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  1. Very interessting video... thx... was nice to hear they often use firstnames... sounds for me like they didn't met each other for the first time Anyway... i could recognize some people and labled them.
  2. Yesterday http://wallettrust.radynamics.com was released for than reason. It also checks blacklists from Bithomp and XrpForensics.
  3. Dear community members… why the hate? Too much of the posts just always drift abroad to personal attacks and hate. Why are ladies and gentleman doing that here? It’s really not needed, neither it’s useful for open exchanging minds. In my opinion there are often the same reasons: Misunderstanding of specific points Inability to firstly THINK about other opinions before start bashing Missing respect of other opinions, independently of my own Personal hate for specific members I enjoy different opinions. That makes discussions interesting. I like getting challanged with critical points... but with respect. I would really enjoy, if members here could think about above points. Take yourself at your nose and ask yourself: Shouldn’t I try to understand other points better, even if there are maybe some wrong aspects? Am I aware of the fact, that due there’s no face-to-face communication here, maybe I just understand something different than the poster wanted? Is hating/attacking someone here really helpful for my opinion? Gives that behavior any more info about a topic? Does that really help others to join a communication? What does it help me to call others idiots? Would it be possible instead to show my own position and arguments? When I’m trying to prove someone is wrong, couldn’t I just add some sources to help others understand my point of view? Does any disrespectful note really help others to follow? Is it really necessary to defend my opinion to the death? Maybe i could just leave a topic earlier? After realizing I was wrong or misleaded, couldn’t maybe a friendly “sorry” help our communication culture? These critics of course don’t apply to everyone in this community, but I am tired of reading hate after personal attacks. It doesn’t bring anything to anyone. So please… think more about your own behavior and keep respecting other opinions. Thanks
  4. As for over the last year... over and over... THX for the first time @Topic I think most of (non-tech, non-fin) people will always trust exchanges too much. Our short crypto history has proven that already too often. I think it’s the same problem like with traditional financial institutions. In my country there is a limited maximal amount guarantee by the government if an institute fails. But a lot of people have more, uninsured money on those banks. For most of them it’s just too painful to manage multiple accounts (and paying multiple fees). We can just indicate the importance of that topic… so… thanks
  5. I agree with @Benchmark. I don’t see that happen. Let’s compare advantages / disadvantages “acquiring” SWIFT from Ripple's standpoint: Advantages: Get a bunch of customers Finish community speculations Disadvantages: They aren’t a “Startup” anymore. It would be very hard / impossible to retain that mentality. They got a lot of staff that doesn’t share a startup mindset. Never underestimate problems dues old mindsets of people. Can they really handle a new bunch of customers? Theire time resouces are limited. Acquisition cost a lot of time and resources. Aren’t that resources better invested in ripples own projects? I don’t know why Ripple should need to take over SWIFT. With their active customers it seems like the proof-of-work for their plan is given for me. They are rapidly growing. They will go their way. I see more risks than chances in acquiring SWIFT.
  6. Cool job, congrats. I really need to change my job and enter finance industry again. Idea's and budgets of SME for software are too often just...outlandishly
  7. I'm sure UN will still exist in 5 years. I think it’s important to have an organization, which brings the world at the same table for specific topics. You just can’t expect any hard decisions where not every relevant nation agrees with.
  8. @Ripple-Stiltskin, please do not write anymore stuff that I like to write… In my experiences with financial institutions, they often just don’t care too much about costs when they can further charge that to their customers. A new tool costs 100k USD? Don’t care, we can just share that costs to all customers and in their total-cost-fee they don’t really know what they pay for. Customers just say “hmm… 1.5% management fee seems ok”. With eroding margins that changes rapidly. In my opinion they take every “free” dollar in improved efficiency when they get fully working proven software. And keep in mind: Even smaller institutes got big budgets for modernization, digitalization, AI and such projects. Ripple gives them good reasons to spend them their money. With every succeeded “digitalization” project there’s a banking guy who “got that implemented” and get rewarded for it. Always think about interests of other actors in a system
  9. I don't think that will happen in big masses. I agree with @Ripple-Stiltskin. Have you ever tried to switch your bank to a new one? In my country (west-european) your old financial institute lets you pay for your decicion to leave (with money and paper-work). Most people are just too lazy... as often I think banks are going to use XRP mostly in the background (except for bigger customers). I would compare it to the usage of ISO20022 services offered by financial instituts. You and me won't see anything of it, except 10% lesser fees...whoohoo
  10. 2018 was like a silent start…emotionally but relatively silent for the mass… 2019 is going to be “post 42sec” :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlHyt_I1rFc
  11. Thanks for sharing public documentation. Keep on that work. As soon as I have a business idea I start coding on XRP ledger (If you have any idea plz share, I’m serious)
  12. I doubt there’s anything concrete from UNFCCC. I would bring into field that you always have to keep political aspects in mind if you’re in an international environment. There is always an objective view and a political view. The objective view is surely against PoW. I think most people would agree here. But in the political view, we need to keep in mind others interests. I can’t imagine that china would accept a curb/ban of PoW. From the political standpoint it just wouldn’t make sense to give up possible massive influence in a worldwide used currency Bitcoin just for “a greener planet” (cynical I know). Edit: I could imagine the shown meeting is more about migrating currently existing carbon markets into a blockchain system. That would make carbon markets much more easier and transparent than today.
  13. I think she means well and gives a lot of information about how the system works behind the scenes. I'm sure most of the people don't have any clue of the functionality behind the scenes. Learn from her knowledge and use it for yourself. Maybe you misunderstood her video. In my opinion she just tries to explain, that a massive price movement could happen in a short time. i prefer self created content of an experienced professional to news-site scrolling stuff....
  14. Time will show if we are the lucky or the fooled ones. Currently its just a bet. I think XRP has currently something of "believe in it or not". It isn't established yet. So the real question is... how many are willing to bet hard earned money on red (or black;))?
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