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  1. Sorry, I read some reddit before that post. I invested more time that i liked into that post... therefore it must remain
  2. Ripple tries to enter financial sector. As I read all your post it doesn't seem that many are working in this sector. I would love the hear such voices as I know there are some here. Financial sector works differently. If you don't get that, I think it's even harder to understand several developments. ODL saves a bank money? Nice, but who cares? The big investers as stock owners? Pha, they are far far away. As a private person or a sme company you are interested in saving money. Banks have already a lot of money. There are other, even more important aspects for an ODL interested person in a
  3. Maybe my words weren't the best chosen. Maybe they were interpreted wrongly. English isn't my native language. In my opinion, there are often multiple aspects to consider if you think about a topic. Depending on the point of view, other aspects maybe appear only after we take another view. As already told, I'm not interested in such a way of talk as I read it. Maybe I get that wrongly. Thanks for sharing your minds in this thread.
  4. @TiffanyHayden sad to hear about personal attacks. We should be able to discuss respectfully about different topics and bring light into multiple aspects. However, yea, that's sadly the culture we're living. One of the major reasons I prefer to stay in background. Very kind you jumped in with your own validator, but what did you expected. Were your expectation maybe too high? As mentioned before, priorities in a competitive area may change quickly. I'm sure Ripple is aware of that specific situation now. Was it just luck that the network didn't halt? Maybe. Maybe there was a disaster plan. W
  5. @TiffanyHayden I understand your annoyance, you mentioned some important aspects. However, they aren't new. These aspects existed since I discovered XRPL years ago. Therefore, nothing has changed. I knew that situation when I started investing time into XRPL. I knew Ripple hold many coins. I knew there is no fund that just throws money to me. I knew nobody pays me for running a validator. I have to insist politely, but if you expected something different, your expectations may just have been too optimistic. All your engagement (thanks!) was your personal decision. I for myself think most of
  6. In my opinion it's all about the idea. A horde of apprentices without ideas and visions won't be able to establish an ecosystem. Given a good idea learning XRPL specifics isn't that hard. I think we see the same problem, just with different reasons and other point of views. Thank you for exchanging minds.
  7. I refuse to judge here which projects are worth a funding. In my opinion, this would lead to an ineffective debate of subjective opinions.
  8. I'm convinced EVERY good idea finds a funding. In my eyes, often people tend to think their idea is better than it actually is.
  9. I would argue, they just don't care if anyone else uses XRPL or not. I don't see currently a prosper ecosystem for XRPL nor serious efforts of Ripple to establish one. That's ok for me.
  10. Honestly, I don't think the funding is an issue. There is so much money around in the world as never before. I'm convined that you will get a funding for any idea if it's worth. That's not a question of the platform you use. Never in my career any possible investor told me "but you have to use platform x".
  11. I think we have to be fair here. Neither with Bitcoin nor Ethereum, nor any other serious platform there is an easy funding rain for my ideas. If my idea is it worth, I’m going to find a funding independent of my chosen platform.
  12. Today it doesn't matter. But imo the decision to enable ICOs attracted a lot of devs into the Ethereum ecosystem. There are a lot of independent Ethereum companies able to generate money nowadays. That results in a living ecosystem beside all the moon talk. Imo that supports and encourages innovation. With this point of view, the distribution of coins in an ecosystem matters.
  13. I don't see that as a big issue. XRPL API is quite good documented and not that hard to learn. There isn't any exotic programming language *solidity**cough* I don’t see XRPL just as a playground for interested coders. It’s a platform like others you can use. With any idea I'm going to choose the environment which fits the best. I don't see any big issue here. The lesser incentive there is, the bigger the idealistic motivation must be. The ICO chess move was a great idea.
  14. I wouldn't sign this in this absoluteness ... but the current situation does not seem supportive to me either.
  15. I think each entrepreneur has to decide him/herself, if an idea and the environment is good enough to give it a try. I understand the reason, why there shouldn't be an incentive to run a validator. But there are also negative aspects of that decision. Some were mentioned above. It's ok if someone doesn't want/can contribute. But... no incentive for those who could contribute also means people maybe invest their time and effort in other platforms :/
  16. Great effort, top engagement! Just speaking for myself, I currently have to refuse to take such big risks in this space as you took. Wish you all the best and press thumbs for your success!
  17. As mentioned before, I think it's not an easy task to support developers in a sustainable way. To establish a healthy community of developers/engineers, they should be able to start projects with a good risk/reward aspect. A good aspect in mining is imo that it gives people an incentive to "work" with the network. Money can be made and spent within the network. Once I hoped Codius would became such a place. But currently, the party is running on another floor :/
  18. Totally agree, ideas with almost a guarantee of success rarely exist. It's all about risk/reward. I'll try to explain, why I currently do not develop for XRPL. The risks just overweight expectable rewards by far currently imo. I'm currently working on a project in another space, where I see a better risk/reward balance. ICOs were an excellent opportunity to attract people to develop something. These times are gone. We don't have many of those dev teams in our community. Imo is much harder to get a foot into this now. Of course we can code something and hope for success. But I for myself pref
  19. I really understand and respect your opinion. There are disadvantageous facts. But I would prefer to exclude that debate in this thread.
  20. I would say the party at Ethereum's floor has a lot more people on their stage than XRPLs. And yea... money is where the party is. If I had a clever idea how to attract coders, I would share that idea of course. The "ICO-way" was such a clever idea imo, but yea, that train has gone.
  21. Agree. Some of my project ideas are not doable du lack of trustworthy issuers. The XRPL funcionality is amazing... but without a trustworthy issuer of my national fiat currency for example, a lot of doors remain closed. There it is again, the chicken-egg problem :/
  22. I agree with you, there are issues to solve. But I want to take my opinion out of that debate. In my opinion it's a question of trust at the end. Currently, I'm trusting Ripple. "Dezentralization" isn't a black/white topic for me. There are multiple aspects to consider, what leads to a personal point of view. I respect opinions as long as they are supported by meaningfull arguments. I try to point, that without regular earnings out of a project, it's not in my interest to quit my current job and focus on XRPL (or any other cc of course).
  23. Thanks, I'm flattered, but I'll try to explain another point. I already published some projects. From time to time I get in contact with Wietse and Ripple people to discuss about ideas. They are very encouraging and always take time to response, great! As said, I really like the XRPL network and the community, but that's imo not the question. The main question for myself is Do I have an idea that is realistically good enough to earn money and quit my current job? If the response is YES, I'm starting immediately. But if I'm not convinced the risk overweights the expected earnings. The
  24. I also believe XRPL is decentralized, but only measured by validators and not by independent dev teams. Don't get my wrong, that doesn't have to be bad. But in my opinion Ripple’s past decisions resulted in just a few encouraged (independent) teams. Imo, one of the biggest achievements in Ethereum's clever ICO-way is that it gave many teams the ability to generate money independent of the Ethereum foundation. Independent of the meaningfully/senseless project idea it generated money and therefore attracted developers. Despite I think xrpl is a great network, imo that attraction is (currentl
  25. I think it is often easier for Ripple to create tools and minor projects by themselves instead of "outsourcing" them. And of course, ideas and plans can change over time. Thanks @TiffanyHayden for these Twitter posts. In my opinion, funding a team/project is not that easy. I think you have to consider other points of view. I have many ideas for xrpl. However, I’m struggling to find a business model. Without a realistic business model, funding my ideas would just be nice for myself as long as funding money arrives. Of course, I could laser focus 120% on xrpl. Amazing! Great! However,
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