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  1. I just used magicSwords for easier understanding. In practical Use-Cases the item should be exchangeable between users and not dividable. Aaa... missed the trustline topic, good point. The infrastructure should be (almost) free to use for NFT items.
  2. Maybe your suggested way seems strange in the first view, it doens't look bad at the second. According to "Nonstandard Currency Codes" (https://xrpl.org/currency-formats.html) one issuer could issue a unique item with a UUID as currency code with a total available amount of 1. Thats not really human readable, but we could create a viewer tool for that and map the issued UUID to a description in a centralized DB. Need to think more about that way. Further ideas welcome
  3. Thought about that idea too. But dismissed it, due creating a currency per item ("magicSword_1", "magicSword_2", "magicSword1_n") seems more like a hack than a real way to me. A solution should be able to create thousand of unique items. Is there anyone in our space that spent some time on that topic and likes to share knowledge?
  4. Hi there Does anyone knows any resources, tutorials, etc for creating NFT (non fungible tokens) on the XRP ledger similar to ERC721? Thanks and have a nice day
  5. I think we have just a confimation bias here, it's not even a concidence. According to Quora there are globally around 30'000 financial institutions (FI). With 52 weeks in the year, there could be theoretically ever weekend 576 FI updating their service, if there is just one maintenence weekend per year. I think more than one is more plausible. So... niaaa... but i'd like to be wrong... we'll see soon :)
  6. I respect your opinion, but my experiences with financial institutions are different. A lot of their effort is about reducing risks. More than once I needed to be inhouse at maintenance windows just to be ready there "for the case". The banks additional costs for that wasn't even a topic.
  7. Yeah... they shouldn't. But too often the really important work of the maintenance team at core systems are performed by one or two guys. These are the guys who unterstand the system for years with its complicated interfaces to other systems. I think the risks just don't legitimate the possible gains for such a plan. As a financial institution you want to take as few risks for your core system as needed. That's one of the reasons they often look "lazy" with with new technologies.
  8. It’s quite normal for bigger systems to perform maintenances at weekends due lower customer usage than on weekdays. Besides that, for a “mass enable” at that scale timing everything to one weekend seems too risky for me. Imaging an important IT guy of one participant gets ill that weekend and therefore one important participant of your system cannot keep up. You would never take such risks you aren’t able to control. That wouldn’t be a very smart plan. Therefore you perform a staged rollout for projects at that scale. Each participant needs to be read at a specific date. Until then the participants can manage their own maintenance schedules. Take a look at SWIFTs GPI update recently as an known example here. It’s not really as simple as performing a windows update.
  9. Never inspired anyone due i don't wanna risk any friendship if i'm wrong. But i told me nearent friends that i bought XRP... just to be able to say afterwards "i told you so"
  10. These are two separate things. One can exist without the other. GB for example is (still) part of EU but doesn't use Euro.
  11. Very interessting video... thx... was nice to hear they often use firstnames... sounds for me like they didn't met each other for the first time Anyway... i could recognize some people and labled them.
  12. Yesterday http://wallettrust.radynamics.com was released for than reason. It also checks blacklists from Bithomp and XrpForensics.
  13. Dear community members… why the hate? Too much of the posts just always drift abroad to personal attacks and hate. Why are ladies and gentleman doing that here? It’s really not needed, neither it’s useful for open exchanging minds. In my opinion there are often the same reasons: Misunderstanding of specific points Inability to firstly THINK about other opinions before start bashing Missing respect of other opinions, independently of my own Personal hate for specific members I enjoy different opinions. That makes discussions interesting. I like getting challanged with critical points... but with respect. I would really enjoy, if members here could think about above points. Take yourself at your nose and ask yourself: Shouldn’t I try to understand other points better, even if there are maybe some wrong aspects? Am I aware of the fact, that due there’s no face-to-face communication here, maybe I just understand something different than the poster wanted? Is hating/attacking someone here really helpful for my opinion? Gives that behavior any more info about a topic? Does that really help others to join a communication? What does it help me to call others idiots? Would it be possible instead to show my own position and arguments? When I’m trying to prove someone is wrong, couldn’t I just add some sources to help others understand my point of view? Does any disrespectful note really help others to follow? Is it really necessary to defend my opinion to the death? Maybe i could just leave a topic earlier? After realizing I was wrong or misleaded, couldn’t maybe a friendly “sorry” help our communication culture? These critics of course don’t apply to everyone in this community, but I am tired of reading hate after personal attacks. It doesn’t bring anything to anyone. So please… think more about your own behavior and keep respecting other opinions. Thanks
  14. As for over the last year... over and over... THX for the first time @Topic I think most of (non-tech, non-fin) people will always trust exchanges too much. Our short crypto history has proven that already too often. I think it’s the same problem like with traditional financial institutions. In my country there is a limited maximal amount guarantee by the government if an institute fails. But a lot of people have more, uninsured money on those banks. For most of them it’s just too painful to manage multiple accounts (and paying multiple fees). We can just indicate the importance of that topic… so… thanks
  15. I agree with @Benchmark. I don’t see that happen. Let’s compare advantages / disadvantages “acquiring” SWIFT from Ripple's standpoint: Advantages: Get a bunch of customers Finish community speculations Disadvantages: They aren’t a “Startup” anymore. It would be very hard / impossible to retain that mentality. They got a lot of staff that doesn’t share a startup mindset. Never underestimate problems dues old mindsets of people. Can they really handle a new bunch of customers? Theire time resouces are limited. Acquisition cost a lot of time and resources. Aren’t that resources better invested in ripples own projects? I don’t know why Ripple should need to take over SWIFT. With their active customers it seems like the proof-of-work for their plan is given for me. They are rapidly growing. They will go their way. I see more risks than chances in acquiring SWIFT.
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