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  1. Like to hear all comments, good or bad, in using Uphold as the exchange to buy and sell XRP. Newbie here and my main objective is low transaction fees and ability to buy or sell large amounts of XRP immediately with no limits. I have applied for higher limits but K Y C kicks in big time. I am using this at present and not sure if this is cheapest way to get it via fiat currency. There are fees for transferring to offline market, but minimal. Does anyone know of a better way as we speak right now, since this changes day to day.
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    question on changing display name

    Thanks to both of you. That must me an inside joke I will most likely find out about later on the beareableguy I take it?
  3. As a new member to the cryptocurrency world, I would like to know if there is any correlation, positive or negative, for the cryptocurrency market in general with the stock market in general. After the recent market decline last week, I was surprised to see cryptocurrencies decline in general also, especially XRP, which I am invested in. Since bitcoin was started in and around 2008 with the last very steep downturn in not only the markets, but also the economy in general, it seemed to me from what I have read that this market was started as an option for one to protect his assets in, particularly fiat currency. We have all witnessed in the past years the fiat fiasco in some of the third world countries like Venezuela and the like, and this seemed to me to be a great alternative. I was slow to come into this area due to my thinking and age, as that to me is the key to this success. I am not what is now termed for some as a millenial, or even close to it, as I was born in the baby boom generation. This generation made money mainly in real estate and in the stock market. Our pensions are financed on the success of the fund manager in the stock and bond markets. Our thinking is not geared or ingrained in this new idea. We have the notion that the dollar is backed by the full faith of the US government. Of course, any trouble in our money supply is met with more printing by the Federal Reserve. Why do you think we have had this long Bull Market run? The government not only printed out money, but also used alot of that money and invested it in the stock market to keep it afloat. In other words, they have "kicked the can down the road" again. One day we will have to face this debt issue, and the longer it is kicked down the road, the more severe the consequences will be. I have little trust in this notion now, I am sorry to say. In my opinion, this will be the key to the success of this cryptocurrency market. The new generation does not think in the same way, and luckily for them, I do not believe they should. This new generation is not going to be the scapegoat for our government printing out money as it did in the economic turmoil that started as a result of over-leveraged and underfunded real estate investments prior to 2008, or so they say, and the absolutely disgusting way government spends . Bottom line is that this new generation is very weary of "money" and what it holds for them as value going forward. I am weary that my pension fund and ssi benefits and Medicare cannot last for my lifetime. Hence bitcoin was born. Trust is the underlying main ingredient of this new way of thinking in cryptocurrencies as value. Its ease of use in all transactions across any borders ranks up there right after trust. It is paramount to the success of any coin that wants to represent stored value as money. Once this is attained, I see cryptocurrencies exploding. Some will fall by the wayside that cannot fulfill this promise of trust and value. This is my humble opinion, and as a Finance degree educated person and someone who has worked in the field of stock investing, I am very hesitant to have trust in fiat currency of the USA dollar going forward. I feel we are sitting on a time bomb and any hint of state or private pensions or the educational loan debt programs getting in trouble will start a terrible disaster in the economy of not only this country, but the whole world. At what point do you think foreign governments will stop investing in the US dollar? At what point will oil no longer be settled in the US dollar? It is starting now, as we have printed our way into the realm of no return. Our debt is so high right now it is pathetic, and therefore our trust in the US dollar is deteriorating. At least for me it is. I have to start thinking differently like the younger people are doing right now with other options that we can use that have trust as the main element. It is trust that will drive prices higher, or lower. Once this begins, it will be like nothing anyone has every seen in their lifetimes. My only fear is that is can go either way. The main cryptocurrencies of today have to keep trust as the main objective. This will be the primary engine that will drive this market as I am convinced in it. I realize there must be some oversight in some of these cryptocurrency exchanges. However, the government has already made a soon to be disaster scenario for our economy now, and they must not be allowed to mess with this market of new trust that blockchain technology has allowed it to do. I for one am sick and tired of seeing the government get involved in new ventures that are bringing in tremendous wealth to some investors. If this new way of storing value and using it can maintain trust for any individual who sees an opportunity in a cryptocurrency that they feel will bring in positive income streams in the future, then I see this as an explosive growth market for years to come. And which one or two cryptocurrencies that will be the main vehicle to use for all these transactions???? Katy bar the door once this starts. Please understand I have much to learn and may never learn what I need, but it can go either way right now, but I feel if this blockchain technology keeps checks and balances on human interference, it will succeed. My two cents.
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    question on changing display name

    New to forum and wanted to know if the display name that is being used for this forum can be changed? I am guessing that the link to this forum from the XRP CoinMarketCap used my google account for signin. I did not know that by simply joining the XRP chat forum would show this name and not have the ability to change it. Any help on changing my display name would be appreciated as I see no edit links to do this anywhere. Thanks and hello to all this very interesting morning in cryptos.