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  1. Wtf??? You expect a thread full of “no” “no” “no” “yes” “no” “yes” like that????
  2. One thing I been thinking about lately that kind of has me baffled is everyone talking about ripple not putting out news that will increase xrp price. In all fairness if they start releasing news and price starts going up due to all the news, won’t that make xrp a security? Won’t that work like a traditional stock market where a company releases positive news and the shares start rising up? Maybe the reason ripple is so silent about all of its partnerships in the pipeline and all, is because it’s trying to be deemed as “not a security” if xrp starts “mooning” because of ripple partnerships an
  3. I know each state has different ways of taxing crypto currency (at least I think) but I know if I sell my assets I will get hit with a 45% tax? But what if in the future I will be able to purchase things direct with my xerps? For instance what if I walk into a store that accepts xrp and I buy everyday things? How do taxes work on all this? I’m curious because I’m a strong believer one day xrp price will be ridiculously high (like over $500) and I’ll be able to just buy a car or a house with my xrp.
  4. Lol I remember a very rich boxer once said something similar
  5. I definitely see us going into the $5-$10 EOY. Obviously we will trend down a bit but most certainly we will all be in the green. I received my bonus at work so invested all that (wife doesn’t know...YET) into xrp at .42 at the last dip we had last week. I’m sure we won’t see that price range again. So I’m happy. But no matter what price you bought it you will walk away with a profit. Matter fact to speak about buying. I remember last bull run we had on dec 17, there was some guy on nbc or one of those news channels and he was showing how to purchase xrp and he bought like 50k worth of xrp whe
  6. I bought in the early days when prices were around .02-.20 cents. It feels good know price won’t go down to that range. I’m just the type of person who hates risks and if price drops to what I bought at I’ll sell. So I won’t sell my xerps because it gives me security that I’m always at a profit. I can’t imagine selling now and buying back in and if god forbid the price drops further I will be killing myself mentally. I hate to lose.
  7. I’ve been looking online and either I suck at google or I’m not having any luck. I can’t seem to find how much xrp is owned by financial institutions? Does anyone have a link or something that could help me out with that?
  8. Ok so why did ripple file a a security suit with the federal court?
  9. I’m kind of confused as to what’s going on with the sec deciding if xrp is a security or not. From what I know they already declared it as a security?
  10. I been emailing him for the past 2 months now, EVERY SINGLE DAY, asking for 20k lol
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