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  1. PactaSuntServanda

    Psychology of Whales

    Had an Ennio Morricone song in the back of my head while reading (and visualising) your post. I like it, thanks! Cryptoville will be swarming with life before we know it, all it takes is the patience to see how it enfolds.
  2. PactaSuntServanda

    Be cautious with your buy orders

    @mariusthegreat You seem to be quite bitter because of the current bear market. Moreover, you don't see a future for cryptocurrencies in the foreseeable future. What made you invest in crypto in the first place? There certainly is a lot of hopium being spread over the internet, I won't deny that. But I do think your view is overly pessimistic. The truth most likely lies somewhere in the middle.
  3. PactaSuntServanda

    Why is customer service always so bad?

    I am assuming you are referring to the customer service of exchanges during bull runs? Over the course of this year, many new exchanges were launched in order to deal with a new, larger, batch of retail and institutional customers who will enter the market during the next bull run. I do, however, expect at least a few exchanges to get caught by surprise again by the number of customers willing to enter the market, leading to unsatisfying customer service.
  4. PactaSuntServanda

    Be cautious with your buy orders

    @Cometome To even further back @2ndtimearound 's claim, read Clayton's statement on the approval of a crypto ETF. He addresses the issue of manipulation on exchanges. In order for the SEC to consider approving a crypto ETF, the issue of manipulation needs to be resolved in one way or another. https://www.coindesk.com/clayton-sec-ico-funding-security-offering
  5. PactaSuntServanda

    Be cautious with your buy orders

    That makes sense, thanks. The Big Short is a good movie indeed. I watched it a long time ago, should go and see it again.
  6. PactaSuntServanda

    Be cautious with your buy orders

    Are you implying the SEC is knowingly and willfully withholding information from the public, and its actions are based on (financial) incentives/requests by large institutions? This would imply the SEC is corrupted to the core.
  7. PactaSuntServanda

    Be cautious with your buy orders

    1. What makes you so sure the SEC will make an announcement anytime soon? We have been waiting all year for the SEC to provide any clarity on the status of cryptocurrencies, and more specifically XRP. You don't provide any information to back up your claim. 2. What makes you so sure the SEC will declare XRP a security? You once again provide no information to back up your claim.
  8. These two topics should be merged into one. Besides that, I find this, despite them not using XRP yet, to be a great step forward. Offering real world sollutions like CROSS, will cause the blockchain technology to gain traction. People may not know blockchain technology is used while sending money to friends and relatives, but the service provided will be fast, reliable and cost-efficient and therefore people will be happy. Let's hope this picks up steam fast.
  9. PactaSuntServanda

    Paper Tigers and Real Bears

    Another interesting piece @Hodor, thanks. I do have a question regarding Cobalt. You write the following: Until an implementation schedule for either Cobalt - or a more comprehensive upgrade - is announced, we can only surmise about Ripple's plans for contributing code that will allow XRP to remain the fastest and most reliable decentralized network in existence. Do you imply Cobalt - or a more comprehensive upgrade - will "only" address the issue of scalability and decentralisation? Or will it also address the issue of security? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for sharing, a very good read!
  11. PactaSuntServanda

    Good morning, new guy

    Welcome, good to have you on board Dan!
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    Bittrex Email Announcement of 12/7/18

    Where did you get that info from? Curious to see what the other large(r) markets are. Thanks!
  14. PactaSuntServanda

    coinbase - i know, i know - f*** it, but...

    Mods, please merge:
  15. Hypocrisy at its best. Only 9 months ago Swift downplayed the blockchain tech. https://www.ft.com/content/966f5694-22c6-11e8-ae48-60d3531b7d11 What can we derive from all of this? Ripple and XRP are a serious competitor and can no longer be ignored.