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  1. An incredible list of topics. Thank you so much for doing this for the community. We're all going to Ripple University with Prof. Bob.
  2. Player with Ripple Hodl cap is Christopher Kruk @KrukPoker
  3. See you in 2030. Sleep well!
  4. Hi Bob, I'm Graham. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge in an open and dedicated manner. I promise to try my best to understand what you are writing about, and follow the leads and sources that you point us towards. Please keep in mind that some of us are noobs (me) and not very tech or crypto savvy, and we may spend more time lurking in the shadows than actively speaking up in the threads. I wish you a continued recovery and look forward to what this club develops into. You may have created a monster Dr. Frankenbob! Edit: By the way, you just took my xrpchat forum posting virginity! Hope it was as good for you!
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