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  1. What's really interesting is that we had to wait until March until this news came to light, even though we've been waiting since last summer for the launch of order book trading. As if no one saw this coming... right. I am not even surprised if SBI postpones this thing to 2020 by the time we hit July. Pardon me for my negativity, but this is just outrageous.
  2. Note to all: launch dates in crypto have to be taken with a truck load of salt.
  3. An interesting summit with noteworthy speakers. Fingers crossed the US' regulators finally awake from hibernation and start to play catch up.
  4. Don't fall too easily for a fancy website and company reports on sustainability. I firmly believe these companies are only driven to become more sustainable because the topic has become 'hot' in recent years. If the vast majority of its costumers demands BTC payments, they will turn a blind eye. There's simply too much money to be made.
  5. But for now we're just talking about the liquid index right? The article states the following: The Liquid Index from BNC gives ongoing data on the costs.
  6. Could anyone please explain me why everyone is so hyped about those indices?
  7. Guessing a future value is all about getting as close a possible to the actual value of the asset at the predicted time. No one will be hailed or praised, it's just for fun and games. If you don't like prediction games, why are you wasting your time in this thead?
  8. With only one month left in Q1, I was wondering there's already an overview/sheet of all the current predictions @tar, @ripplewaytogo ?
  9. I was referring to @KarmaCoverage's first post in this thread. Hence, 'european'.
  10. You're seriously underestimating the fact that BTC is a household name within the cryptocurrency space. The average Joe in Europe who's considering to invest his money into a new asset class like cryptocurrency isn't going to spend days or weeks researching the best asset. More likely he will be overwhelmed by the abundance of choice and therefore picks the top coin, as its name is familiair.
  11. In Obey's defense I would say that we have indeed seen fundamental change over the course of the past year. However, all those tiny bits and pieces are by no means significant enough to cause a reversal of the market sentiment. Not even when you consider them as a whole, in my opinion. What we do need is a cataclyst, something that blows the crypto market in outer space. We need a statement by SEC them fully embracing blockchain and providing absolute clarity on the status of digital assets, or the launch of BAKKT combined with overwhelming interest from institutions as well as the average Joe, causing never to be seen trading volumes. Such an event will cause a clear and desperately needed reversal of the bear market.
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