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  1. I have been dollar cost averaging a little XRP every payday. decided i wanted to to move some BTC ive been holding in a cold wallet for ages into XRP back when the price was close to its lowest in 2018. I forgot how painful BTC was to move. The exchange wanted 6 blocks confirmation. and because I didnt want to move it all in one go (i like to send a little test first) it turned into an exercise of many hours. the xrp back to my cold wallet was of course, instant. the more people go through this experience, especially new people, the more they naturally gravitate to XRP.
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    if it works out that way then let it be said that my arrival heralded the bullrun truth be told, im like Odysseus tied to the mast to prevent me from jumping overboard. I'm more certain than it is probably wise to be about XRPs future but i do fear we have some tough times ahead of us first. HODLing like araldite EDIT: farout.... as i posted the above
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    Hello world

    long time lurker first time poster. apparently i need to dip my toes in the newbie section first. o/
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