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  1. I agree as well. Due to being in a multi year bear market quite a few people are desperately looking for indicators/reasons for a trend reversal. There could be several reasons why this halvening might result into yet another dissapointing event. Firstly, it could already be priced in. Secondly, as more people start to believe into the halvening being "The Event" which will bring BTC to new heights, it most likely will not. Thirdly, like you said yourself: past performance is no guarantee of future results. I am going to sit back and watch the show unfold, but expecting logic to reign in an irrational market like the cryptocurrency market is foolish to say the least in my opinion.
  2. I also invested in XRP back in October 2017 and haven't sold much since (which I sincerely regret now, but hindsight is 20/20). I am willing to hold on to my investment for a time period of 5 years in order to see if it will flourish. I will reevaluate by then whether I cut my losses or hold longer.
  3. Sub .30$ price action caught me by surprise as well. It's disappointing to see that XRP is still completely at the mercy of BTC. As a result of this, we are almost back at pre bull run prices, which I find absolutely mind boggling given the progress that has been made over the course of the last 1.75 year.
  4. I would like to see a prediction on a date for XRP to reach its ATH by @Molten. Just like Eric's 29th of November prediction.
  5. This is another example of crappy journalism by Coindesk, creating news for sake of "clicks". The first paragraph goes: "A leading bank technology provider in Latin America is partnering with cryptocurrency exchange Bitex to facilitate cross-border payments over the bitcoin blockchain.". But if you scroll a little further, the the article states: "Federico Ast, CEO of Buenos Aires-based arbitration startup Kleros, agreed – adding that regulatory uncertainty and seeing cryptocurrencies “as a fad” are still major barriers to entry for Latin American banks. (...) “I have to be honest. I think this is just the first conversation,” said Olivera. “It’s too early to say whether banks will choose to operate with Bitex but it’s a good first step.”.
  6. I believe the next alt bull run will, again, be fueled by BTC, so I chose the third option. I do believe xRapid volume will have an impact on the price, but it's effect on the trading volume goes slowly, and will therefore take a significant amount of time to ramp up. I am bullish on XRP as a digital asset, but for some decent gains in the coming bull run we can only hope BTC goes to new records heights.
  7. The interesting thing is that this chart corresponds well with Eric's prediction of BTC reaching its all time high near the end of the year, resulting in a horrendous XRP/BTC valuation (or a steal, depending how you look at it). Anyways, exciting times are finally closing in. The down trend sure is getting old..
  8. Indeed. If the price of XRP only goes a little lower, it will take another few weeks or months to reach the the apex.
  9. What percentage is considered to be resistance for BTC's dominance?
  10. I doubt it (bouncing off with a huge rise), but consider me a pessimist. I feel as if something greater/fishy is at play here. It does not make sense anymore to see us gain a few percent (1-2%) every time most of the top coins turn green. We haven't had a decent gain in a pretty long time, while other coins have gained substantially on modest news.
  11. The BTC/XRP chart has been defying all logic for a while now doc
  12. 1/ Good health for the people I care about 2/ Any price above the previous ATH 3/ I'll buy myself a bicycle to go cycle the world and invest the rest of the money in less risky investments, such as bricks. 4/ a fellow holder of XRP 5/ a non-security (hopefully!)
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