correctly, except perhaps modifications to the wallet-recover file. I have it running and it seems to take some inputs, spits a lot of info etc. few questions : do I enter password as : "password" or password do I enter username as bowler99 or as the real name, B[o]WLer99 etc, or "bowler99" ? I've got three versions of the wallet-recover file open, original, an original edited to use the old method, and the one kindly posted by eiprol. I get the error: error decrypting and authenticating blob:ccm: message authentication failed exit status 1 on version 1, on second I got the error 'undefined: strconv, rand, passkey' (removing new wallet method through commenting and using old) I get the error: invalid BOM in the middle of the file with eiprols, so I am left very dissapointed now but I do feel closer than ever before. I hope its some semantics issue and not an issue with the username or the like.
  3. Since my wallet was OLD, I had to use the old passkey code on dchape's script, as @amulecregg pointed. So I had to find this line and uncomment it (commenting the one above): //passkey := strconv.Itoa(len(*nameFlag)) + "|" + *nameFlag + *passFlag passkey := *nameFlag + *passFlag // old bad method (That also required removing some import at the top of the file) assuming I have an old one too, but what imports did you need to remove? Any other steps besides switching the lines comment status? IIRC you said you had some special characters in your name as well, did you just exclude them?
  4. changing directory appeared to work, but when I change to /home/me/gotest/src/bitbucket.org/dchapes/ripple/cmd/wallet-recover and try to run ./wallet-recover.go I get the error: ./wallet-recover.go bash: ./wallet-recover.go: Permission denied sudo ./wallet-recover.go [sudo] password for me: sudo: ./wallet-recover.go: command not found suppose its close to working but I am not sure where to go from there
  5. echo $GOROOT (blank) go get bitbucket.org/dchapes/ripple/wallet-recover package bitbucket.org/dchapes/ripple/wallet-recover: cannot find package "bitbucket.org/dchapes/ripple/wallet-recover" in any of: /usr/lib/go-1.6/src/bitbucket.org/dchapes/ripple/wallet-recover (from $GOROOT) /home/me/go/src/bitbucket.org/dchapes/ripple/wallet-recover (from $GOPATH)
  6. echo $GOROOT /home/me/go unset $GOROOT bash: unset: `/home/me/go': not a valid identifier ls /home/me/gotest && ls /home/me/go bin src
  7. echo $GOPATH /home/me/gotest ran the (sudo) nano profile to this path and saved/reloaded... echo $PATH /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games:/home/me/go/bin:/home/me/gotest/bin go get bitbucket.org/dchapes/ripple/wallet-recover warning: GOPATH set to GOROOT (/home/me/go) has no effect package bitbucket.org/dchapes/ripple/wallet-recover: cannot download, $GOPATH must not be set to $GOROOT. For more details see: go help gopath thanks again
  8. I don't recall exactly what happened, but it was not displaying my secret key derived from the ripple-wallet.txt, it was an empty one. I am learning linux, programming, and troubleshooting all just to unlock this wallet due to ripples complete disregard for the older customers who did not migrate and relied on backups to secure their funds, its definitely a trial and error process. Although I admit I did not know what you are saying, I was attempting to show that the directory did not exist which it was displaying was the go path/directory/install (unclear on this)
  9. I will start to look into docker but I'd like to try to get the linux version running to try that out first, as I am almost there: I can't for the life of me figure out how to setup goroot/gopath though. Each instruction online seems to be different, yet nothing is working. installed golang (sudo apt-get install golang) but I am doing something wrong with the (confusing, unclear, different in each instructable) export PATH=$PATH: and goroot instructions. which go shows /usr/bin/go cd /usr/bin/go bash: cd: /usr/bin/go: Not a directory I have tried a lot of combinations of export path, goroot in the profiles but at best it still returns gopath/goroot errors, its not clear, is there an easy way to set this up?
  10. I am a bit scared of doing anything here because the xrp is 10x my net worth in funds now, and the only code I know has been from trying to unlock this over the years. Messing up for a few seconds would be devastating, and I am just apprehensive about anything. Emailed ripple, gatehub etc many times, with the ultimate answer being 'your on your own, we never decided to support that version of our own original backups'. Ive tried all of the things recommended in thread to best of my ability and this last dchapes seems to be the most likely to work but its very complicated technically, and I have no idea how to make sure its not a virus, how to compile a program or anything like this, so I am frozen in a way. What can I do to safely run these new programs? I believe they are not malicious, but I have no way to know for sure right now (is there a way to go through every line of the code, sandbox it, or something like that?). Its beyond my ability, and I really cannot take any risk as its critical for me. I got a virus warning from chrome download, and my antivirus also quarantined it, so its not helping my paranoia. Besides finding some way to see if the updated programs are safe, which I will search for, it seems using linux is easier/safer and I am trying to install this but its a huge frustration every step of the way, just not working at all for some reason even though it should be easy. After much troubleshooting to be able to run a virtual machine (had to disassemble my computer and boot without a hard drive to access my bios, as all other options to access it including putting screwdriver to cmos jumpers and removing battery failed to alow bios access, finally getting that up and I am left with inaccessible / undeletable VMs after a shutdown. Trying to install dual boot OS linux has not worked at all, ends up showing grub loader after reboot, and other linux distros somehow install ubuntu instead, but its just more troubleshooting to do and I am sure I can eventually fix each problem and get linux up within a few days. I am motivated to fix this, but its painful and scary. How can I proceed while being completely safe?
  11. ah I didn't notice the new version, when trying to download the wallet-recover.exe from the forked version it failed download (Failed - Virus detected)
  12. that didn't pan out I don't recall exactly why, but I would have definitely gotten it already if that worked! Think it was generating a new wallet or something like that. Thanks for the updates, I don't really understand a lot of what you said, but I will be painstakingly going over everything again; after having also given up. I am pretty paranoid about the actual retrieval incase I am able to unlock it. I would like to simulate going from key-> ledger, I have purchased a little bit of ripple on binance and would like to make sure it works, is there any way to replicate making a new wallet.txt (or going from secret key-> transferable), without using gatehub? that site bothers me a lot , and do not wish to use it if possible. Looking for other wallets on github and I will try to find that minimalist wallet again but a safe link repository would be nice! I am getting a bit worried I will eventually pickup a virus or something along the way,
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