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  1. We haven’t seen dips yet. When we get close enough to the threshold for early buyers (whales) and they start protecting their positions, that is when you will see real sell orders and true dumps of xrp. It’d also be interesting to see how quickly some, not all, of the early investors who have a “current price is irrelevant” attitude change their tune. Up or down, interesting times abound.
  2. Depends. If we have good news we could go lower.
  3. Thats okay. If you want to understand shorting markets there are some good tutorials on tradingview. A lot of my colleagues are self taught. What you do or do not believe does not effect me or the price of xrp unfortunately.
  4. Cool man. You've bored me to sleep now. Bye.
  5. I believe this was and always will be hilarious. You thinking EEB was bigger than apple. wtf man. I can't get over this.
  6. Keep saying it. You might convince yourself. So do you still believe EEB accounts may be in millions, like apples? LOL
  7. There you go, that's better. You know who isn't lying, Euro Exim Bank. They really are poor.
  8. Boring. I demand a personal jibe about my psychological state or at least an accusation of fudding. Get on it little boy.
  9. A bit like those fanciful millions you think euro exim bank might have hidden under a pillow. I still cannot believe you work in Finance. Did you actually think Apples assets were 300k? Not a surprise you are hedging your bets in such a desperate manner. You couldn't have done too well in the financial sector.
  10. That’s illogical. If you don’t know something you assume it doesn’t exist. Or didn’t exist in this case. Good luck with that dude. I’ll continue being rich, you continue having an incredible year.
  11. sounds like they left the market when you should have! Then again current price is irrelevent to your types isn’t it, has been for a while lol
  12. Wow someone really cares. Have you lost a lot?
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