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  1. Thanks for your feedback. The usecase is blockchain agnostic. An implementation could also use other cryptos like Nano. Important are tiny/free fees for transactions and speed. I used XRPL for convenience Totally agree @Sukrim, this usecase is some kind of an abuse of a payment system for a messaging system. I like trying out new usecases that do not always fit what it’s meant for. It does not care about amounts or settlement. It just uses its messaging feature. I also think, relying on ledger access is a main critic point. It shifts maintenance cost from myself to the entity that provides
  2. As a mobile developer maybe you needed to send your user a notification from your server backend to his smartphone. Therefore you probably used Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) and/or Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). While it’s easy to send notifications to user’s smartphone, it’s getting harder if you like to send a notification from user’s smartphone to his computer. Existing services have limited functionality for that use case or don’t support all desired computer platforms. Therefore we created radCM as a new approach using XRPL. It's the first paragraph of this Coil post. What do
  3. Disussions start at https://github.com/XRPLF/XRPL-Standards
  4. Thanks for your response. From time to time, I'm in contact with Wietse but i prefer to not contact people directly if not really necessary/not directly related to their products. I assume people have enough other stuff to do. IMO this topic should be more in the activity area of XRPLF.
  5. Meanwhile I discovered proposals BIP-0021 (Bitcoin) and EIP-681 (Ethereum). I couldn’t find an equivalent proposal for XRPL. Any suggestions where to submit & discuss such proposals? Didn’t receive a twitter response from @XRPLF until now. @karlos Maybe you could move this topic to "Technical Discussion" due there isn't a blockchain agnostic solution and therefore we need to create an XRPL specific proposal.
  6. Hi there I'm currently working on a converter, which transforms blockchain payments (xrp) into ISO20022 camt054 format. That should allow companies to import received crypto payments into their accounting system within the existing ISO20022 import functionality. In traditional accounting, you need to match a received payment with an issued bill to recognize which bill was payed. Therefore you can integrate an identification string into your bill as payload. If this payload also gets integrated into the payment, the receiver can match the payment to the bill. Most crypto wallets just s
  7. I really like that idea! Some time ago I tried to motivate coil team to support a usecase, where we could implement coil in any software. But I could not convince them I think. In my opinion there are some interesting advantages in such an approach: a) As you already exound it's a way to support other (free) projects b) It enableds a further distribution of XRP c) It could improve one of XRP ecosystem's most disadvatages: lack of independent developers. While BTC, ETH and others have PoW to enable companies and developers to generate regular earnings, theres no such a thing in XRP e
  8. Sorry, I read some reddit before that post. I invested more time that i liked into that post... therefore it must remain
  9. Ripple tries to enter financial sector. As I read all your post it doesn't seem that many are working in this sector. I would love the hear such voices as I know there are some here. Financial sector works differently. If you don't get that, I think it's even harder to understand several developments. ODL saves a bank money? Nice, but who cares? The big investers as stock owners? Pha, they are far far away. As a private person or a sme company you are interested in saving money. Banks have already a lot of money. There are other, even more important aspects for an ODL interested person in a
  10. Maybe my words weren't the best chosen. Maybe they were interpreted wrongly. English isn't my native language. In my opinion, there are often multiple aspects to consider if you think about a topic. Depending on the point of view, other aspects maybe appear only after we take another view. As already told, I'm not interested in such a way of talk as I read it. Maybe I get that wrongly. Thanks for sharing your minds in this thread.
  11. @TiffanyHayden sad to hear about personal attacks. We should be able to discuss respectfully about different topics and bring light into multiple aspects. However, yea, that's sadly the culture we're living. One of the major reasons I prefer to stay in background. Very kind you jumped in with your own validator, but what did you expected. Were your expectation maybe too high? As mentioned before, priorities in a competitive area may change quickly. I'm sure Ripple is aware of that specific situation now. Was it just luck that the network didn't halt? Maybe. Maybe there was a disaster plan. W
  12. @TiffanyHayden I understand your annoyance, you mentioned some important aspects. However, they aren't new. These aspects existed since I discovered XRPL years ago. Therefore, nothing has changed. I knew that situation when I started investing time into XRPL. I knew Ripple hold many coins. I knew there is no fund that just throws money to me. I knew nobody pays me for running a validator. I have to insist politely, but if you expected something different, your expectations may just have been too optimistic. All your engagement (thanks!) was your personal decision. I for myself think most of
  13. In my opinion it's all about the idea. A horde of apprentices without ideas and visions won't be able to establish an ecosystem. Given a good idea learning XRPL specifics isn't that hard. I think we see the same problem, just with different reasons and other point of views. Thank you for exchanging minds.
  14. I refuse to judge here which projects are worth a funding. In my opinion, this would lead to an ineffective debate of subjective opinions.
  15. I'm convinced EVERY good idea finds a funding. In my eyes, often people tend to think their idea is better than it actually is.
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