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  1. hey guys i'm interested in the artist mentioned in ripple drop 10. I believe he called her jujica but when i google it I cant find anyone. Would anyone know the artist? Thanks in advance.
  2. If you are storing a large amount i would create a cold paper wallet cut the private key in half and deposit it into 2 differant safety deposit boxes. You can also buy military grade usb's and split it up in those for added security.
  3. also considering shorting USDT against USD on margin with kraken. Its just matter of getting the account funded and im not sure I want to deal with the hassle.
  4. My ideas this month. Long XRP selling AAPL march 150 calls Selling NFLX march 270 Puts
  5. A nice downloadable wallet would make a lot of difference as far as making xrp investable for consumers.
  6. I’m a xrp og was here for the giveaway on bitcointalk and Have had a large position for 4 years. In my opinion the lack of a high end wallet for regular consumers is the main reason xrp is Struggling. Will ripplelabs be legally able to make a downloadable wallet in 2018? How long does the legal ban last?
  7. You can use bitcoinIRA minimum 20k investment.
  8. Has anyone been able to prepare the CSV so that sites like bitcoin.tax are able to import it? it seems pretty much unusable with the given information. To the Gatehub team, all other exchanges import with bitcoin.tax extremely simply. This should be a goal.
  9. I wouldn't have used the platform if I had been made aware.
  10. I use gatehub and would like to export a csv of my activity for tax purposes. is this possible?
  11. Ico investing is a trade xrp is a investment big differance.
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