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  1. Session 1 at 1 am is too early a hour before I wouldn’t mind but 2 am and getting up at 7 is pushing it for me session 2 is fine any day just need to know in advance thanks Rusty 🦊🇬🇧
  2. Evening everyone rusty here (Luke) from Liverpool, Languages: English twitter: Rusty_XRP London timezone , GMT +1 Goal is to speed up the adoption of Ripple/XRP in the uk as only 3% of us own cryptocurrency, I feel a lot of information is suppressed and also misleading, being able to bring a clean cut and easy understandable base where the public can absorb the information and understand the ecosystem is really important , I enjoy learning about the crypto space myself and would take great pride in teaching others. Im thorough with the information I pass on and always make sure I’m correct with what I’m saying I would love to assist in anyway shape or form to this group and look forward to the future and the possibility of working with you all speak soon Rusty 🇬🇧🦊
  3. So to this day I still can’t tell you why or how I ended up investing in XRP i have always been interested in stocks and shares and heard a little about crypto currency. I first bought xrp at £2.10 and have bought all the way down to my lowest buy at 0.19 between times I’ve done my time researching and learning why I have invested into xrp which for me is a formality! I’m still very much a newbie when it come to actual trading and any tips will be greatly gathered thanks all Rusty
  4. It totally depends on yourself I hold less than 10000 and xrp reaching £10 would be life changing for me
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